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Waverley UI/UX Design Digest #14

Design Highlights

Apple announced that the annual Worldwide Developers Conference will begin June 22 and will be held online, in the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer site. For all developers, participation in the conference will be free. The company also announced that it plans to hold the Swift Student Challenge – a competition in which developers and students will be able to demonstrate their programming skills by creating their own mini-application in Swift.

Bootstrap 5 is the upcoming version of the most popular open-source front-end framework in the world.

10 Design systems you must know in 2020.


Jakob Nielsen’s Biggest Wins and Fails in 25 Years of UX Columns.

The emotional design manifesto.

Design Tools

Bringing live Figma embeds to your team’s favorite tools. Also, you can now embed private Figma files into the tools your developers use to stay on track and ship successful products.

Figma big files optimization

3D Tools

A simple web app for character posing.

A tool for 3D modeling and character animation.

A gallery of free 3D-illustrations with a scene designer from Craftwork.

Bit Developers

Staying At Home