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Waverley UI/UX Digest #4


Most UX Design Portfolios Suck

An article about UX portfolios and what can go wrong. The main idea: Every design problem will have a different design process. It should be graved in gold letters! The most important part of your portfolio is not WHAT you communicate, but HOW it’s communicated.

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How to Create Your UX/UI Portfolio (Without Much Experience)

A good article for beginners who are trying to solve the well-known problem: it’s hard to get a job without a good portfolio and it’s hard to create a good portfolio without any previous job experiences.


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The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design

A free book for beginners about HCD from a great source of UX knowledge.

AI-Generated Images

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Unique AI-Generated Faces Placeholders Sketch Plugin

The tiny Sketch plugin that generates unique AI faces – data content placeholders – using

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How to Recognize Fake AI-Generated Images

Great research by Kyle McDonald about what AI can do for now and how its creations look like.


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I love pdf

They say: “Every tool you need to use PDFs, at your fingertips. All are 100% FREE and easy to use! Merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDFs with just a few clicks.” – and that’s true! Love it!

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Parallax SVG Animation Tools

An awesome workflow for animated SVGs with Adobe Illustrator. A simple set of Python functions to help you work with animated SVGs exported from the Illustrator. More features coming soon! We used it to create animations like this.

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A great service for compressing images .jpg .png .svg ☺️


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Figma Gets $40 Million Series C to Put Design Tools in The Cloud

Wonderful news from Figma. It is becoming more and more popular and many teams are switching to it, for example, the Kiwi team.

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Figma Freebies

If you are looking for UI Kits for Figma or other design stuff – here it is! One more source for Figma freebies.

Motion Design

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The Guide to Material Motion in After Effects

Tips from Jonas Naimark to spark some ideas and help you be a more efficient motion designer. A basic sticker sheet and workflow for animating user interfaces.

Design System

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Measuring the Impact of a Design System

Some thoughts from Cristiano Rastelli on how to include meaningful metrics about the success of our design system in Badoo. It’s a great idea to calculate the impact of DS.

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How Much is a Design System Worth?

“The value of Design System becoming better understood and their impact is growing. However, for large businesses, a design system requires significant investment. This can make them difficult to get sponsorship for.” – Bryn Rozzier

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All-in-One Tool for Design Systems

I think we need it right now but we have to wait a little bit more! The design and code will finally be in sync. Can’t wait to link my designs to the real code!

Data Tables

How To Architect A Complex Web Table

Very detailed, excellent and brilliant article about complicated web Data Tables. ? All tricky moments in one place. This illustrated guide explains the table anatomy and how to build a table, keeping in mind its future elaboration.