June 8, 2010

Business Leads Can Take the Funniest Routes

I had a funny thing happen with a new business lead the other day. We’ve been working with a number of great people at a big name design firm for many years. We’re good friends with these people, and each of us is always looking for ways to either send business to the other or figure out a way to work together on something. We get a lot of our new business this way.

I received a call from a new employee at this design firm about a possible project. It sounded great, and we quickly found a way to work together. Then the surprise: I was told Waverley had been referred to the design firm by a small company the firm had worked with in the past. This was yet another case of work we’d done locally resulting in new business, but I found it odd that the referral hadn’t come from inside the design firm. Later I mentioned this to my partner Matt, and he recalled that our contact at the design firm had referred Waverley to the smaller company some time ago, and that referral had led to numerous meetings. Now the smaller company was acting as the referral source back to the design firm we’d worked with for years! Just goes to show again what a small world this really is, and that business just goes around in a big circle.