Popcorn Palace: eCommerce Fundraising Platform Development

Waverley worked with the leading producer of handcrafted gourmet popcorn to develop a web-based retail and fundraising platform.

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Sococo: iOS Application for the Virtual Office System

See how we developed an iOS version of the popular communication tool for distributed teams, working on fully-customized UI designs for iPhone and iPad.

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Blockchain System for Banking Data Verification

A team of engineers created a Blockchain-based banking solution that allowed a financial services organization to securely store and access data.

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Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program for Retail

A transparent and secure loyalty rewards system in which the customers’ loyalty points are tokenized and stored in the mobile wallet.

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R&D Project: Automatic Speech Recognition Platform

The team of data scientists Waverley partners with applied neural networks and deep learning to develop an innovative speech recognition tool that can potentially work with all languages and dialects.

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Product Development for Robotic Process Automation

Waverley engineers helped the leader in robotic process automation to fully move a .NET-based product into Java while expanding functionality.

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