Oji Life Lab: End-To-End eLearning Product Development

The dedicated development team of 6 Waverley engineers developed an end-to-end eLearning system to teach Emotional Intelligence.

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Fan TV: Mobile Application for TV-Streaming

Check how Waverley delivered fully customized iOS client apps, integrated with the client’s cloud-based system for browsing and streaming movies and shows.

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GameChanger: Web-Based eLearning Platform For Charity

See how Waverley developed an educational cross-platform, cross-browser CMS-based web app for a charity organization helping sick children in hospitals.

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R&D Project: AI-Powered Interpretation of Electrocardiograms

Compatible with various kinds of ECG and involving artificial intelligence and deep learning, the product streamlines cardiac patient monitoring and diagnostics.

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Popcorn Palace: eCommerce Fundraising Platform Development

Waverley worked with the leading producer of handcrafted gourmet popcorn to develop a web-based retail and fundraising platform.

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R&D Project: Automatic Speech Recognition Platform

The team of data scientists Waverley partners with applied neural networks and deep learning to develop an innovative speech recognition tool that can potentially work with all languages and dialects.

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