AgUnity: Blockchain-Based Service for Farmer Cooperatives

Waverley provided Blockchain expertise to create a private ledgers network for small farmer cooperatives in Asia and Africa. Multichain-based microservices solution enables recording and storing incorruptible data about farming transactions.


is an international company, that is building the world’s largest network of small farmers and cooperatives. According to the UN report, up to 50% of the crop value vanishes between the harvest and crop sale. Co-ops presently rely on paper-based records, verbal promises, and complicated agreements; this frequently causes critical problems due to lack of transparency and corruption. That’s why AgUnity decided to create a clear unified record system to help farmers in Asia and Africa.


AgUnity created a Mobile App that records
and transacts incorruptible truth using
blockchain technology. It is a complete
framework of integrated services for
delivering an even-playing field to farmers and
co-ops. This solid framework of trust allows
everyone to know they are working, buying,
selling, and sharing things according to a
cryptographic “Book of Truth” that is utterly
incorruptible. AgUnity turned to Waverley
to develop a Blockchain-based service
allowing users to record all transactions
permanently, view all other transactions and
the time they were made and make sure that
they were never edited.


Waverley was asked to choose the Blockchain solution that would suit the client’s requirements.

  • we suggested using Multichain as a basis for all information stored.
  • after that we proceeded with setting up the private blockchain network.
  • to make it active and efficient, we provide 3 types of blockchain server node configurations:
    1. secured internal node to accept data from the AgUnity backend app and generate new blocks
    2. secured internal nodes for backup, to prevent security breaches and data losses
    3. public read-only node, to allow everyone get his own copy of blockchain and be sure that AgUnity did not modify the blockchain data
  • implemented a microservice solution to store and read data into/from the blockchain to integrate it with the client’s app backend.
  • provided a tool for monitoring and managing of the existing multichain nodes. The quality assurance is provided by the client’s in-house resources.


Waverley was constantly keeping in touch with the client, providing daily reports, organizing regular status calls to make sure both parties are in sync. All bugs were revealed and fixed in a timely fashion and new ways of optimization and bug fixing were discussed with the client. Currently the project is on pause.

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