March 21, 2013

Declining Enthusiasm for Outsourced Agile?

VersionOne does a State of Agile Dev survey every year, which for 2012 they kicked off during the Agile 2012 conference in Dallas in August.  They recently released their results and it’s full, as always, of exciting findings pointing to the further increase in adoption and passion for Agile across the industry.  One statistic they revealed though definitely caught my attention.

According to the survey the support for Agile with outsourced projects has fallen significantly from last year. Only 49% of respondents said they use, or plan to use, Agile methods – down from 77%!  Given our success with Agile methods this trend surprises me. Unfortunately the results report doesn’t go into any detail about why people are struggling in this area, I would have loved to get into the details of this one.

We have found that Agile actually aids us in our success and could not imagine a better way to coordinate with our clients and make sure we are addressing their highest priority features and issues during development. Agile promotes close communication which is so vital in outsourced projects.  I can confirm that we are not part of that drop in outsourced Agile support!