Embedded Software

A California-based custom software engineering company, we work with IoT companies and electronics manufacturers providing full-cycle embedded software development services from product strategy mapping, embedded systems development and integration to user experience design, interface, testing and maintenance.

Embedded Software

A California-based custom software engineering company, we work with IoT companies and electronics manufacturers providing full-cycle embedded software development services from product strategy mapping, embedded systems development and integration to user experience design, interface, testing and maintenance.

Creating Complex Nuance-Filled Business Logic

Depending on the needs of your organization we will build a custom-tailored interactions system to incorporate your real-world business rules and objects, complying with the best global practices and standards.

Design and Development of Embedded Software
Development of all parts of embedded software including bootloaders, hardware abstraction layers (a.k.a. peripheral libraries), and business logic applications for a wide range of devices operating in different application domains.
System Software Development and Support
Our services include Linux kernel development, Windows drivers development, TCP/IP networking (including wireless and 3G), video processing and support and refactoring of existing embedded software projects.
Firmware Quality Assurance and Testing
Performance testing for embedded devices, quality assurance audits, manual and automation testing, functional, usability and stress testing, as well as unit and security testing.

Case Study: Embedded Development for Smart Home

Working with the industry-leading Smart Home engineering company Waverley was involved in interfacing and controlling numerous hardware components, building software for a security panel, enabling two-way voice communication (over the air). The approach we chose includes the use of microservices. The technology also supports different devices (locks, and other smart home features, cameras, door/fire sensors,etc.), as requested by the client.

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Embedded & Firmware Systems of Any Scale and Complexity

We offer extensive experience and embedded and firmware expertise to either enhance your current development capacities or – in case embedded engineering expertise is not fully developed in your organization – to drive delivery of embedded software projects.

application-ready Systems on Chip and Single-Board Computers as a quick and easy technology solution for enhanced system usability and connectivity.
Applications & UI
mobile development for Android and iOS, web development in Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, integration with third-party technologies and firmware.
middleware software development to expand your system’s functionality, integrate new apps with your older legacy platform so that you could focus on the core purpose.
software and applications for various wearables and smartwatches involving 3g and Bluetooth connectivity.
location-based mobile customer communication software to boost your sales, sharpen your targeting and personalize your UX.
sensor integration to make your device smarter, sensor data aggregation and processing to boost your business intelligence.


An innovative award-winning robotics startup reached out to Waverley to quickly construct a reliable, scalable and flexible services architecture. Waverley has built a Docker-based Microservices Architecture to achieve back-end flexibility to handle further growth and maintain the necessary agility and efficiency demanded by the startup nature of the project, ensured high system reliability and disaster recovery potential (Load balancing, Cloudformation, etc.).

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for IoT

Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms integrated into your IoT devices to make the most out of the extracted data.

Data Aggregation & Processing
Working with large data sets to detecting patterns, trends, errors and other information that can be transformed into actionable insights.
Machine Learning
Data clustering, unsupervised learning algorithms for intuitive highly adaptive platforms and tools.
Signal / Image / Sound Recognition
Deep learning algorithms for audio, visual, wireless signals recognition and processing in telecommunications and IoT devices.
Artificial Neural Networks
Neural network-based solutions and models performing pattern and sequence recognition, vehicle control, translation and trading.


Waverley works with a team of top-notch data science engineers that develop their own products, an innovative tool for electrocardiograms annotation and interpretation. Compatible with various kinds of ECG and involving artificial intelligence and deep learning, this product can streamline cardiac patient monitoring and diagnostics.

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Building Software for Intelligent Devices Across Industries

Hands-on experience with various kinds of hardware, middleware and large-scale embedded systems, numerous integration layers and complex logic.

software for payment devices, transactions management and analytics, access control and stock trends predictions.
Industrial IoT
embedded solutions to simplify your inventory tracking, production processes, detect system errors and analyze production data.
Connected Vehicles
applications and platforms for automatic navigation and security, integrated with car systems and protected with special encryption.
Healthcare Technologies
applications for sports and wellness, software for medical equipment and tools to diagnose and monitor various health conditions, according to global medical standards.
Smart Home Devices
applications for Smart Home that leverage sensors, smart panels, z-wave locks, cameras, thermostats and other security devices.
Energy Management
embedded software for smart, innovative and efficient energy monitoring and management.
We have a solid team of skilled embedded software engineers with decades of experience and a strong foothold in C, C++, Multithreading and TCP/IP. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge of proven architectures, real-time operating systems, processors, network protocols, standards, tools, and more.
  • 3G
  • TCP/IP
  • Z-Wave
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • CAN/CANOpen
  • FreeRTOS
  • ThreadX
  • eCos
  • RTLinux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • After initial traction on several product lines, it was time to scale our product development efforts. Demand for new features, new platforms and new product ideas had to be balanced against the financial realities of being a Silicon Valley startup. Augmenting our own team with Waverley’s Ukraine-based talent has been key to solving this rapid growth problem.

    V.P. Connect Professional Services Smart Home company
  • They essentially helped us set up and finalize our whole dev environment that has ended up sustaining us this whole time. They led by example, and they also left tools that became embraced by almost everyone over time. These guys are so good, and they have the capacity to always expand. I refer friends to Waverley all the time.

    Head of Security & Privacy Robotics Startup

Why Waverley

  • Full-Cycle Embedded Software Development

    We provide full cycle embedded software development services, that cover the full product lifecycle: from requirements analysis, architecture and development to QA and high-quality tech support.

  • Test Automation

    We maintain the highest quality and performance standards also dramatically reducing the cost of regression testing and boosting ROI by automating the most expensive test scenarios.

  • Proven Track-Record

    Our team of dedicated senior-level embedded software experts have both the necessary training certifications (often including PhD degrees) and experience developing software and firmware projects, working with large legacy code bases across various domains.