August 22, 2011

Ever Try to Staff a One-Person Project?

What do you do when all you need is a single developer for a fairly small project? Why not pull someone in from the developer marketplace, check the boards and find a low cost engineer? Reasonable, right? Not quite. Here are several reasons to give the job to an outsourcer, even if the job is small:

  1. It’s safer. You know you’ll get a trust-worthy engineer, with a well thought-out process of engagement and zero risk of some wildcard-loose-cannon-hot-shot of a developer who looks brilliant on paper but is behind the curve when it comes to depth of experience.
  2. You’ll get skilled management (good communication is everything, especially on a small project), which increases the chances that one person will succeed — at little to no extra cost.
  3. A good outsourcer also provides the required infrastructure (a secure, class A environment). You’ll need to evaluate the whole security question and make certain you can protect your firm’s IP and have your ducks in a row. Can any one-off developer do all this on his own? Not likely.
  4. And what of that moment when the unexpected happens and you suddenly need more than one developer — immediately? Or if your “quarterback” gets taken out? Where is your back-up going to come from? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to work with a guy who has a whole team around him should an unexpected need arise?