August 27, 2013

Google engineers not smarter than Vietnamese 11th graders

A recent article about computer science education in Vietnam caught my attention, having invested a lot of effort in the last year to ramp up our office in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to Vietnam’s commitment to produce software developers with a high level of skill, I think a critical reason for sourcing developers in Vietnam is a cultural bias towards coming through for the team and doing what is needed to follow through on commitments. This is a great attribute: one that naturally fits with Waverley’s vision for doing business. My personal experience of Vietnam is that its young people (85 percent of the population is under 40) are friendly, motivated, and helpful. And the food is excellent! We look forward more great things to come from our office in Ho Chi Minh City and to having our Vietnamese colleagues contribute to our know-how and our client relationships.