Your Dedicated Java Development
Team in Ukraine
Waverley is a software development company with over 150 engineers located across Ukraine and the US. We help companies build distributed engineering teams and develop custom software solutions using Java.
Your Dedicated Java Development
Team in Ukraine
Waverley is a software development company with over 150 engineers located across Ukraine and the US. We help companies build distributed engineering teams and develop custom software solutions using Java.
  • Java (6,7,8)
  • Java SE, EE, ME, FX
  • Groovy
  • Spring
  • Struts
  • Grails
  • Wicket
  • Tapestry
  • Hibernate
  • iBATIS
  • JSF
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • Apache CXF
  • jBPM
  • Apache Camel
  • Mule

Java Engineering Team at Waverley is a Natural Extension Of Your Business

Waverley expands your in-house development capabilities with distributed agile teams of world-class Ukrainian engineers, allowing you to scale and tap into new expertise and technology.

Rapid Start
Ability to quickly start by allocating key specialists that get to know the product and build the team according to the product’s top priorities.
Vast Capabilities
Seasoned team with a demonstrated history of delivering large-scale, long-term software projects and proven efficient processes.
Senior Engineering Teams
Carefully selected teams of Ukrainian developers (often with PhDs) with vast experience in both corporate and startup products.


Company: Matrixx

Cooperation model: Team Extension
Partnership Period: 2015 – Present
Duration:  3 years
Technical Areas: Server-side for native mobile apps
Team Size: 5

Company: Jibo

Cooperation model: Team Extension
Partnership Period: 2015 – Present
Duration: 3 years
Technical Areas: Architecture, mobile, back-end, front-end, DevOps, IoT, UI/UX, QA
Team Size: 14

Company: Home Automation

Cooperation model: Team Extension
Partnership Period: 2008 – Present
Duration: 10 years
Technical Areas: Architecture, embedded, mobile, DevOps, web, QA
Team Size: 26

Company: GridPoint

Cooperation model: Team Extension
Partnership Period: 2013 – Present
Duration: 5 years
Technical Areas: iOS native, iPhone and iPad apps, Android app
Team Size: 8

The Process: How It Works

1. We Build Your Java Development Team
We find top talent needed to bring your project to life. The engineers on the team are all capable and efficient software developers with advanced degrees. If necessary, teams are led by experienced senior engineering managers.
2. We Arrange Knowledge Transfer
Key members of the engineering team are brought to your site to understand the fundamentals of the project, and develop rapport between the development team and your staff, exploring product details and creating a clear actionable plan.
3. You Manage Your Team’s Activities
You manage your development team at Waverley as if it was your in-house team. We take care of HR, ensure that the team has everything for the important work they do and create a stimulating environment for their professional growth.
4. We Deliver On-Demand Expertise
A system of inner freelance enables us to give our clients access to broad in-house talent pool and fill the expertise gaps in your product development which come with the evolving product requirements.
Companies Work with Development Teams at Waverley to Build Successful Products

They essentially helped us set up and finalize our whole dev environment that has ended up sustaining us this whole time. They led by example, and they also left tools that became embraced by almost everyone over time. These guys are so good, and they have the capacity to always expand. I refer friends to Waverley all the time.

Head of Security & Privacy Robotics Startup

We originally engaged Waverley to work on our mobile app. They became a seamless extension of our engineering team, supporting us on everything from design and development to quality assurance on the range of TripIt mobile apps. Waverley earned this trust through careful attention to our needs and constant communication.

Hootan Mahallati former Mobile Product Manager TripIt

Waverley worked as a true partner in creating our first mobile app. Waverley’s designers, developers and project managers, whether located in Italy, Ukraine or California, felt like an extension of our team in Illinois. With this new mobile app, we are seeing results that will position Addus as the innovation leader in our market.

Inna Berkovich CIO Addus HomeCare

Mirra turned to Waverley Software to fill in gaps in our development team and delivered a platform specific version of our software. Although the Waverley team is remote, they worked seamlessly with our local team. They have proven themselves to be adept, resourceful, and best of all, schedules were met.

Tom D’Arezzo Director of Product Management Mirra Inc.

After initial traction on several product lines, it was time to scale our product development efforts. Demand for new features, new platforms and new product ideas had to be balanced against the financial realities of being a Silicon Valley startup. Augmenting our own team with Waverley’s Ukraine-based talent has been key to solving this rapid growth problem.

Dana Burd V.P. Connect Professional Services iControl Networks


  • Sourcing Top Tech Talent Globally

    We are a software development company with a global reach - extending across North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. We allocate world-class talent anywhere for our clients offering a full cycle of engineering services including development of Blockchain and Data Science solutions.

  • Just the Right Size

    A company of over 150 people, we are neither too big to care nor too small to cope. We are designed to operate as a nimble and responsive organization that can listen, adjust and build personal relationships with our clients. At the same time, we have the expertise and our own refined process to complete mission-critical projects.

  • Driven by Innovation

    We operate to deliver technically challenging projects using the latest technologies and development practices. Our most recent competencies include Data Science and Blockchain. At the same time, we maintain the everlasting standards of software reliability, scalability and efficiency.