January 16, 2012

Mobile Developers Will Be in Short Supply

Writing in CIO Magazine’s December issue, Meredith Levinson says Mobile Software Developers will be in greater demand in 2012 than they were in 2011, and more expensive. While you don’t want to be caught without a strategy to meet your near-term development needs, it’s important to not let scarcity drive you to make an questionable hire. Here are four simple things you can do to reduce your risk when hiring new developers:

1) Find the developers’ apps at the various app stores, download them and try them out. Look for attention to detail and the overall quality of the app. Does it look clunky or does it feel well done?

2) Does the developer have experience on more than one platform? Do you need more than one platform? How well can you deliver your intended experience on various mobile platforms and how can the developer help you with these decisions and associated tradeoffs?

3) What’s your strategy for deciding between native or web apps, and does the developer you’re looking at match up well with that strategy?

4) Do you want the app to be created with tools that can accelerate development? The Titanium platform from Appcelerator is a good example.