Senior Full Stack Engineer (Ruby/React.js)

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Ruby/React.js)


All Ukraine / Lviv / Kharkiv



Core technologies

Ruby on Rails,
TypeScript & React,


Active Development

About the Client

Service outages, security breaches, performance degradations, and bugs in general are frequently the direct result of application and service misconfiguration. Our client is venture-backed, seed-stage startup looking to bring order to the configuration chaos of modern applications (particularly those that are cloud-native). By joining the project, you’ll be helping to improve the lives of developers, streamline devops, and keep customers happy.

We’re looking for a senior full-stack engineer to join our team. We’d love to work with someone that has experience building products and is comfortable with the ambiguity inherent to any early-stage company. The ideal candidate has experience in making judgment calls about where we can incur technical debt and when we need to start paying it down. Likewise, the ideal candidate knows when to go deep on a solution and when to ask for help or clarification.
If you love writing API-first web applications with either Ruby or TypeScript, you’ll fit right in.


  • At least 5 years of experience in software development
  • Willingness and comfortability in working in an early-stage startup environment
  • Experience building full-stack web applications
  • Expert in Ruby
  • Working experience in JavaScript
  • Experience with popular devops tools, such as Terraform and Kubernetes
  • Up-to-date knowledge of current development and programing trends
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-managed team-player
  • At least Intermediate English level (written and spoken)

Helpful Experience:

  • Experience with the Relay dialect of GraphQL
  • React.js expertise


  • Develop clean maintainable well documented code
  • Develop back functionality that corresponds to the system architecture, is well written, testable, and efficient by using best software development practices
  • Evaluate each problem and make a choice that balances productivity, maintainability, and time-to-market
  • Leverage and integrate data from various front-end and back-end services and databases
  • Create and maintain documentation
  • Communicate with customer directly

Technical details:

  • TypeScript & React front-end application that uses the Relay dialect of GraphQL to source and persist its data. The back-end application is a Ruby on Rails 6 server that predominately delivers the GraphQL API. Additionally, a CLI application written in Rust and have plans to write integrations to other devops tools in Rust, Go, and Python, along with API client bindings for various applications.
Oleksandra Marynina
Oleksandra Marynina

Senior Recruiter

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