August 24, 2016

Loosely-coupled System Design

Halfway through Waverley’s corporate presentation is a slide listing ten design criteria that guide our developers in architecting and building products for our clients. These criteria include usability, flexibility, scalability, extensibility, testability, and others. A companion Waverley whitepaper, titled Agile UX Design, addresses the first of these. This whitepaper discusses several of the other terms…

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Communication Paths and Roles (in distributed software development)

Picture these situations: Three developers talking at lunch about a difficult bug that one of them had spent most of the night fixing. Nothing wrong with that. Just some colleagues talking informally about their work. The Product Manager meets with the User Experience (UX) Lead to decide about priorities for the next release. Again, perfectly…

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Agile UX Design

Agile Development has its origins in the field of software engineering but has proven its efficacy in other creative fields. One such field is user experience (UX) design, and here we are proposing how the “sprint-based” approach of Agile might be applied to the design of a desktop software application or mobile app. Waverley thanks…

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November 4, 2015

The 2015 BAQ Conference and Career Paths for QA Engineers

This September Lviv hosted the BAQ Conference (Business Analytics and Quality Assurance) bringing together quality assurance engineers and project managers. It was a new and unique conference for the Western region of Ukraine, gathering business analysts and professionals in software testing. The conference was intended for experienced specialists wishing to present and discuss new ideas…

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