Waverley News Digest #31 (Nov’20)

This is a periodical journal of the company’s most recent news and events. What’s new at Waverley?

Newcomers, welcome aboard!

Dmytro Karpenko – JavaScript Engineer, ZMags, Remote (Kremenchuk)

I can describe myself as an open, cheerful, and reliable person. If i didn’t have to earn money, I would travel, of course. The best place in the world for me is where my family is. This year I’m planning to try rope jumping.

Lika Kravchenko – Business analyst, Kharkiv

I am characterized as an involved, creative, and independent person. If there was no need to earn money for me, I’d still do my job, but will devote more time to travelling. My favourite place on earth is a forest in autumn. My first plan item for this year is to learn how to drive a car.

Valentyn Vovk – JavaScript Engineer, ZMags, Remote (Kyiv)

I’m a positive, accommodating, and determined person. If I didn’t have to make for a living, I would travel a lot and take care of animals, however, I do it anyway 🙂 As for my favourite place on earth – it’s the Alps. This year I’d like to travel to the ocean.

Tiep Nguyen – Solution Lead, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hi everybody, my name is Tiep. I had worked at iDealogic as technical lead for three years before joining this company. I have more than 10 years of experience working in software development. I want to develop my skills with the development of the company and I hope to use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals

Techtalks: Waverley speakers rock!

What’s NEW from CTO?

Eugene Musiyenko told everyone about the Waverley Projects Audit: what it is and how it works. We discussed the aims and purposes of the audit, who does it and for whom, and what you should do when it comes to your project. The recording of this talk is here.

Oleg Zavorin told us about the Cloud Security

The talk was about approaches, tools, means, recommendations, widespread problems, and failures.  Every participant could discover more information on how the security requirements are resolved (or should be resolved) by default cloud provider’s means. The recording is here.

Non-tech Talks

Experience of of buying a car in the US by Mike Laptyev

Mike Laptyev described the process of buying a car in the US based on several dozens of real-life case examples. Mike shared some useful tips and answered a lot of questions from the team members. Watch the recording of his presentation here.

Investing and the principles of budget planning by IPlan

We also had an online meeting with the founder of the financial consultants company IPlan Liubomyr Ostapov. If you remember the presentation by Olena Sharovar about financial planning, you know that everybody liked it a lot. So we decided to invite Liubomyr to tell us more details about investing and the principles of budget planning. The topic of his presentation was “How finances can work for us”, and during this tech talk we learned about the types of family budgets, the main principles of investing (in Ukraine and abroad), and were shown the examples of diversified portfolios for financial freedom. If you missed this online event, you can find the recording here.

New Exciting Projects

Elan Industries

Elan Industries is an IoT company from Illinois specializing in custom embedded electronic controls and user interfaces. For now, we’ve started with React Native development with Eugene Nezhuta.


Reprise is a Boston-based startup developing a platform for creating and controlling software demo. The company has just got a $3.2M of Seed investments to fast track their development. We’ve started the project in December with Anna Sokolova, Sergey Kostyrko and Alexander Frentsel.


This is a Canadian company that delivers smart car solutions such as Full Serve Lot Capture, Powerful Capture App, Full Suite of Video Solutions for Inventory, Dealer Commercials and Dealer Staff Videos, 360° exterior/interior. Waverley started the project in Bolivia.

Announcements: Pay Attention!

A set of non-tech talks about keeping our well being is getting ready to start!

During the next weeks, Waverley is holding a series of non-tech talks dedicated to the experience we all went through as the quarantine started. We will talk about our emotional state under the conditions of the pandemic, learn about the risks and threats hiding behind the curtains of self-isolation and the new rhythm of life that came together with the quarantine. We will also share some lifehacks on how to make yourself feel better in today’s conditions and have a positive life mindset. Watch out for the announcement soon! 

Tech Breakfast shall take place in 2020!

This December, Alexander Subota is going to tell us about his achievements in mastering Flutter and will hold a small workshop on creating your own application. We are reminding you that Tech Breakfast is our traditional morning meetup which got started by the Lviv Office. The event consists of a presentation, a Q&A session, a delicious breakfast, and a friendly chat. This time, the breakfast part will be virtual, but everything else will follow the usual plan!
Before the Tech Breakfast itself, Aleksandr will hold an internal tech talk on this topic on December 14, so all the interested ones will be able to join and listen.

All Hands Meeting schedule on 12:00 24 December

Our traditional All Hands will take place at the end of the year. It will be the last Company meeting in 2020, so we will sum up this year and share the plans for the next year.
And of course, it is the time for giving “Chocolate Thank You” to your colleagues! Don’t forget to send good vibes to your friends via this form.

Happy Holidays!

Don’t forget about the upcoming Holidays: 

  • December 25, Friday – Christmas
  • December 31, Thursday – Waverley New Year Holiday (Ukraine)
  • January 1, Friday – New Year 
  • January 7, Thursday – Orthodox Christmas Day (Ukraine)

We wish you a warm celebration and cozy mood during this festive time!

Secret Santa 2021 – Deadline is coming soon

As you already know, in November we announced the Secret Santa at Waverley Ukraine for everybody willing to participate, and the participants have already got their gift buddies. We are kindly reminding you about the deadline!

All the presents should be delivered to the Kharkiv office by December 15, so that everyone receives their gifts on time!See the spreadsheet with the people’s wishes and find your buddy there. The present budget is up to 400 UAH. Send all deliveries to: Tkachenko Natalia, 063 771 79 07, 36 Nauky ave, Kharkiv. (Don’t forget to pay for the delivery!).

Christmas mood in the Vietnam Office!

Do you feel the festive atmosphere coming? Christmas tree, special songs, and smell of mulled wine with aroma cinnamon. What a wonderful time!
Charge your mood with Christmas decorations in the Vietnam Office! On December 24th they will have a warm Christmas party in the office for celebrating Christmas and the New Year together!

A reminder about The Deer of St. Nicholas

In the previous News Digest, you could read about this program. Every year, since 2018, Waverley has been joining this program and helping children feel the Holiday atmosphere.
This year, the Deer of Saint Nicholas are going to help more than 1000 kids in need. And we can help do this.

If you want to help keep up the magic and buy a present for one or more kids, just let us know. The volunteers have already provided the list of children’s wishes and some of our team members have volunteered: Nataliya Nikitchenko, Nadiia Labyk, Alice Medovskaya, Roman Savchenko, Liubov Chornaya, Evgeniy Musiienko, Ihor Kolomiiets, Valentine Ugnichenko, Irina Balva, Alla Nabatova, Anton Shygimaga, Elena Sierokurova,  Iosif Manucharyan, Galina Lomeyko, Leonid Gonchar, Roman Panov, Mikhail Baturin, Andrey Volosovich, Anastasiia Prokopchuk, Vladyslav Kliucharov, Ellina Frolova, Alexey Tarasyuk,  Elena Dolgova, Sergey Korol, Boris Rayski, Elena Milshina, Alina Derenska, Marina Vysotskaya.
Alternatively, you can help financially and donate any amount. To find out more information, contact Liubov Chorna (our Event Manager) and she will tell you about everything you need to know.
Learn more about the program here.