Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software

We are a specialized software engineering firm working with IoT companies and electronics manufacturers. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the entire lifecycle of embedded software development services, covering aspects such as product strategy, embedded software design, embedded systems development, the development and integration of embedded systems, user experience enhancement, interface development, and testing.

An Award-Winning Embedded Software Development Company

Our Services: Embedded Software Engineering

Software for Embedded Systems

Software for Embedded Systems

Embedded software engineering for bootloaders, hardware software abstraction layers (peripheral libraries), business logic applications for a wide range of devices.

Embedded Ecosystem Development

Embedded Ecosystem Development

Windows drivers and Linux kernel development, TCP/IP networking (wireless, 3G), application development and refactoring, video processing and support.

Hardware Testing & QA

Hardware Testing & QA

Testing services encompassing performance evaluations for embedded devices, quality assurance audits, both manual and automated testing, assessments of functionality, usability, and stress levels, in addition to unit and security testing.

Unrivaled Embedded Engineering Expertise

We can take the lead in delivering embedded software projects from scratch or as part of existing products. We offer extensive experience in embedded application development, networking and IoT device architecture.


Fast and easy technology solution for enhanced system usability and connectivity such as application-ready Systems on Chip and Single-Board Computers.
Applications Development

Applications Development

Integration with third-party technologies and firmware, mobile application development for iOS/Android, web development in Javascript, HTML, CSS or PHP.


With the help of middleware software development we expand the functionality of your embedded system, also integrate new apps with the existing legacy platform.


Software development and applications for different various wearables and smart devices involving 3G and Bluetooth connectivity.


In order to boost your sales and improve your targeting , location-based mobile customer communication will be in use.


Integrating sensors will make your devices smarter, we also do sensor data aggregation to boost your BI (business intelligence).
Machine Learning for IoT

Machine Learning for IoT

We help you easily integrate Machine Learning algorithms into your IoT devices for utmost customization, intelligent data processing and valuable insights.
Signal / Image / Sound Recognition

Signal / Image / Sound Recognition

Utilizing deep learning algorithms to recognize and process audio, visual, and wireless signals within telecommunications and IoT devices, as well as embedded systems, in order to maximize the value extracted from the data.

Some of Our Embedded Solutions



  • C/C++
  • ANSI C
  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Assembler


  • 3G
  • TCP/IP
  • Z-Wave
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • CAN/CANOpen

Real-Time Operating Systems

  • FreeRTOS
  • ThreadX
  • eCos
  • RTLinux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX

Cloud For IoT

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • the ELK stack
  • Nagios
  • Zabbix
  • Firebase
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Building Embedded Solutions Across Industries

Our teams offer extensive practical knowledge of a wide range of hardware, middleware, and large-scale embedded systems, as well as numerous integration layers and versatile business logic.


Stock trends predictions, software payment devices, transactions management and analytics.

Industrial IoT

Embedded solutions designed to streamline your inventory tracking, optimize production processes, identify system errors, and analyze production data.

Connected Vehicles

Integrated with car systems and protected with special encryption, connected vehicles are applications and platforms for automatic navigation and security.

Healthcare Tech

Applications for sports and wellness, software for medical equipment and tools to monitor health conditions.

Smart Home Devices

Different applications for Smart Home (sensor-based), smart panels, z-wave-locks, cameras, thermostats and security devices.

Energy Management

For efficient and innovative energy monitoring / management – embedded software is required.

Why Waverley

Why Waverley

Full-Cycle Embedded Software Development

We provide full cycle embedded software development services, that cover the full product lifecycle: from requirements analysis, architecture and development to QA and high-quality tech support.

Test Automation

We maintain the highest quality and performance standards also dramatically reducing the cost of regression testing and boosting ROI by automating the most expensive test scenarios.

Proven Track-Record

Our team of dedicated senior-level embedded software experts have both the necessary training certifications (often including PhD degrees) and experience developing software and firmware projects, working with large legacy code bases across various domains.

Strong Technology Expertise

We have a solid team of skilled embedded software engineers with decades of experience and a strong foothold in C, C++, Multithreading and TCP/IP. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge of proven architectures, real-time operating systems, processors, network protocols, standards, tools, and more.

Custom-Tailored Services

Depending on the needs of your organization we will build a custom-tailored embedded system, even involving complex embedded software design and business logic, to incorporate your real-world business rules and objects, complying with the best global practices and standards.

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What is an embedded software service?

Embedded software service is a software component that operates within an embedded system or device, contributing to its functionality and enabling it to perform its intended tasks. Embedded software services are commonly used in a wide range of devices and systems, including consumer electronics (e.g., smartphones, smart appliances), automotive systems (e.g., engine control units, infotainment systems), industrial equipment (e.g., programmable logic controllers), medical devices, and more. These services can perform tasks such as controlling hardware components, managing data, implementing communication protocols, and running specialized algorithms.

What is the main purpose of embedded software?

The main purpose of embedded software is to control and manage the hardware components of an embedded system, enabling it to perform specific functions or tasks. Embedded software is tailored to the requirements of the particular device or system it serves and is typically optimized for efficiency, reliability, and real-time operation.

What are examples of embedded software?

Embedded software is found in a wide range of devices and systems across various industries. For example, consumer electronics, automotive devices, industrial automation, medical devices, home appliances, telecommunications and IoT devices.

What OS do you use for developing embedded software?

We use FreeRTOS, VSCode, ThreadX, Linux, eCos, VxWorks and others.

What types of projects have you developed?

We have developed embedded software for all kinds of IoT devices: smart lighting, security panels, smart aroma diffuser, kitchen appliances. We’ve also worked with Automotive, Robotics, Manufacturing, Energy Management and eLearning.

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