Enterprise Web App Development

Enterprise Web App

We are a web development services company with highly experienced teams of world-class software engineers who create high-load and secure enterprise web applications. With a focus on rich functionality, we offer B2B and B2C web-based systems and solutions many businesses need.

What We Do: Complete Web App Development Services

We develop high-performance online portals for large enterprises, SMBs, and individual customers, while skillfully managing security, usability, and scalability in our systems.
Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development

We provide enterprise web applications including large-scale corporate CRMs, ERPs and intranet systems, web apps, and portals for workflow control with proven multi-tier back-end architecture.
Middleware Development

Middleware Development

We deliver projects on server-side proxies for your specific mobile app’s requirements, leveraging legacy business solutions for modern mobile consumers.
Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps from scratch – responsive and engaging like mobile apps, discoverable like web pages.
Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

We offer the best user experience combined with intuitive functionality in simple yet responsive interface design from our front-end software development professionals.
Legacy App Migration

Legacy App Migration

We update portal features and expand legacy consumer or business applications to follow the dynamic modern security, data, and technology standards.
Security Solutions

Security Solutions

We ensure that both small apps and enterprise web applications are safe from intrusion and unauthorized use of data with our high-quality security audits, consulting and support.
QA & Maintenance

QA & Maintenance

We provide ongoing quality assurance and web portal testing as a standalone service as well as application updates, maintenance, and post-development support for your systems.
Additional Services

Additional Services

Our customers often turn to us for our other areas of expertise: cloud and mobile app development, consulting and support, DevOps, AI or blockchain solutions, etc.


Our web application development toolbox of state-of-the-art technologies is the key to our rich portal development expertise allowing us to build top-notch B2B and B2C small-scale to enterprise web applications and deliver high-quality services.


  • Spring
  • Spark





  • Express
  • Koa
  • Loopback


  • Flask
  • Django


  • Rails
  • Sinatra
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Projects We Developed for Our Customers

Our portfolio includes a number of solutions with great product features and app functions we created for companies worldwide.

Customer Reviews: Video Testimonials of Our Clients


Our company provides all the necessary resources and experience to help enterprises of any scale develop their business vision into a well-structured, comprehensive code for a perfect software solution.


Senior software engineering staff


on average to start a development team


engineering talent pool in locations we operate


of probability that we have worked with your technology stack

Domains We Work With

Every development team at Waverley is well-versed in Agile methodology and supervised by world-class project managers to deliver mission-critical enterprise applications for businesses across industries.

Enterprise Web Applications

Web-based solutions for enterprises: distributed working environments, data monitoring and management platforms, etc.


Custom responsive web solutions for online banking, fintech and insurance, complex business logic and secure data protection.


Cloud-based, carrier-grade platforms for communication service providers with user-friendly interface for their customers.


Interactive eCommerce platforms that help enterprises boost sales and business revenue achieving maximum user satisfaction.

Internet of Things

Smart device management, data monitoring, and processing, real-time visual analytics, and integration with connected devices.

Content Management

Flexible and secure online solutions for file storage, sharing, and management. Platforms for team collaboration within and among enterprises.


Responsive and user-friendly chat and messaging apps, social media, video calling, and real-time communication tools.


Engaging apps and portals for efficient and fun “edutainment” as well as innovative, cutting-edge solutions for learning and training.

An Award-Winning Web Development Company


Long-term client partnerships


team members have Ph.D. degrees


of experience in software product development services


Ratio of enterprise-level clients vs. startups

Why Choose Waverley for Web Application Development

Why Choose Waverley for Web Application Development

Proven Process

Our development and implementation process is enhanced by our extensive experience in Agile software development to ensure that we deliver and support complex custom web application projects.

Invested Approach

Leveraging professional and responsive project management, we design fresh, high-quality products to meet your specific requirements, always keeping your users in mind.

Vast Expertise

We continually update our web application development skillset with new tools, technologies, and development processes that emerge in the web development community.

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