With a Global Reach

Waverley is a company of over 150 world-class engineers
and managers
in Ukraine, Vietnam and the US that helps
tech companies augment their internal teams with new
expertise and technologies.

With a Global Reach

Waverley is a company of over 150 world-class engineers
and managers
in Ukraine, Vietnam and the US that helps
tech companies augment their internal teams with new
expertise and technologies.

History Highlights


Matt Brown founds Waverley Software and creates early-generation mobile applications for his first customers in Silicon Valley.


Waverley opens the development center in Cluj, the second largest city in Romania.


Waverley opens the development center in Sofia, the largest city and the capital of Bulgaria.


Waverley continues its global growth and opens a development center in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The company is ahead of the curve in terms of quality assurance services, providing QA teams for such tech giants as Seagate and Mozilla.


Our engineering team starts contributing to building Jibo, the first social robot for home, thus strengthening expertise in robotics.

Waverley celebrates a new office in Lviv, Ukraine and global growth with established clients in Social Robotics, Home Security and Enterprise Solutions.


The client base grows as does the Waverley team with experts sharing Matt’s core values of reliability, trust and commitment to excellence.


Our embedded expertise expands significantly in collaboration with the key client in Smart Home. Soon it becomes one of our core competencies.


Waverley expands to Southeast Asia and opens a development center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Waverley plunges into the Automotive domain, partnering with Toyota – the global renowned brand.


Waverley expands the list of competencies providing expertise in Blockchain and Data Science to clients globally.

Core Values

The invested approach to each client’s success is in our DNA.
Honesty and transparency are key to the company’s culture.
We use our passion and personality to create amazing results for our clients.
Our partnerships are built on collaboration, communication and trust.

What started in 1992 as a one-man act of entrepreneurship in California's Silicon Valley has grown to an exciting, international company with teams worldwide. Today, we are staffed with top talent from around the globe who have earned a reputation for delivering industry-leading engineering and UX design, with a refreshingly human and invested approach to our clients' businesses.

MATT BROWN Founder & CEO Silicon Valley, California
Matt Brown is a serial entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Waverley. His impressive technical background made him one of the pioneers of software development in Silicon Valley. Prior to launching Waverley, Matt was the vice president and co-founder of Clearview Software, which developed the award-winning SmartForm series of Macintosh-based products and was ultimately acquired by Claris Corporation (the Apple spin-off). Matt also served as the Director of Device Engineering at fusionOne Inc., a startup providing an Internet service capable of synchronizing customers’ various digital devices. Always fascinated by solving complex technical challenges in innovative ways, he has more than 25 years of experience in tech. What started as an attempt to help his friends “build something amazing”, is now a multinational company providing cutting edge solutions to market-leading businesses worldwide.
Patti Gosselin is an inspiring example of a woman in tech with vast experience in software engineering and technical account management at small and medium-sized companies. She was the technical relationship manager for Microsoft within the Windows Mobile business unit at Palm, an American company later acquired by HP. Prior to Palm Patti held a variety of engineering and management positions at iambic Software, fusionOne, Allpen, and Telos. She joined Waverley in 2008 to manage and lead multiple international locations, setting the direction for both technical processes and company operations in general. She oversees the application of the best project management practices that have proved their efficiency with successful tech giants in Silicon Valley. Patti is a facilitator and a staunch customer advocate, ensuring that our clients always get our best work.
NIKITA TRETYAKOV Chief Software Architect Silicon Valley, California
Nikita is Waverley’s tech visionary. He has an outstanding blend of technical genius, thoughtful management skills and an innate sense for innovation. Prior to joining Waverley, Nikita contributed to such companies as Medtronic, DigitalRiver, and Yahoo. Today he lives in Silicon Valley to be closer to the very heart of innovation. Nikita has vast hands-on experience in building different types of software and is an expert in designing and building scalable, extensible, low coupled and maintainable systems - and tailoring custom development processes for distributed teams.
Eugene Bogatyriov VP Engineering & Managing Director Ukraine
Eugene built our two Ukraine development centers from scratch and remains responsible for overseeing operations and delivery for all of Waverley Ukraine. In his previous role he spent 9 years leading delivery efforts for major technical products and managing client accounts of over 160 employees. Eugene brings 15 years of experience in outsourced software development and relationship management that empowers him to build clear and scalable clockwork organizations and streamlined business processes at Waverley Ukraine.
TONY BUI Director of US Sales Boston, USA
Tony is a Vietnamese American with technical education and vast management experience. Prior to joining Waverley, Tony founded a startup providing information management systems to US healthcare companies from Vietnam and spent two years bootstrapping a business in Asia. Tony built the Waverley team in Ho Chi Minh City from the ground up and led it successfully for 4 years, bridging the cultural gap between the Vietnam-based team and our US-based clients. Now he has moved back to the US to contribute to Waverley business development and growth.
Trung has always demonstrated a knack for building clear and comprehensive processes and providing sensible, compassionate people management. He has over a decade of experience as an Operations Manager, overseeing engineering teams for the leading outsourcing and product development companies in Vietnam. Prior to joining Waverley, Trung helped start and aggressively grow the Vietnamese subsidiary of Rocket Uncle. Trung is a wonderful combination of leadership and global spirit, which makes him more than capable of delivering excellence to our clients all over the world.

The Waverley Story

In 1989, Matt Brown’s four year old startup created in the basement of Brown University was acquired by Claris, Apple Computer’s software spin-off run by Bill Campbell. Campbell’s team moved the Clearview Software group to Silicon Valley from Providence Rhode Island. Matt’s application, SmartForms, was published by Claris after MacWrite, MacPaint and MacDraw and was a prototype for the successful FileMaker database product that has existed for many years.  Matt’s dedication to developing great software still continues to this day with some of the original Clearview team who depend on Waverley for their new startups, products and ideas.

By 1992, Matt founded Waverley Software to help his friends in the Valley build startups and advance existing businesses with innovative software. Waverley started to build early generation mobile software for well-known tech giants in Silicon Valley, and became one of the pioneers of mobile development. Matt worked on the Newton OS at Apple with some of the original Macintosh development team, and built apps for PenPoint, Palm OS, Windows CE and other first generation platforms. Matt named the company after his first address in Palo Alto. As a one-man operation, Matt delivered the attention each client needed to be successful. Waverley’s products were built with pride and care that those who worked for and recommended Matt could always count on.

In 1998, Waverley had more projects than one person could manage. Matt began to assemble his US team of the best tech people and managers and continued to build software and client relationships on his core values of reliability, trust, and commitment to excellence. Over 25 years later, Matt and his original team are still the heart of the company. Today – just like 25 years ago-  Matt continues to engage the best talent for his company.

In 2004 Waverley decided to take advantage of offshore development economics and harnessed its US operation to offshore companies that offered talent and lower costs. The resulting team, bigger and more diverse, began to work on larger projects. But over time it became clear that some values were being compromised. Working with external companies made it difficult to consistently guarantee delivery of the experience Matt wanted for his customers.

In 2012 and 2013, Waverley opens its own development centers in Ukraine and Vietnam to be able to run a customer-focused business with offshore engineering value. Waverley builds an integrated, no-compromise process and team allowing clients to experience what software development should be like. Today, a global integrated team of over 150 people in Ukraine and Vietnam along with the management team in the US deliver mission-critical assignments to high-tech companies and businesses that rely on technology in the US and beyond.

Why Waverley: Reasons To Choose Us

  • Sourcing Top Tech Talent Globally

    We are a software development company with a global reach - extending across North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. We allocate world-class talent anywhere for our clients offering a full cycle of engineering services including development of Blockchain and Data Science solutions.

  • Rapid Start

    We quickly start projects by allocating key specialists that get to know the product and start building the team according to the product’s top priorities. Our strong employer brand on the markets we operate in together with our hiring process help us meet the most demanding recruitment objectives.

  • Just the Right Size

    A company of over 150 people, we are neither too big to care nor too small to cope. We are designed to operate as a nimble and responsive organization that can listen, adjust and build personal relationships with our clients. At the same time, we have the expertise and our own refined process to complete mission-critical projects.

  • Delivering Large-Scale Projects

    Waverley has a demonstrated history of delivering large-scale long-term software projects to well-known brands in tech including Silicon Valley's giants Microsoft and Mozilla. We have refined our process, adjusted our company structure and implemented a hiring strategy to be able to accommodate complex projects as quickly as our larger competitors.

  • Driven by Innovation

    We operate to deliver technically challenging projects using the latest technologies and development practices. Our most recent competencies include Data Science and Blockchain. At the same time, we maintain the everlasting standards of software reliability, scalability and efficiency.