Mobile App

Teams of world-class mobile app developers creating end-to-end enterprise and consumer mobile solutions with impeccable architecture, complex back ends and a vast capacity to expand your customer base and streamline your enterprise mobility.

Mobile App

Teams of world-class mobile app developers creating end-to-end enterprise and consumer mobile solutions with impeccable architecture, complex back ends and a vast capacity to expand your customer base and streamline your enterprise mobility.

Our technology stack for mobile application development allows us to develop and integrate a leading-edge mobile application for any platform (iOS and Android app, Windows) and of any complexity, supporting various mobile devices, including smartphones, smart watches, Android TV, Google Glass and more.
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • NDK
  • Support Library
  • Firebase
  • Espresso
  • Android Studio
  • Android of Things

We Offer

Scalable enterprise mobile software solutions that process large amounts of data and offer real-time analytics, seamlessly integrated into your system to automate and streamline business processes.
High-quality, consumer-facing iOS and Google Android mobile applications that create an intuitive, responsive user experience and offer flawless performance, fully leveraging the device’s capabilities with a view towards driving user engagement and maximizing interaction.

Helping Startups & Enterprises with the Most Advanced Development Challenges

Among the pioneers in mobile application development. Our mobile expertise received recognition from Silicon Valley’s tech giants, stellar Clutch references and repeat business from executives throughout several years and at many different companies.

Extensible and sustainable fault-free architecture that manages code complexity and minimizes dependencies, while being smoothly integrated with your systems.
We create Android/Windows mobile applications, as well as apps for the iPhone and iPad. We also create desktop apps for Windows and MacOS that leverage the device’s native features and capabilities.
Using JavaScript and HTML5, we develop cross-platform and cross-device applications, with immaculate user logic and modern design, resulting in a quality product in the app store.
Our expertise in web development allows us to build applications that are compatible with every device, using a browser that is as powerful as a mobile app and as user-friendly as a web page.
Preliminary research, business analysis, mobile MVP, Proof-of-Concept, assistance with app store deployment, UX design, consultancy and guidance.
Manual and automation mobile testing, continuous quality assurance, ongoing bug fixing and regular updates to mobile apps.

We needed a company that could move quickly, accept a demanding and sometimes moving spec, and still deliver a product with the same high quality that our own customers expect. I've been impressed by Waverley's expertise and willingness to go the extra mile when we needed it, and although the project members are widely distributed, they feel like part of the team.

Chris Gibson Director Product Management Matrixx Software

They essentially helped us set up and finalize our whole dev environment that has ended up sustaining us this whole time. They led by example, and they also left tools that became embraced by almost everyone over time. These guys are so good, and they have the capacity to always expand. I refer friends to Waverley all the time.

Head of Security & Privacy Robotics Startup

Waverley worked as a true partner in creating our first mobile app. Waverley’s designers, developers and project managers, whether located in Italy, Ukraine or California, felt like an extension of our team in Illinois. With this new mobile app, we are seeing results that will position Addus as the innovation leader in our market.

Inna Berkovich CIO Addus HomeCare

A Powerful Surge of Innovation for Your Application

Our experienced teams of capable and professional app developers with vast technical expertise will help your organization leverage the power of modern technology and create a unique mobile solution that your users will love.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Our data science expertise allows us to integrate machine learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms into your mobile app development, creating a truly omnipotent, all-encompassing solution.
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
We apply Google ARCore and Apple ARKit and leverage Virtual Reality technologies to revolutionize the way your app users interact with your content. The result is a powerful and unique retail experience that boosts entertainment and gaming potential.
Software for Wearables & Other Devices
We deliver software for wearable devices: smart watches, TVs, VR headsets, Google Glass and more. We help set up and manage the device, as well as perform operations or integrate with other APIs.
In-app Advertising and Analytics
We enable in-app purchases, ads and smart notifications. This provides you with easy-to-use, deep and accurate app usage analytics and insights. You’ll receive clear, comprehensive, well-visualized data reports to help you deliver a more personalized and targeted user experience.

Put our in-depth domain knowledge to work for your business

With experience in a number of industries and a proven app development process, we provide full-cycle mobile app development and web development services. We quickly get to know the clients’ businesses and environments and create effective solutions.

New mobile applications that monitor and manage automatic machines, connected vehicles and social robots, modernization of old systems.
Enterprise mobile apps, mobile solutions for supply chain management, data warehousing and personalized customer service.
Information management and energy management software for real-time diagnostics and control of energy networks.
Proven carrier-grade mobile systems for digital service providers that meet “five nines” high availability standards.
Mobile applications for healthcare providers and patients, enterprise mobile apps, healthcare data analytics and system integration.
Our developers offer expertise with transaction platforms, digital banking solutions, online trading and exchange platforms, and blockchain apps.
Android, iPhone and iPad app development for multimedia, social networking, travel, TV streaming, content management and mobile games.
Mobile solutions for robotics, smart home, connected vehicles and devices, industrial machinery and networking software.