Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application

Our world-class mobile app developers create end-to-end enterprise and consumer mobile solutions, focusing on flawless code architecture, complex backend designs, timely deployment, and the capacity to vastly expand your customer community and streamline enterprise mobility.

Partnering with Market-Leaders and Startups

TripIt is a San Francisco-based startup, a travel-planning app, acquired by Concur Technologies.Sling is a startup from NY developing shift scheduling and communications software.Oji Life Lab is a digital learning system that helps individuals and teams thrive, gaining essential emotional and soft skills for work and life.Noggin is the world's leading integrated resilience workspace for risk and business continuity management, operational resilience, safety operations.Jibo is a Robotics startup from Boston famous for creating the first social robot for the home.Groupon offers discount certificates usable at local or national companies in the US, Fortune 1000.GridPoint is an established innovator in energy management solutions based in Washington DC.Matrixx Software is a provider of a digital commerce platform designed to monetize 5G. TSococo is an American startup developing an online workplace for distributed team.FanTV is an entertainment discovery engine backed by the investors behind TiVo and Netflix.

We Develop

Enterprise Mobility


As an expert-level enterprise mobile app development company, we create software solutions and commercial-use app platforms that seamlessly integrate into your system to review, automate, and streamline your business processes.

Consumer Apps


We will turn your idea into a high-quality, consumer-facing commercial iOS and Android app, combining intuitive user experience and beautiful interface with engaging features and flawless performance.

Full-Cycle Mobile Application Development Company

Our teams of professional designers and mobile app developers have vast technical expertise and are guided by experienced project managers.
High-End Architecture

High-End Architecture

We offer extensible loosely-coupled app architecture and design that manages code complexity and security while integrating smoothly with your company’s current systems.
Native App Development

Native App Development

We build Android mobile applications, iPhone and iPad apps, desktop apps for macOS and Windows that leverage the device’s native capabilities and are easy to use.
Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

We deliver cross-platform mobile apps with immaculate user logic and features design, high-quality cross-device products for startups and enterprises.
In-App Ads & Analytics

In-App Ads & Analytics

We develop clear, well-visualized analytics tools, in-app purchases, ads and notifications to help you deliver a more targeted user experience.
Prototyping & MVP

Prototyping & MVP

Preliminary research, analysis of business requirements, mobile MVP and proof-of-concept (PoC), assistance with app store deployment and UX design for any platform.
Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps

We build progressive web apps as powerful as mobile apps and as user-friendly as web-pages for every device and platform.


Our expertise in virtual reality technologies allows companies create VR solutions in a few steps, leveraging creative app design and visual UX, to ensure higher entertainment and gaming potential.


We have the expertise to connect the machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms into your company’s mobile app development project.

Our Mobile Technologies

Powered with advanced programming languages, frameworks and skills, our mobile app developers are ready for complex mobile application development and mobile testing.

Mobile Server-Side

Native iOS

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Xcode
  • iOS SDK
  • Testflight
  • Flurry

Native Android

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • NDK
  • Support Library
  • Firebase
  • Espresso
  • Android Studio
  • Android Things

Hybrid & Cross-Platform

  • Flutter
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • HTML5
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Nativescript
  • Cordova
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Success Stories: Apps We Developed

Our team of expert mobile app developers can design an app for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and manage any code complexity for various mobile devices.

Client Video Testimonials

Watch feedback reviews from our customer community

A Powerful Surge of Innovation for Your Application

Among the pioneers in mobile application development. Our mobile expertise received recognition from Silicon Valley’s tech giants, stellar Clutch references and repeat business from executives throughout several years and at many different companies.


Senior mobile app development specialists


on average to start a dedicated team consisting of top developers


the engineering talent pool in locations we operate


of probability that we have worked with your technology stack

Expert Domain Knowledge For Your Business

With experience in a wide range of industries and a well-tuned app development process, our engineers provide full-cycle mobile app development services: from mobile MVP development to app store deployment and support.


Mobile applications allowing to view and manage automatic machines, connected vehicles, social robots and personal assistants. Beautiful app design and easy navigation.


Enterprise mobile applications, mobile solutions with the focus on supply chain optimization and budget control, data warehousing and personalized customer service.


Information and energy management software giving access to instant diagnostics and control of energy networks.


Proven carrier-grade mobile tools for digital service providers that meet “five nines” high availability standards.


Mobile phone applications for medical service providers and their patients, enterprise mobile apps, data analytics reports, and system integration.


Our developers work with mobile transaction platforms, digital large-scale banking solutions, trading and exchange platforms, and blockchain engines.


Android, iPhone and iPad app development for projects in multimedia, social networks, travel, online video streaming, content management.


Developing mobile app solutions for robotics, smart home, connected vehicles and devices, industrial machinery tools and networking software.

Our Global Recognition and Awards

Reliable mobile developers for your business

From project start to product release and support, Waverley quickly gets to know the client’s business requirements and designs effective solutions.


of long-term customer accounts


of our developers have Ph.D. degrees


of experience in software product development


of our clients are startup founders

Why Choose Waverley as Your Custom Mobile App Development Company

Why Choose Waverley as Your Custom Mobile App Development Company

Business Value

Our expert approach helps app founders leverage the power of modern technology to prototype, design, implement, and release to the app store the game-changing mobile solutions their user communities will love.

Full-Cycle Software Development

Flawless code architecture, engaging UX design, complex backend development and timely deployment – Waverley is your one-stop shop for end-to-end mobile product development services.

Proven Track Record

Countless reviews of satisfied customers, dozens of successful projects, and decades of unstoppable work are Waverley’s most precious assets. High-quality result in software development is our standard.

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