Robotics Software Development Services

Robotics Software Development Services

A #1 robotics software development company by Clutch, Waverley offers a dedicated R&D lab, and a team of skilled robotics engineers, providing software support at all stages of the robotics development lifecycle.

Who Needs Our Robotics Services?

Robots Developers

Robots Developers

Companies from the robotics industry that provide hardware for robotic solutions and need assistance with software components.

Modern Enterprises

Modern Enterprises

Companies that operate in various industries and would like to modernize their workflows with the help of autonomous solutions.

Innovative Startups

Innovative Startups

Startups that need R&D tools and engineering consulting to verify their innovative robotics ideas.

An Award-Winning Robotics Software Developer

Robotics Software Services: By Your Side at Any Stage

Waverley can provide industrial automation and robotics development services from the initial stage (prototyping & PoC) and up until the post-production configuration & testing.


Taking into consideration your business objectives and specifications we can provide business analysis, SRS + designs + architecture diagrams and build a working prototype.
Robot Development

Robot Development

We have teams of cloud, artificial intelligence, firmware and embedded engineers ready to build autonomous robotic solutions from the ground up and configure them to work for your business.
Support & Testing

Support & Testing

We have a proven track record supporting, bug fixing, maintaining, and scaling the functionality of existing robotic systems. Our hardware testing lab can also be at your service if needed.

What We Do: Robotics Services

Whether at an early stage or during active development, our dedicated development team can deploy robots with advanced processing powers to perform tasks unique to your business domain.
Robot Software/Cloud Architecture Design

Robot Software/Cloud Architecture Design

We build robotics software from the ground up, from the architecture and cloud infrastructure to testing and deployment.
ROS Development

ROS Development

General ROS services development and ROS drivers development for custom hardware.
Integration with an IoT System / Other Devices

Integration with an IoT System / Other Devices

With the help of computer vision and embedded technologies, we build web/mobile IoT apps on top of robotics software.
Advanced Data Collection & Analytics

Advanced Data Collection & Analytics

Requirements for analysis and robotics, SLAM / navigation algorithms tuning, sensors fusion, robots’ remote control (teleoperation).
Robots' Fleet Management

Robots’ Fleet Management

Coordinating fleets of autonomous robots, fleet status monitoring, missions/routes planning, tasks. Assignment and/or power management, localization.
Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance

Hardware testing, integration, usability, smoke, regression and other kinds of testing to ensure the ultimate performance and security of your robotic device.

Robotics-Related Tech Stack We Work With


  • VSCode
  • PyCharm
  • CLion


  • C++
  • Python


  • Rqt
  • RViz
  • Gazebo
  • FoxGlove Studio
  • Blender
  • AWS RoboMaker


  • Amazon Web Services
  • AWS RoboMaker
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure AI
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Robotics Core

Robotics Solutions Development: Our Experience

Most Likely, Robots Have Already Penetrated Your Industry

Social Robotics & Smart Home

Robots that work as personal assistants supporting humans with daily tasks at home. This can include the development of educational robots.


Industrial robots will perform simple tasks that include moving materials or be pre-programmed to carry out various tasks within industrial settings.


Through the application of autonomous systems, we build mobile robots for construction which are able to conduct monitoring, measurements and control on-site.

Oil & Gas

To eliminate hazardous situations there are robotic control systems that will lead the robots to accomplish dangerous tasks, putting human employees out of harm’s way.


Robots offer a robust network for the entertainment industry, taking for instance, human-like robots that are pre-programmed for movie making and help in other fields within the entertainment industry.


The R&D department works a lot faster with the help of robots as they can serve as a testing tool. Robots in the pharmaceutical industry can have different functionalities such as dispensing, sorting and packaging.

Why Engage Waverley for Robotics Development

Why Engage Waverley for Robotics Development

Proven IoT & Robotics Experience

Our IoT engineers have worked with various micro-processors, boards, sensors, beacons and other devices producing robots, IoT devices, Smart Home appliances, and industrial IoT machinery. We are happy to provide client references, extended portfolio and work samples if needed.

Full-Scale Set of Services

Over the years we’ve built multi-faceted engineering capabilities, including Business Analysis and Business Intelligence teams, UI/UX studio, mobile engineering lab, IoT development facilities, and well-equipped testing hubs, allowing us to build software products from the ground up.

Security-First Approach

Waverley has security among our top priorities. We follow a secure OWASP-regulated development approach. Our offices are ISO 27001 certified, and we have experience developing FDA, SOC2 and HIPAA-compliant products. We ensure the ultimate physical and digital safety for your intellectual property.

Need Robotics Software Development Services? Let's Talk

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Do you also develop hardware for Robots?

No, we only create the software components: cloud infrastructure, back-end architecture, control & management applications, middleware, embedded software and networking, etc. However, we have partners that provide hardware design, oversee hardware components manufacturing and configuration, so together we can deliver a truly end-to-end solution.

How secure is your Robotics software development process?

We protect your intellectual property with a set of stringent security measures, which are in place in all our locations. Our engineers sign and follow the Non-Disclosure agreement. Your team will be working in a secure, ISO 27001-compliant office environment, adhering to the latest cybersecurity and data protection practices (OWASP, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, etc).

How do I hire your robotics software consulting services?

Start by filling in the form to tell us more about what you’re looking to build. To have a more detailed discussion, we sign a mutual NDA, your ideas are completely safe with us. When the NDA is signed, we’re happy to review your specifications, roadmap and other documents you may have that outline the development of your project, your requirements, goals, and milestones. If you do not yet have the specs, no worries, we’ll happily guide you through the product planning process, conduct a discovery session and come up with all the necessary documents to start the development. Next, we schedule a meeting with one of our robotics software engineers to discuss the architecture and move on from there.

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