Enterprise ML &
AI Services

By providing machine learning and artificial intelligence product development services we help companies develop data science expertise and augment their internal team’s capabilities to build data-driven products.

What We Do: Artificial Intelligence Services for Enterprises

Helping clients globally automate their business operations, improve performance and reach an outstanding user experience by building AI-based enterprise software, ML web applications, mobile apps and more.

  • 1. Artificial Neural Networks

    Developing neural network-based artificial intelligence software solutions for data management, pattern and sequence recognition.

  • 2. Machine Learning & Deep Learning

    Data clustering, unsupervised machine learning algorithms for intuitive highly adaptive enterprise solutions and tools.

  • 3. AI-Powered Chatbots

    Helping to develop, customize and train intelligent chatbots for personalized and efficient customer communication.

  • 4. Computer Vision

    Software solutions and media applications for digital or real-world image processing, face/object recognition, vehicle detection, intelligent surveillance.

  • 5. Analytics Systems

    Creating self-taught machine learning systems to detect patterns, trends and errors in your consumer behavior, and provide your users with a fully customized experience.

  • 6. Business Intelligence

    Leveraging business intelligence and machine learning solutions, data management and modeling to automate your decision-making and help foresee business risks and ensure security.

  • 7. Automation Solutions

    Smart enterprise machine learning systems analyzing your enterprise’s big data to streamline your supply chain management, sales pipeline and financial operations.

  • 8. Natural Language Processing

    Advanced language processing and recognition technologies, language interpretation and generation software solutions.


Our dedicated data science software development experts have deep practical knowledge of the latest ML, AI, and big data tools as well as of the best practices of software architecture, user-centered design, web development, mobile app development, and cloud platform development.

Domains We Work With

Find your own data science dedicated development team at Waverley. A team that already develops AI solutions from the idea to design, implementation and support, whatever the scope, industry and complexity. A team you can trust.


Building self-taught artificial intelligence software applications for processing wearables data, providing more accurate diagnostics, analyzing data sets to advance medical research.


Custom development of asset management systems, payment and transaction records, fraud detection, predictive analytics, credit risk evaluation, customer recommendations and loyalty programs.


Data analytics for smart home and IoT devices based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, automotive software, smart vehicles, advanced sensor data analytics and face recognition solutions.


Advanced data analytics and high-quality self-taught automation software solutions for intelligent weather forecasting to optimize operations and make flying safer.


The application of big data and predictive analytics for real-time analysis of network issues and security concerns, processing cellular use for better customer experience and custom solutions for marketing agility.


Robotics software development: voice, face and speech recognition, sensor data processing and artificial intelligence development for robots training.

Why Dedicated Data Science Team At Waverley

Powerful Surge of Expertise

For the period of engagement, the technical expertise of our dedicated development team of data scinetists and experience building AI products becomes your asset. They get to know your business needs, help to outline strategy and develop a maintainable solution.

Proven Cooperation Model

Our select artificial intelligence development professionals not only bring diverse skills, experience with own machine learning product development and solid statistical background, but also the ability to work as one team, proven by years of joint success stories and lessons learned.

Solid Technical Knowledge

Our dedicated data science software development experts have deep practical knowledge of the newest ML, AI and big data tools as well as of the best practices of software architecture, user-centered design, web development, mobile app development and cloud platform development.

Vast Development Capabilities

Depending on your company’s needs we create machine learning solutions and models from scratch, or on top of your existing company software. We select, customize and tailor an existing model or modernize your software with AI and machine learning systems, algorithms and models.

Seamless Integration

The team at Waverley integrates with your internal team leveraging our years of experience building successful dedicated teams for companies across the globe. The dedicated team works side-by-side with your in-house team to help solve business problems leveraging your enterprise data.

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