Dedicated Software
Development Team

Our business model allows us to unlock unprecedented value in software development outsourcing. We connect businesses to top-notch software engineering talent across Ukraine and Vietnam, and create products that shape the future of technology.

Dedicated Teams at Waverley: How It Works

Full-cycle software development services. Diverse industry expertise. A flexible and transparent
business model. An invested approach toward everything we do.

  • 1. We Build Your Own Development Team

    We find top talent who will bring your project to life. Waverley connects you to top-notch software developers with advanced degrees, based in our offshore dedicated development centers. If necessary, dedicated software development teams are led by experienced senior project managers.

  • 2. We Arrange Knowledge

    We bring key members of your dedicated software engineering team to your site so that they can learn the fundamentals of project development. A rapport is established between the development team and your staff. This allows the team to explore product details and create a clear actionable plan.

  • 3. You Manage Your Team’s

    You manage your outsourced development team at Waverley as if it were your in-house team. We take care of HR support and seamless communication between you and your team. We also ensure that the team has everything it needs to carry out high-quality work.

  • 4. We Deliver On-Demand

    A system of inner freelancers gives our clients access to a broad in-house talent pool. It also fills the expertise gaps in your software product development – gaps resulting from evolving product requirements – while giving you full control over the process.


  • Platforms
    • Java
    • .NET
    • JavaScript / Web and Node.JS
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • C++
    • PHP/WordPress
  • Web/Front-End
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Javascript
    • React.js
    • Angular 1.x, 4.x
    • REST
    • GraphQL
  • Mobile
    • Native apps
    • Xamarin
    • WebView
    • Cordova
    • Flutter
    • Mobile server-side
  • Cloud & DevOps
    • Microsoft Azure
    • AWS
    • The ELK stack
    • Jenkins
    • Chef
    • Maven
    • Docker

Waverley worked as a true partner in creating our first mobile app. Waverley’s designers, developers and project managers, whether located in Italy, Ukraine or California, felt like an extension of our team in Illinois. With this new mobile app, we are seeing results that will position Addus as the innovation leader in our market.”

– Inna Berkovich
CIO, Addus HomeCare

Waverly's project team goes well beyond following basic instructions. They instead brainstorm proactively and make valuable suggestions wherever possible. Timing is rarely an issue and responsiveness is excellent."

– Team Leader
QA, Seagate

Why Waverley

Natural Extension

Waverley expands your in-house development capabilities through seamlessly integrated offshore dedicated software development teams composed of select software engineers. This allows you to scale and improve your product efficiency.

Rapid Start

We start quickly by allocating core outsourced team members who, along with experienced project managers, acquaint themselves with the product and build a dedicated team based on the product’s top priorities.

Excellent Infrastructure

We provide all the office facilities, tools and equipment necessary for the seamless operation and technical integration of the outsourced dedicated software development team and your core in-house team.

Easy Administration

So that you can focus on what’s most important, we take care of everything related to the effective operation of your team at Waverley, including administration, payroll, logistics, team development and professional growth.

Talent Integration

We fully integrate the team with your in-house resources. Waverley ensures that the team shares your company values and understands your goals. We maintain a high level of team motivation and performance, helping you face the communication challenges that may arise in distributed work environments.

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