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We connect businesses with top-notch software engineering experts in Ukraine and Vietnam and create products designed to shape the future of digital technology solutions in all industries.

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In-Depth Consulting & Development Services Provider


Senior software developers with vast experience


Average time span to start a dedicated team


Engineering talent network in locations we operate


Probability that we have developed with your technology stack

Dedicated Teams at Waverley: How It Works

A flexible and transparent company business model. An invested approach to the solutions we provide. Impeccable customer experience.

  • 1. We Build Your Own Development Team

    We hire high-quality Eastern European talent who can give your project a faster time to market and reduce your development costs. Waverley connects the client to top-notch software development experts with advanced degrees, based in our remote dedicated development centers.

  • 2. We Arrange Knowledge

    To deliver the best service quality, the key team members working on your project travel to your site and consult with you on the setup of your project development process. This allows the developers to explore the project details and design a clear actionable solution plan to fit your specific needs.

  • 3. We Deliver On-Demand Expertise

    Waverley’s “internal freelance” system gives our clients privileged access to a vast in-house talent pool. The system also makes it easy to fill in any expertise gaps that might result from the evolving tech stack and product requirements, while allowing you full control over the process management.

  • 4. We Take Care of Team Setup & Support

    We take care of HR support and seamless communication between you and our developers. We also make sure that our tech professionals have access to everything they need to guarantee high-quality service delivery. The dedicated software development team is led by a senior project manager skilled in agile methodology.

  • 5. Project Team is Managed by the Client

    First, you interview the candidates and choose the right people for your team. Then, you control the management and follow the development progress of your Waverley team as if they were your own in-house developers. Applying flexibility, rapport is established between our software engineers and the staff of the customer.


Full-cycle custom software application design, development and consulting services. Expertise across a wide range of industries with companies of all sizes. Highly competent day-to-day agile project management.

  • Platforms
    • Java
    • .NET
    • JavaScript / Web and Node.JS
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • C++
    • PHP/WordPress
  • Web/Front-End
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Javascript
    • React.js
    • Angular 1.x, 4.x
    • REST
    • GraphQL
  • Mobile
    • Native apps
    • Xamarin
    • WebView
    • Cordova
    • Flutter
    • Mobile server-side
  • Cloud & DevOps
    • Microsoft Azure
    • AWS
    • The ELK stack
    • Jenkins
    • Chef
    • Maven
    • Docker

Client Video Testimonials

Waverley’s role in creating this product is probably about 90% of it.

Tom Vamos Digital Development Manager at Freeman

They have a lot of experience they bring to every discussion, very collaborative.

Matt Kursh CEO at Oji Life Lab

I really like that they’re very assertive, very strong in their areas and they are not afraid to speak up.

Rich Sadowsky Head of Engineering at Plannuh Inc.

They are very fast and interacting, they have all the skills that I need and they are fun to work with.

Federico Pomi Serial Entrepreneur


Long-term client partnerships


Developers have Ph.D. degrees


Experience with custom software development projects


Ratio of enterprise-level clients

Our Work Was Featured in the Media

Why Hire Waverley Developers

Our company business model allows every client to unlock unprecedented market value when outsourcing software application development.

Natural Extension

Waverley expands your in-house development productivity through offshore dedicated development teams of select software engineers with an impressive portfolio. This allows you to scale and improve the quality of your product delivery and the efficiency of your development process and cost allocation.

Rapid Start

As a trustworthy provider, we start by allocating core outsourced developers right away, minimizing your ramp-up time. Under the guidance of an experienced project manager, they get acquainted with the project and build a dedicated development team based on the product’s top priorities and agile management methods.

Excellent Infrastructure

With flexibility in mind, we provide all the office facilities, tools, equipment, and support to create a perfect fit for the client. All this makes for the seamless operation and technical integration of our outsourced dedicated development experts and your local staff.

Easy Administration

So that our clients can focus on what’s most important, we work on the effective management of your dedicated developers at Waverley. We support such processes as administration, payroll, logistics, team development, and professional growth.

Smooth Integration

We fully integrate our remote developers with your local resources. Waverley ensures that our developers share your company values and understand your goals. We maintain a high level of continuous staff motivation and performance, finding the solution for communication challenges that may arise in distributed working practices.

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