Energy Software Development Company

Energy Software Development Company

For over three decades delivering custom energy management software solutions, we’ve accumulated a deep understanding of the Energy industry, versatile experience with niche Energy products and proven technological excellence.

We Work With

Energy & Utilities Companies

Modernizing various aspects of their operations: finance, customer service, internal operations, data analytics, meter reading, supply invoicing.

Oil & Gas Providers

Building their software infrastructures to manage the mining, delivery and distribution processes, monitor mining sites, trading, procurement and reporting to stakeholders.

Energy SaaS Companies

Offering SaaS platforms for energy companies, which simplify various workflows: from billing & accounting to user experience, energy management, etc.

Government Organizations

Regulating energy trading and consumption, ensuring compliance with industry standards, preventing outages, etc.

Real Estate Owners

Looking to effectively track, measure and optimize energy consumption in their facilities, view reports & visualizations.

Sustainability Companies

Promoting eco-friendly initiatives, energy efficient software development and encouraging sustainable energy use across homes and businesses.

Some of Waverley's Customers in the Energy Space…

Holu Hou provides solar storages and solar sharing solutions.Spirax Sarco is the global leader in high-quality products for controlling and efficiently using steam and other industrial fluids.Viking Cold Solutions is an energy management company that makes the world’s cold storage systems more efficient. ChargePoint is one of the largest networks of electric vehicle charging stations in North America and Europe.GridPoint is an established innovator in energy management solutions based in Washington DC.

Our Energy & Utilities Software Development Services

Our software development services for energy companies helped them build and ship both internal and customer-facing software that had a significant impact on their operations, secure investments and unlock new revenue streams.
Utilities Management Software

Utilities Management Software

Custom-built applications for monitoring, measuring and managing energy consumption, be it individual users or large enterprises.
Energy IoT Devices

Energy IoT Devices

Embedded software, firmware and middleware for IoT devices in Energy: smart switches, home appliances, trackers, sensors, etc.
Advanced Energy Data Analytics

Advanced Energy Data Analytics

Efficient solutions for energy data mining, processing and analytics, predictive maintenance and forecasting, anomaly detection algorithms and smart ongoing security analytics
SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems

Delivering scalable and high-performing SCADA systems to collect, store and analyze data from energy devices in real-time, across a variety of parameters, both on-site and remotely.
Smart Grid Optimization

Smart Grid Optimization

Software development, maintenance and optimization for smart grids – automated power delivery networks, to ensure efficient functioning and seamless data transmission.
Customer-Facing Applications

Customer-Facing Applications

We do app development for the energy and utilities industry, creating user friendly web or mobile apps with intuitive interfaces, easy navigation and tons of useful features for energy consumption control.
Cloud Infrastructure & Consulting

Cloud Infrastructure & Consulting

Setup, integration, and migration of existing systems to cloud, security testing and optimization, scalability and performance planning, Devops integration.
Billing & Finance Solutions

Billing & Finance Solutions

Fast and responsive billing and payments solutions for Energy management companies, working with modern and secure payments methods.
Custom CRM & ERP Systems

Custom CRM & ERP Systems

Custom CRM and ERP systems development, tailored to each company’s needs in managing users, data, documentation, etc.

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Looking For Energy Software Development Experts?

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Portfolio: Energy Management Applications

Web App for the Renewable Energy Startup

Web App for the Renewable Energy Startup

Waverley’s dedicated team of back-end engineers created a web-based renewables management software for Sungrade Solar. Sungrade Solar is а ​​renewable energy startup, committed to helping save the earth through solar power while helping users save money, and reducing their carbon footprint. Our specialists are working on a user-friendly web application to make the customers’ journey easy from the stage of consultation to the installation.

Innovate Your Energy and Utilities Company with Waverley

A Smart Energy Management Systems Can Positively Transform Your Business

The software we create has helped energy producers and distributors to:

Optimize their resource consumption

Simplify billing & accounting

Delight their customers with intuitive user experience

Increase software security and resilience

Streamline document processing and data analytics

Boost their sustainability with intelligent automation

Client Reviews

Their staff is knowledgeable, open to feedback, and intelligent. They were a great addition to the project and team.

– Romani Pauli
Director of Software Engineering, Holu Hou

The Waverley team worked to understand our business comprehensively so that they could interpret our requirements with little guidance, and propose small improvements as they identified them.

– Product Manager

Why Choose Waverley for Energy Software Development?

Why Choose Waverley for Energy Software Development?

Extensive Industry Experience

For years now we’ve been doing outsourced software development for energy companies working with solar, wind, steam and other sustainable types of power. We’ve become a technology advisor for both aspiring startups disrupting the energy space and leaders in Energy & Utilities.

Proven Security & IP Protection

An experienced energy management software development company, we know the necessary industry regulations to comply with. An ISO 27001 certified company, we make sure your IP and your users’ data is safe with us. We also follow OWASP secure coding practices to deliver secure code.

Guaranteed High ROI

By outsourcing your custom energy management software development to Waverley you will receive high-value future-proof systems for your business. We will work with your team to ensure the utmost efficiency across the whole software development lifecycle.

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Why start building energy management software?

An advanced energy management system can become a gamechanger for your business, helping you automate manual operations, get a better grasp of your data, free up some of your employees’ time for more strategic tasks, save on operating costs and much more. We can automate various aspects of your energy business, from device data processing, meter monitoring, consumption tracking, to billing, CRM, handling customer queries, etc.

How do you develop an energy management system?

We usually start by learning as much as possible about your business and the issues that you plan to solve with the required software product. After we have the initial understanding of the system functionality and scope, our architects proceed with designing the future product and creating a development roadmap with milestones and estimates, as well as the expected team composition. If needed, we help you create the use cases and business logic, as well as craft the user experience. After receiving the wireframes and prototypes, our dev team starts the development process. We have all the necessary experts in-house for a seamless product development process: from front-end and back-end engineers to AI specialists, QA engineers, BI consultants, etc. We provide all the necessary support across the whole SDLC, as well as post-production maintenance and updates.

What are energy management systems?

An energy management system is a software product capable of collecting, storing, analyzing the energy-related data (consumption, trading, etc.) as well as allowing to control and manage various aspects of the energy value chain (utility bill tracking, meter data aggregation, lighting and heating control in a building, etc.). The goal of such systems is to measure energy consumption in buildings and other facilities, promote sustainable energy consumption, detect potential outages, etc.

How much does an energy management system cost?

The cost of energy management software depends on many factors. The cheapest option is to go with out-of-the-box functionality of various SaaS systems in the market. If those are too rigid and limited in functionality for your organization, we can help you build a custom-tailored system that fits your needs, process and data. Depending on the timelines, complexity and seniority of the team you wish to work with at Waverley’s side, the cost of developing such a system can start at ±$100,000, or even lower if you’re looking for PoC/MVP to show to your stakeholders or investors. To get a more detailed estimate, please use the contact form on this page to provide our Business Development team with more details about your project.

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