May 1, 2019

Waverley UI/UX Digest #5

Prepared by Kate Pasichnyuk, Learn UI/UX Designer @ Waverley Design Framework Methods Human-centered design is a practical, repeatable approach to arriving at innovative solutions. Think of these Methods as a step-by-step guide to unleashing your creativity, putting the people you serve at the center of your design process to come up with new answers to…

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April 22, 2019

Reforming the CTO Function at Waverley: Why and How

Why Waverley chose to have more than one CTO and what came out of it A recap of the interview Waverley gave to the ITID magazine (March edition)   Professional development and growth have always been among the core values at Waverley Software. With engineers in Ukraine and Vietnam regularly leveraging learning opportunities to keep…

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April 19, 2019

Waverley TechBreakfast #5: Going Big with MobX

On April 16th, the Waverley Lviv office hosted a traditional TechBreakfast event. This time, the event focused on JavaScript and gathered mostly front-end engineers. Our guest speaker from the Kharkiv office, Sergey Kostyrko, Senior JavaScript Engineer and JavaScript Competence Lead at Waverley, shared his experience with MobX in a presentation entitled “Going Big with MobX”….

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April 1, 2019

Waverley UI/UX Digest #4

Prepared by Kate Pasichnyuk, Lead UI/UX Designer @ Waverley Portfolio Most UX Design Portfolios Suck An article about UX portfolios and what can go wrong. The main idea: Every design problem will have a different design process. It should be graved in gold letters! The most important part of your portfolio is not WHAT you…

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March 25, 2019

Top Secrets of The Efficient Test Data Preparation

By Anatolii Kryvda, Senior Java Developer @ Waverley Contents Introduction The Value of Integration Testing Redundancy in Action Negative Outcomes of Redundancy Tests Are Simpler Than You Think Randomness and Minimalism Entity Factory Solution RandomUtils EnityHelper EntityFactory Entity Factory in Action How to Protect Simplicity and Localize Complexity Is Randomness Reliable? Any Word About Third…

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