Penetration Testing Services

A cybersecurity consulting company, we help enterprises detect vulnerabilities in their software systems. We are also a full-cycle technology engineering company so we can help you fix the problem and vastly reduce the risk of a security breach.

From Security Assessments to Issues Handling: Our Services

We follow cybersecurity guidelines throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We also provide businesses with standalone managed cybersecurity solutions and services.

  • 1. IT Security Audit

    Full Infrastructure review and audit, information security assessment, compliance for ISO, GDPR compliance management services.

  • 2. Penetration Testing Services

    We provide expertise in black box, white box testing, social engineering, and Red Team penetration testing services for your software system.

  • 3. Cybersecurity Consulting Services

    Overview and analysis of the current security state, identifying security objectives and devising a security management strategy.

  • 4. DOS/DDOS Protection

    Network security services and solutions, comprehensive advisory preventive measures, network attack mitigation, and threat response management.

  • 5. Vulnerability Scanning

    Search for vulnerabilities and potential threats in your software product architecture and access controls, continuous threat monitoring, and risk assessment.

  • 6. Incident Response

    Timely response to security breaches, malware assessment, minimizing damages and ensuring a fast recovery.

  • 7. Migration to the Cloud

    Migration of your legacy applications to the cloud and securing hybrid cloud environments.

  • 8. Ensuring Application Security

    Static and dynamic software source code analysis, application access management, security solutions integration in SDLC.

  • 9. Big Data Analytics

    Development, integration, and management of big data security analytics in your business process.

Success Stories

See how our cybersecurity consultants have helped businesses understand the risks, protect their critical data and sensitive content, prevent phishing and identity frauds, meet the technical compliance standards and ensure business continuity.

Security Consulting for a Global Telecom Vendor

By means of external penetration testing, WiFi penetration tests, vulnerability scanning and a targeted social engineering attack, a team of Waverley cybersecurity experts helped the leading Telecom provider protect their sensitive information from industry competitors and raise the overall level of security awareness among their employees.

Penetration Testing and Compliance Assessment for FinTech

Our cybersecurity specialists worked with a company in the financial industry to ensure their security system meets compliance standards for ISO and AICPA. In addition to the assessment report, we advised our client to obtain the necessary protection of intellectual property external services from cyber-attacks.

Certified Cybersecurity Professionals

Security Awareness Program for Enterprises

Raise your team’s security intelligence with our cybersecurity education program for enterprises. A team of seasoned cybersecurity practitioners will handle the security training of your personnel. We will make sure your employees are aware of the potential threats and risks and trained on the best response in case of a security violation. Based on a combination of proprietary tools and methods, gamification elements and competitions, our program goes far beyond the standard security training procedures.

Why Waverley

Partner with top Ukrainian white hat hackers to design and build your defense. Improve your organization’s digital security posture. Rapidly detect risks and increase your resilience to attack with our senior cybersecurity experts.

Seasoned Team

With versatile industry experience (Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare, Telecom, Agro, etc.), our team knows the ins and outs of information security.

24/7/365 Support

You can contact our Security Operations Center any time. We provide unparalleled round-the-clock support, continuous monitoring, risk management consulting, security insights and analytics.

Cost Efficiency

With your best interests at heart, we will act as your exclusive managed IT Security department, reducing your compliance costs and incident response damage.

Best-In-Class Tools

In our work, we use only top-notch technology, frameworks and methodologies so our customers benefit from the latest advances in cybersecurity.

One Step Ahead

We help organizations plan their strategic security activities to stay ahead of the fraudsters by thinking forward. When it comes to security, we accept no compromises.

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