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Waverley is an international software development and AWS cloud consulting company uniting a global team of technology professionals across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to ensure top-quality service, competence, and resource efficiency.
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Opt for the collaboration mode that fits your exact needs.

AWS Cloud Product Development

AWS Cloud Product Development

Hire an entire team of AWS professionals to build your cloud-native web and mobile solutions from scratch.

Standalone AWS Cloud Services

Standalone AWS Cloud Services

Count on Waverley to help you cover a specific expertise gap, a narrow AWS service offering, or a part of your cloud system.

AWS Infrastructure Optimization

AWS Infrastructure Optimization

Retain us as your third-party AWS expert to audit and refine your cloud configurations and improve the use of resources.

Our AWS Consulting Services

Waverley incorporates the features of an ​​AWS consulting company and a cloud development vendor to provide all-inclusive service delivery.
AWS Consulting Services

AWS Consulting Services

Prepare your business for AWS cloud adoption, migration to the cloud, or resource and cost optimization of your existing cloud infrastructure. Our consultants will help you gain a better understanding of your actual needs so you don’t waste time or resources.
AWS Migration Services

AWS Migration Services

Make the AWS cloud migration of your computing, development, database, object storage, and networking enjoyable with a careful assessment, tailored implementation strategy, excellent execution, and short-to-none downtime to your business.
Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Upgrade your on-prem legacy systems by incorporating the power and opportunities of the cloud into your digital infrastructure. We’ll set up and manage your hybrid cloud architecture and configurations so you can capitalize on the benefits of PaaS and IaaS from AWS.
Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Ensure the availability, scalability, and performance of your cloud infrastructure. We will set up, monitor, and maintain your AWS cloud environment using the best methods and tools for efficient administration and management to secure smooth and efficient operations.
AWS Cloud Application Development

AWS Cloud Application Development

Leverage our expertise as an AWS development company to create cloud-native and cloud-based apps that are scalable and flexible. Plus, with microservices architecture, containerization, serverless computing, and extensive automation you’ll enjoy fast delivery.
DevOps Services

DevOps Services

Adopt the best practices of cloud-native approach to build and maintain your software. We will set up your CI/CD pipeline on AWS and implement your Infrastructure-as-Code to reach the ultimate operations automation and speed up the SDLC.
Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Optimize the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure and expenses. We’ll monitor and fine-tune your systems to identify underused resources, balance load, and assess future needs. Use Amazon Cloud Services for setting up data warehousing for BI and analytics to make informed business decisions, accurate TOC forecasting, or better assess your ROI.
Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Services

Make sure your AWS infrastructure is breach-proof and compliant with your domain-specific security standards. Our specialists provide secure network architecture, continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities, timely patches and updates, and penetration testing for your AWS cloud.

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  • Project Assessment
  • Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • Cloud System Setup
  • Iterative Migration/ Development
  • Security and Compliance Management
  • Support and Maintenance

Project Assessment

– Identify problems/desired outcomes
– Develop a business case, define the scope
– Estimate risks, costs
– Select the tooling and approach
– Present anticipated ROI

Project Assessment


– Develop the cloud adoption/migration strategy
– Create the implementation plan
– Create the knowledge base including the tech stack selection, architecture, requirements, user access
– Build the baseline environment
– Create the business process maps and identify the process owners
– Draw application dependency graphs


Architecture Design

– Set up the cloud infrastructure
– Set up the AWS hosting
– Select the data storage
– Design the application/redesign legacy systems following the cloud-native principles

Architecture Design

Cloud System Setup

– Set up the required cloud system configurations and development environments
– Transfer the data to the cloud, check the data quality
– Adopt the cloud operating model
– Test and validate the cloud operations
– Write and implement process automation scripts

Cloud System Setup

Iterative Migration/ Development

– Set up DevOps (containerization of microservices, orchestration, CI/CD)
– Migrate/set up APIs and application dependencies
– Update configurations
– Document changes and processes
– Test and validate the cloud application functionality and performance
– Transfer knowledge to the customer’s team

Iterative Migration/ Development

Security and Compliance Management

– Develop and implement required security policies
– Check for compliance with data and security standards (including HIPPA, GDPR, ISO27001, PCI DSS, NIST800)
– Security monitoring, intrusion detection, vulnerability scans
– Penetration testing

Security and Compliance Management

Support and Maintenance

– Set up cloud system and application monitoring workflow
– Optimize cloud systems when needed
– Ensure the conditions for high availability
– Incident management and issue resolving
– Regular backups

Support and Maintenance

Technologies and Tools

Waverley experts can assist you to navigate the entire Amazon Web Services Suite with our AWS cloud consulting services.

Setup & Monitoring

  • CloudWatch
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon SQS
  • Event Bridge
  • AWS Auto Scaling
  • Cloud Formation
  • Cloud Trail
  • AWS Config

Computing & Storage

  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Storage Gateway
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
  • EFS
  • EKS
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service
  • AWS Lambda

Database Management

  • Amazon RDS
  • Redshift
  • Elastic Cache
  • Aurora
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Neptune

Networking & Security

  • Amazon Route 53
  • VPC
  • Amazon Direct Connect
  • IAM
  • Cognito
  • WAF
  • Inspector
  • Guard Duty
  • KMS
  • Certificate Manager


  • Amazon ECR
  • Amazon EKS
  • CodeArtifact
  • CodeBuild
  • CodeDeploy
  • Codepipeline

AWS Services

  • Application Integration
  • Migration and Transfer
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Security, Identity, and Compliance
  • Mobile Services
  • Management and Governance
  • AppSync
  • DeepLens
  • Serverless App Model
  • API Gateway

Why Choose Waverley For AWS Cloud Consulting Services?

Tech Expertise

Tech Expertise

Waverley provides certified, experienced cloud consulting experts to deal with your AWS infrastructure, cloud migration, cloud app development, or DevOps.

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

On a case-by-case basis, our AWS consulting services focus on delivering optimal solutions cost- and time-wise. We achiev this with a thorough assessment and tailored proposal.

Data-driven Approach

Data-driven Approach

During the project development phase, we monitor the changes we drive in your apps and systems in order to make timely and effective adjustments.

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AWS Consulting Case Studies

Find out about products and businesses that have benefited from AWS cloud consulting services delivered by Waverley.

Client Reviews

Here’s what Waverley’s customers say about our AWS cloud consulting company.

Waverley provided qualified engineers and I’ve enjoyed talking with them. They’re able to solve most of my difficulties. If they don’t know the solution, they’ll investigate it, which I really appreciate.

– Andriy Petlovanyy
Head of Software, The Shadow Robot Company

Waverley is the first positive experience I’ve had with outsourcing. I’ve had other experiences that were okay, but this is the first that’s positive. The guys on my team are really something special.

– Rich Sadowsky
Head of Server Development, Jibo

Our project team from Waverley stays consistent, dedicated, professional, and always positive.

– Melanie Zacks
Product Manager, Freeman Company

5 Reasons to Opt for Amazon Web Services

5 Reasons to Opt for Amazon Web Services

Global Scale

AWS is currently the top cloud provider in the market with a cloud computing environment covering service regions and availability zones in 245 countries across the globe – more than its major competitors GCP, Azure, and IBM cloud have to offer.

Service Diversity

AWS provides over 200 fully-featured solutions and services to satisfy the various needs of businesses of any domain and size, from startups to enterprises. This means you have extensive customization opportunities that allow you to build a tailored cloud infrastructure.

Pricing Policy

Although AWS is not the cheapest option on the cloud computing market, Amazon gives new and existing customers the opportunity to understand what exactly they need free of charge with AWS free-tier offers. Also, flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models and Spot Instances allow cloud users to save even more by planning their resource usage wisely.

Ultimate Security

AWS vouches for the high-grade security of its customers’ data and cloud infrastructure, providing network inspection, threat detection, automatic encryption, thorough analytics, access control, and other security practices that ensure its reliability as a cloud vendor.

Incredible Performance

Amazon Web Services provides features to ensure high availability of the cloud infrastructure such as web server autoscaling or Multi AZ for Amazon RDS. The High Performance Computing services suite secures fast networking and infinite scaling. AWS DevOps tools can reduce deployment time to literally minutes.

Stay Ahead in Your Industry with AWS

Waverley experts will help you leverage the power of Amazon Web Services to match the specific needs of your product focus and domain.


The greatest variety of cloud services and solutions for assembly line, supply chain, logistics, sustainable production, and comprehensive automation.


Improved in-store and online shopping experience, customer engagement and loyalty, data-driven marketing and planning.


Storage and computing for complex energy operations, secure and energy sector-compliant infrastructure, high data availability, latest tech.


Faster-to-market innovation, secure and available health records, metrics reporting, medical research, patient-clinician communication.

Media and Entertainment

Reliable content production and storage, low-latency broadcasting and streaming, ML-based solutions for content promotion and recommendations.


Solutions for quick service scalability, low-latency connectivity, software-defined networks, capabilities of edge computing.


Robot integration, orchestration, and state monitoring; robotic simulations for automation, testing, and learning models with AWS products.


Collection, storage, and processing of data from wearables, Smart Home systems, and other connected devices of personal and business use.


Personalized learning experiences, broad service availability, cross-platform solutions, easy scaling, extensive tooling.


Legacy system modernization, game-changing innovation, strict security and compliance along with information availability and accessibility.

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What makes AWS different from other clouds?

Currently AWS offers its coverage in 30 Regions, which include 96 availability zones in total, providing more than 400 points of presence and a range of over 200 cloud services for a multitude of industries and use cases. This makes Amazon Web Services available in 245 countries and territories, overcoming its major competitors Azure, GCP, and IBM. Launched in 2006, Amazon was an early player and is today’s most experienced player in the cloud services market.

What are cloud consulting services?

Cloud consulting is a service that offers businesses the expertise needed to set up, manage, and monitor their cloud computing and infrastructure. This includes consulting for both cloud-based customers and those just planning to adopt the cloud. Some examples of cloud consulting services are: review of used and underused resources for cost optimazation, ROI and TOC forecasting for cloud adopters, system architecture design and validation, auto-scaling setup, regular review and reporting on system performance and security, incident handling and query resolution, backup and disaster recovery.

How can Amazon Web Services consultants help my company?

With expert AWS consulting, it is possible to find a solution for any company size – a startup, SME, or big enterprise. AWS consulting services will look different depending on the size of your company, its needs, cloud status, and a variety of other factors. 

For example, if you are a startup, Waverley can help you validate your idea, assess your technical requirements, provide an estimation of resources, timeframes, and budget necessary to kick off your project on the AWS cloud. We can also consult or guide your team on prototyping and MVP creation using the Amazon Web Services and AWS cloud infrastructure, starting with the basics of creating an Amazon account to full cloud-native infrastructure implementation and application deployment.

For established SMEs or enterprises considering cloud migration, Waverley starts off with a readiness assessment, needs and risks evaluation, identifying the expected outcomes, and outlining an AWS cloud implementation strategy based on our findings. Then we help you design and build your AWS cloud architecture from the ground up, configure it the right way, set up DevOps, and adopt the best cloud-native practices. Our AWS consultants prepare your data and systems for migration, schedule downtimes, and conduct iterative transition. Our specialists arrange knowledge transfers for your in-house team or continue to maintain and support your existing AWS cloud systems and applications.

If your business has already embraced the benefits of AWS cloud, Waverley can help you optimize spending on your existing infrastructure, adjust it to your specific needs, and re-arrange underused resources. With our AWS cloud consulting, you can also check and improve security and compliance, pick and set up the right AWS cloud administration and monitoring tools. 

In any use case, the best way to find a tailored solution is to order an AWS consultation for your company.

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