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Looking for a React JS development company that can meet your quality expectations? Waverley’s React development team can tackle any scale project on any continent, in any time zone, on your timeline.
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Pick Your React Development Model

With Waverley, you can choose the engagement model that works best for your software development needs.

Dedicated React Development Team

Dedicated React Development Team

Outsource React development to our team of software engineers working on a specific part of your project.

Enterprise React Development

Enterprise React Development

Quickly build a global team of 3-100 React developers and other tech specialists to create a large-scale system.

React-based Product Development

React-based Product Development

Order full-cycle React development services to build your software product from scratch or transfer your existing software development.

React JS Development Services We Offer

Waverley is a React.js software development company that can satisfy a wide array of customer needs for versatile React development services.
Web App Development

Web App Development

Our React.js developers build robust web applications, portals, and websites with rich functionality and impeccable performance.
UI/UX design

UI/UX design

Using React JS, we design and create beautiful, functional, dynamic user interfaces and webpage layouts.
React Migration

React Migration

Waverley’s React JS developers help you move your web applications and websites to the React platform, preserving their essence and improving the feel.
Plugin Development

Plugin Development

Our React JS developers customize your web applications or create your cross-browser add-ons for third-party integrations.
Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Waverley will help you create cross-platform web applications to provide similar experience to your desktop and mobile users.
React Native Development

React Native Development

Call on us for React Native app development services to create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, or Windows.
MVP and Prototyping

MVP and Prototyping

From ideation to concept validation, our development team will accompany your fresh React project all along.
Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Our global team can guarantee omniscient 24/7 support as well as long-lasting React JS maintenance for our and adopted products.
Audit and Consulting

Audit and Consulting

Get fine-grade technical consulting services, peer review, or independent project audit from Waverley as your third-party React development company.
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Benefits of Using React JS

Why opt for React JS development services for your project?
Benefits of Using React JS

Code usability

React JS is an easy-to-learn and flexible JavaScript library for web app development that which can be quickly adopted by an expert JS developer and utilized in multiple ways.

Modular structure

Due to its reusable components and building blocks, web application creation and React JS maintenance is time-saving, fail-proof, and cost-efficient.

High performance

React’s virtual DOM and server-side rendering help create fast, complex web applications with rich and dynamic user interfaces.


Use React.JS to build cross-platform web and mobile apps. Or, for native app development, use React Native–it actually feels like working with React!

Our React JS Development Process

Based on our experience, a well-organized software development process is key to the project success.
So how does our React development team work?
Project Analysis

Project Analysis

Our Business Analysts, System Architects, and Competence Leads analyze your product idea, requirements, and business potential, identifying ways and technologies to implement your solution.
Estimation and Proposal

Estimation and Proposal

If our solution design works for you, we conduct the timeline and cost estimation and provide you with a detailed Project Proposal and Service Provision Agreement to sign.
Team Assembly

Team Assembly

Upon the conclusion of the Agreement, we select and hire software development professionals to match your product needs and our Project Proposal specifications.
Active Development

Active Development

We follow the best practices of software development services delivery, including Agile project management, CI/CD, frequent code reviews, code quality control, test-driven development, regular communication, etc.
Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

As a React software development company, we take full responsibility for the quality of the products we create using React JS, maintaining and supporting our systems.

Our React JS Development Cases

Discover some great products we’ve been providing React development services for.

Our Tech Stack

Waverley’s React development team consists of experts with deep expertise
in the entire JavaScript ecosystem providing top software development services.

Web App Development

  • React JS 
  • Next JS 
  • Gatsby

Mobile Apps

  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Expo

Desktop Apps

  • Electron

Full-stack Development

  • NodeJS
  • MeteorJS
  • NestJS
  • ExpressJS

React Libraries

  • Redux
  • MobX
  • React Context
  • Webpack
  • Rollup
  • Parcel
  • Gulp
  • Babel
  • ESlint


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

Other Technologies

  • ES6+
  • TypeScript

Why Choose Waverley for React JS Application Development?

Our tech team stands above our competition in the software development services due to its unparalleled characteristics.

Code Quality

Code Quality

Our coders guarantee that your mobile or web application code is clean, bug-free, and well-documented, following the industry and our React development company standards.

Project Management

Project Management

Our certified PMs and Scrum Masters make sure the software development process runs smoothly and keeps the tech team well-informed, motivated, and easy to communicate with.



Our software development company is ISO27001-certified, granting you the additional confidence in the security of the React JS development services you entrust to us.

Industries We Serve

With us as your React development company, you are certain to have both reliable React JS developers and trustworthy domain experts by your side.

E-Commerce and Retail

Create your own online stores and payment solutions with SEO-friendly, engaging, and dynamic user interfaces.


Develop feature-rich and high-performing media portals, social networks, streaming platforms, etc.


Disrupt your industry service standards through the digital transformation of your business operations.

Data Science

Pack your innovative solutions into functional and user-friendly UI/UX designs.

Healthcare and Fitness

Deliver accessible, highly functional management and monitoring web applications for both healthcare providers and patients.


Ensure smooth travel experience with web and mobile apps for e-booking, tracking, travel safety, etc.


Drive educational revolution with immersive learning portals, engaging streaming platforms, and interactive web apps.


Utilize the power of software development services to streamline, automate, and modernize your production line.


What is the cost of developing a React JS Project?

The cost of software development services hinges on the type of software you want to develop, collateral technologies to be used, system complexity, the level of involved tech team members, and a number of other factors. You can find out our React development company’s rates; just provide some information about your project using the form below.

What is React JS good for?

React JS  is a straightforward, flexible JavaScript library used for front-end development. It works beautifully for companies that want to develop clear, functional, dynamic user interfaces for single-page web applications, web portals, websites as well as mobile apps. We recommend opting for React JS web development to build:

  • Personal or corporate blogs
  • Chat and community apps
  • Social Networks (React is powered by Facebook, in fact)
  • Online stores
  • Finance apps
  • CMS platforms
  • Streaming platforms
  • News portals
  • e-Learning portals
  • Booking apps
Can you build mobile apps using React JS?

React JS can be used to build progressive web apps that are cross-browser and cross-platform, providing a native-app look and feel when used on mobile devices. In addition, with React Native app development, we can create native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. React Native is adapted for a variety of OS, including desktop OS, TVs OS, and even Virtual Reality apps, bridging React JS and native controllers and making React Native apps just as fast as native applications.

How can my project benefit from React development?

First, software development with React JS is fast and efficient, which allows you to quickly build, test, and push your first product version or MVP to the market. Second, React is a flexible JavaScript library that allows you to combine different technologies and customize your product. Finally, React is relatively plain and easy for software developers, making React-powered apps fail-proof, maintainable, and scalable.

How soon can I have my React development team ready to start?

Having delivered React development services to a variety of clients, we can say that the team onboarding period typically takes several days to a month, depending on your project scale and location. React JS is a popular technology with a mild learning curve, allowing us to tailor your development team’s composition to your individual project needs. 

Does your software development company guarantee the quality of services?

Waverley is a veteran in the IT industry, with three decades of software development experience. Our CTO office is dedicated to maintaining programming, testing, and project management excellence. Two-thirds of our tech team are tier Senior and higher and hold multiple professional certifications and acknowledgements. Also, our React JS development company boasts a 4.9 Clutch rating based on our clients’ reviews and Top 15 Software Development Global ranking in the year 2022. 

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