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A JavaScript Development Company with three decades of custom software development experience, Waverley is your trusted nearshore business partner in creating powerful, reliable, and scalable software solutions with JavaScript frameworks and libraries.
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Some of Our Customers

Jibo is a Robotics startup from Boston famous for creating the first social robot for the home.Freeman is the company providing event service and event management worldwide.GameChanger is a nonprofit that benefits sick kids and the environment by using proceeds from the re-sale of donated materials to financially support children and families suffering from cancer. AgUnity is a philanthropic venture applying blockchain to improve the lives of smallholder farmers.Oji Life Lab is a digital learning system that helps individuals and teams thrive, gaining essential emotional and soft skills for work and life.YouSendIt (Hightail) is a startup offering a cloud service for file exchange and management.Addus is a healthcare corporation from Chicago providing homecare services all over the US.Sling is a startup from NY developing shift scheduling and communications software.Reprise is a startup, creating marketing live and guided demo experiences.Abbot Labs is a Healthcare company dealing in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics.

Choose the Optimal Engagement Model

As a custom software development company, Waverley is very flexible in terms of engagement models, but these 3 have proven to be the most efficient.

Dedicated JavaScript Team

Dedicated JavaScript Team

We assemble a dedicated JavaScript development team to extend your in-house product team.

On-Demand JS Development

On-Demand JS Development

We provide JavaScript developers who can fill in the internal expertise gaps of your local job market.

Custom Product JS Development

Custom Product JS Development

We deliver full-cycle app development services while building your JavaScript applications.

What We Do: Custom JavaScript Development Services

The Waverley team delivers high-grade JavaScript development services covering a multitude of business needs and requests.
JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript Web Development

As a top-class web application development company, we create a variety of web solutions that are functional, customizable, and scalable using a multitude of JavaScript frameworks.
UI/UX JavaScript Solutions

UI/UX JavaScript Solutions

Having JavaScript web development at hand, we can complement any desktop, web, or mobile app development with beautiful, practical, user-friendly, responsive, and interactive website design.
Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Services

Waverley JavaScript developers leverage the powerful JavaScript frameworks for iOS and Android app development, especially for the development of cross-platform mobile applications.
Server-Side JavaScript Development Services

Server-Side JavaScript Development Services

The NodeJS runtime environment broadens the development horizons for Waverley’s JavaScript programmers, giving the opportunity for JavaScript application development on the back end, server app development, and web server development.
JavaScript Development for Graphics

JavaScript Development for Graphics

Leverage the strongest side of JavaScript web development to supplement your applications and website design with two and three-dimensional graphic elements, create website-like presentations, or build graphic content editors.
Prototyping with JavaScript Developers

Prototyping with JavaScript Developers

With JavaScript being a scripting language, you can easily do quick prototyping prior to ordering full-scale software development services, or get your development team to start the project with an R&D phase.

JavaScript Development Company with Solid Expertise

Experts in JavaScript development services, we make the best use of the JavaScript frameworks and libraries for your solutions.


  • TypeScript


  • D3
  • Pixi.js
  • Three.js
  • Babylon


  • React Native
  • Ionic

User Interface

  • MaterialUI

Testing and Debugging

  • Mocha
  • ESLint
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • TestCafe
  • Nightwatch

Front End

  • Angular
  • VueJS
  • ReactJS
  • EmberJS
  • ExtJS
  • NextJS

Back End

  • NodeJS
  • NestJS
  • MeteorJS
  • ExpressJS


  • BackboneJS
  • jQuery
  • TensorFlow.js

Success Stories: Our JavaScript Software Development Cases

We partner with businesses globally, delivering app development services of different scale and purpose sharing one common feature – high quality.

Why Hire Top JavaScript Developers at Waverley

We are an award-winning software development company known for our top-notch engineers, solid innovation culture and effective transparent communication.


senior engineers on the team


client partnerships longer than 1 year


chance that we’ve worked with your technology stack

40 / 60

enterprise-level clients vs. startups

Our Domains

JavaScript development services for technology applications across industries, meeting the international standards as well as business requirements.


Develop online shops and marketplaces with the endless possibilities of JavaScript web development.


JavaScript web application development for powerful and scalable web portals and platforms for online training courses, lectures, webinars.


Reliable web and mobile solutions for patient care, medical record management, appointment scheduling, and more.


Custom software development of embedded systems for hardware and supporting applications for web and mobile.


Solutions for wearables, smart home devices, industrial IoT, and fleet management with JavaScript development services.


JavaScript app development services to implement practical design and secure architecture in solutions for banking and finance.


Upgrade your legacy applications in JavaScript or develop a completely new system with JavaScript web application development services.


The power of custom development with JavaScript tamed to design interactive and engaging learning, gaming, and media platforms.

Which JavaScript framework and library to choose?

As a JavaScript development company with rich experience, we can consult you at any project stage, helping you understand the pros and cons of each technical decision.



A JavaScript framework for front-end development, that works best for cross-browser web app development, progressive web apps, and large-scale, high-performance applications.



A progressive JavaScript framework favored for being powerful, lightweight, and easy to learn. It is mostly used in building user interfaces and single-page web applications in JavaScript.



A Node.js framework that supports TypeScript and is used for building the back end of applications that are easy to maintain and scale. Developers value its efficiency and extensibility in JS web development.

React Native

React Native

A framework for building native iOS and Android mobile apps with JavaScript. It brings the benefits of React.js into the UI development, along with the native look and feel of the mobile applications.



A JavaScript framework for full-stack app development written in Node.js. It allows developers to build cross-platform (web, mobile, desktop) applications and is the best choice for quick prototyping.



An easy-to-learn JavaScript library for creating rich and interactive UIs. Used for front-end JavaScript development, it provides fast rendering and the opportunity to build custom components, thus enhancing the developer’s productivity.



A library designed to simplify JavaScript software development. It streamlines the creation of animations, plug-ins, advanced effects, widgets on websites, and facilitates the building of dynamic web applications.



A JavaScript library allowing to effectively combine UI development and JavaScript to create interactive data visualizations directly in a web browser. It provides a greater level of control over a web page layout by directly binding your data with the Document Object Model.



A cross-browser, high-level JavaScript library for development with JavaScript allowing you to create animated 3D computer graphics on your web pages. In conjunction with WebGL, 3D animations are built without being dependent on proprietary browser plug-ins.

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