Software Testing

Waverley’s quality assurance and software testing services help companies around the world build quality products. We conduct QA audits, provide standalone software QA, manual testing, and test automation services using agile testing methodology.



At Waverley, we design our own testing tools; provide various types of software testing; write test documentation including test plans, checklists and test cases; monitor quality metrics and conduct data analytics.

  • 1. Manual Testing

    Applied to any stage of your project, our manual testing and QA services adhere to the highest industry standards and requirements, resorting to a variety of techniques and types of software testing.

  • 2. Automation Testing Solutions

    We develop test automation tools and design test cases for mobile, web, and desktop apps to dramatically reduce the cost of regression testing by automating the most expensive test scenarios.

  • 3. Firmware / Hardware Testing

    We have extensive experience working with a number of IoT devices, such as boards, sensors, and wearables, and can test to ensure the quality of hardware, firmware and middleware.

  • 4. Web & Mobile Testing

    Web and mobile app testing will give you confidence in your app’s quality and provide valuable insight into user experience.

  • 5. Server-Side Testing

    When testing software, we also offer load, stress, and performane testing services to build reliable, fault-tolerant systems.

  • 6. Security Testing

    We perform thorough software and network security audits—both client-side and server-side—, to identify and report all bugs and vulnerabilities.


Below are some favorite go-to testing software and tools we use in the QA process and throughout the entire development lifecycle, from component to acceptance testing, in our automated testing, bug tracking, and software testing and quality assurance analytics.

Domains We Work With

With Waverley as your QA company, you not only get the benefit of independent software testing services, you also get the pleasure of working with a team that has a strong domain focus.


Extensive experience ensuring the quality of robotics products, server-side, functional testing and mobile testing for personal robotic assistants.

IoT & Smart Home

Bug detection, reporting, and prevention, automated and manual testing of hardware, software and firmware on a wide range of devices, usability testing of IoT apps.


Testing the performance of medical equipment and fitness devices for requirements compliance to ensure the quality of healthcare-related applications.


App testing for Fintech (manual and automated), testing the functionality of payment and trading platforms and blockchain solutions in line with the most recent requirements.


Testing platforms for eCommerce and Retail, quality assurance and bug tracking for vast enterprise business applications with highly complex functionality.


Web and mobile social application testing: social media platforms, communication and collaboration tools and messaging products.

Why Waverley

Why choose Waverley’s software quality assurance services?
Here’s how we stand out among the software testing companies.

Seasoned Team

63% of our engineering staff are senior specialists with vast domain backgrounds. 20% of team members have PhDs.

Proven Track-Record

Throughout our almost three decades of experience, we have worked with startups and multinational Fortune 500 companies. 80% of our client partnerships last more than 1 year.

High Flexibility

Access to top talent in the US, Ukraine, and Vietnam, allows us to rapidly launch a testing team (~2 weeks), and easily scale up or down when necessary.

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