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We are an experienced Node.js app development company helping businesses go to market faster, innovate and create mission-critical software solutions with award-winning software engineers by their side.
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Why Use Node.js

As an enterprise software development firm, we have first-hand knowledge of the best ways to utilize Node.js advantages for efficient app and web development, delivery and optimal user experience.
Why Use Node.js


Using Node.js development services helps your company escalate due to this tool’s event-driven architecture: it is able to manage various connections with little resources.


Node.js ensures versatility since its single-threaded architecture lessens the hassle of launching and managing threads, making it possible to handle a huge volume of requests quickly.


Let’s set up Node.js from other environments. The fact that it offers a sizable ecosystem of libraries and modules that integrate seamlessly into your apps gives developers efficiency and speed.


Node.js architecture is asynchronous and non-blocking because it is built on an event-driven design that facilitates the processing of several requests concurrently.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Node.js may be utilized on many different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, due to its high degree of portability.

Our Node.js Services

We are a Node.js web development company with a dedicated team who is up for the challenge to meet your needs and expectations and build a future-proof high-performing Node.js application.
Node.js Migration and Modernization

Node.js Migration and Modernization

Our team will help you migrate your present infrastructure and codebase and you modernize your apps architecture by implementing serverless computing and containerization.
Node.js API Development

Node.js API Development

We offer a full API development team that excels in designing and implementing resilient, durable and secure APIs.
Real-time Systems development

Real-time Systems development

Our team develops reliable and effective real-time systems capable of processing large volumes of data for many users simultaneously and handle complex operations.
Microservices Development

Microservices Development

Our Node.js services include a proven process for developing microservices, and its event-driven, non-blocking I/O style, which permits scalability and easy management.
Node.js back-end Development

Node.js back-end Development

You can get assistance from Waverley by hiring qualified programmers that can use the framework’s dependency injection and modular architecture and efficient routing features.
IoT Development on Node.js

IoT Development on Node.js

Our experts can leverage the extensive range of Node.js libraries and frameworks to prototype and build Scalable IoT solutions and integrate data streams and more with cloud services for IoT.

Our Node.js Technology Stack

We will help you select the right set of tools and frameworks for your custom Node.js integration and development.


  • Nest.js
  • Express.js
  • Koa.js
  • GraphQL
  • Meteor.js
  • Serverless.js


  • Socket.IO
  • Mongoose
  • TypeORM

Programming Languages

Third-party Integrations

  • Stripe
  • TypeForm

Our Node.js Development Best Practices

Agile Software Development

Our team quickly produces high-quality software, adapts to changing needs, and constantly enhances their development.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Using CI/CD pipelines, we can assist you with automating the development. Testing, and deployment of your Node.js project.

Test-driven Development

We can create robust programs while iterating quickly and identifying bugs early thanks to our Test driven development culture.

Code Reviews

Our developers do peer code reviews regularly, which involves meticulous check of the codebase for potential problems, bugs or vulnerabilities.

Node.js Development Process



Recognize your project’s scope which includes the needs, goals and functionality by gathering all relevant data.


Planning and analyzing goes together, this is where our consultants work with you to brainstorm brilliant ideas for your project to come to life.


To explain the architecture, components, and data flow of Node.js projects, developers create high level system designs.


This is where you watch your app idea come to life as you see how Node.js developers create scalable software components from the ground up.
Test & Integrate

Test & Integrate

Create unit and integration tests additionally to other end-to-end tests to make your Node.js apps functional and highly qualified.


Build newer iterations of your apps based on the end users’ feedback. Expand the functionality, integrate 3-rd party components and do ongoing maintenance.

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Node.js Development Solutions for Various Industries

Check out these 6 sectors to see how Node.js is being used to provide useful real-time solutions.


Node.js is an ideal environment for creating safe and scalable financial technologies thanks to its frameworks such as Nest.js, Meteor.js and Serverless.js

Internet of Things (IoT)

Due to its lightweight nature, Node.js is excellent for creating IoT applications using frameworks and tools like Nest.js, Express.js, and socket.IO.



Node.js has a broad ecosystem, giving developers a wide tech-stack to speed up the app or web development process and produce dynamic and engaging content for the e-learning industry.


Node.js enables software development for the healthcare sector allowing management of medical reports, scheduling and real-time communication due to its non-blocking I/O characteristics resulting in real-time applications.


Node.js works greatly in the robotics industry by handling data efficiently. Thanks to its lightweight footprint, it is suitable for resource-constrained devices.

Smart Home

Integrating Node.js improves interoperability, bespoke automation, and seamless connectivity with other IoT platforms and cloud services for smart home apps.

Engagement Models

Node.js Product Development

Node.js Product Development

Waverley is perfectly equipped to build a Node.js application from scratch. We employ UI/UX designers, BAs, software architects, mobile app devs and QA engineers to build turnkey solutions.

Dedicated Node.js Team

Dedicated Node.js Team

We can provide you with a skilled team of Node.js developers who will integrate with your existing team to bridge expertise gaps and give your development a boost.

Independent Audit & Consulting

Independent Audit & Consulting

We leverage our Node.js experience to carry out comprehensive code evaluations to identify any bottlenecks or flaws, recommending the optimal solutions to optimize and modernize your existing software.

Our Successful Node.js Development Projects

Client Reviews

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What Node.js frameworks and tools do you use?

We use different frameworks and tools for front-end and back-end development using Node.js including Nest.js, JavaScript and libraries such as Sucket.IO and much more.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance for Node.js?

As a Node.js development company we offer continuous support and maintenance for your Node.js based projects. There is constant testing and communication with you so you are well aware of changes, improvements and more.

Why choose Node.js development services?

There are several benefits to choose Node.js development services, making them the top option for both developers and enterprises. We can mention Node.js’ scalability, adaptability and extensive ecosystem. Additionally, it is event-driven, which means that it was created using a non-blocking I/O model and is cross-platform compatible.

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