We are a blockchain development company that helps organizations across industries leverage blockchain technology. Discuss your project idea with our blockchain developers and consultants, who have hands-on experience building solutions on top of this emerging technology.


We are a blockchain development company that helps organizations across industries leverage blockchain technology. Discuss your project idea with our blockchain developers and consultants, who have hands-on experience building solutions on top of this emerging technology.

Hands-On Experience Building Blockchain Software Solutions for Businesses Considering Adopting “The New Technology of Trust”

As a Blockchain development services company with proven track-record, we help businesses explore applications of blockchain technology, develop Proofs of Concept and develop and deploy real-world solutions.

Blockchain Consulting
We discuss your project idea and business objectives, as well as your other project limitations so that we can suggest a roadmap toward developing an effective solution.
Proof Of Concept
We help verify your idea and illustrate its effectiveness within your organization by rapidly building a capable proof of concept.
Custom Blockchain Networks
We design, develop, and manage custom decentralized blockchain networks, creating the necessary validating conditions for incorruptible and secure data storage and management.
ICO Development
We partner with financial organizations and other well-established businesses to create digital tokens, as well as to launch, maintain, and support ICO platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges of any complexity.
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts development, smart contract management platforms and applications, customization to your industry and integration of smart contracts into your business processes.
Cryptocurrency Development Services & eWallets
Cryptocurrency development, payment and exchange applications development, cryptocurrency-based blockchain solutions, cryptocurrency wallet development.
Blockchain Integration
We build public and private blockchains, distributed networks of ledgers, and encryption software, and organically merge them with your software to ensure smooth migration.
Blockchain Application Development
Fast and user-friendly Blockchain-based mobile application development, Web platforms that incorporate complex user logic and ensure high traffic capacities.
Our team of Blockchain professionals have practical knowledge of a wide range of disruptive Blockchain services, technologies and cryptocurrency development solutions. They are capable of both creating a custom product from scratch or selecting and integrating an existing framework to help save on development time and cost.
  • Rust
  • MultiChain
  • OpenChain
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Bitcoin
  • Monax
  • BlockApps
  • Ripple
  • Omnilayer
  • IOTA

Case Study: Blockchain-Based Accounting Service for Cooperatives

An international company turned to Waverley to develop a Blockchain-based service allowing users to record all financial transactions permanently, view all other transactions and the time they were made and make sure that they were never edited. Waverley implemented a microservice solution to store and read data into/from the Blockchain to integrate it with the client’s app backend and provided a tool for monitoring and managing of the existing multichain nodes.

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Tailoring Blockchain Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Our dedicated blockchain team members combine the necessary blockchain development expertise with cloud, mobile / web app development capabilities to fully address your business challenges. We build products perfectly fitted to your domain and business.

Leveraging Blockchain for incorruptible financial data storage and safe transactions, cryptocurrency wallet development, etc.
Innovative approaches to enable smart contracts and wallets, as well as to boost your information security and overall enterprise efficiency.
Creating blockchain-based solutions with public and private access for purchasing, supply chain blockchain management, and tracking.
Peer-to-peer data record solutions to improve manufacturing visibility, reduce costs, and foster innovative business models.
Harnessing the potential of blockchain to create unalterable and secure storage for medical records, unfalsifiable prescriptions, etc.
Hire blockchain software development experts to streamline insurance operations and achieve higher transparency.


Startups that need technical blockchain development expertise that is unavailable in-house, that face tight deadlines, or that need to do more with their limited resources.
Software companies looking to upgrade their existing products or port to a new platform while decreasing their time-to-market and maximizing ROI.
Large corporations that need state-of-the-art blockchain technology solutions for their core products or business software solutions for internal use.

Why Waverley

  • Hands-On Blockchain Software Development Experience

    Our blockchain team members are senior software development experts familiar with the best industry practices from the world’s top blockchain companies. They have hands-on experience building blockchain applications and other blockchain-based solutions to develop, implement, and verify your idea.

  • Process Transparency

    Our years of experience successfully providing full-cycle software development services has allowed us to polish and refine our process. We provide full visibility, carefully guiding you through every step of our cooperation. We ensure that effective communication is in place and that we meet your expectations at all times.

  • Delivering Innovations to Companies in Silicon Valley

    We have over decade’s long history providing product development assistance to a range of industries in Silicon Valley, and Blockchain services is one of our latest expertises that we are determined to focus on and develop as we grow.