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We are a Java software development company with top-notch Java software development teams in LatAm, Europe and Asia to scale your organization’s engineering capacities when needed and deliver high-quality Java solutions on time and on budget.
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Our Customer Network

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies.Matrixx Software is a provider of a digital commerce platform designed to monetize 5G. TATA Carnet is an organization offering a smart way to handle customs documentation.GridPoint is an established innovator in energy management solutions based in Washington DC.Jibo is a Robotics startup from Boston famous for creating the first social robot for the home.WageWorks is an American financial consulting company administering employee benefits.

Choose the Optimal Engagement Model

Dedicated Java Development Team

Dedicated Java Development Team

We rapidly assign a dedicated team of Java developers to work as an offshore extension of your internal team.

On-Demand Java Development

On-Demand Java Development

We engage top Java developers to strengthen the areas of your project where they’re most needed, complementing the existing development team.

Java Product Development

Java Product Development

We develop, customize, and integrate Java-based applications and websites, providing full-cycle Java development services while you retain full ownership of the result.


on average for launching a Java development team


senior Java engineers, 20% have PhDs


of clients are long-term & repeat partners


chance that we’ve worked with your technology stack

What We Do: Custom Java Development Services

Our experienced Java professionals use the latest Java versions and best test-driven Java development practices to deliver exceptional quality, proving that Java outsourcing really works.
Java Consulting & Architecture

Java Consulting & Architecture

Following the best practices of future-proof SOA and microservices architecture, we build reliable, loosely-coupled systems.
Java Server-Side Development

Java Server-Side Development

Our exceptional Java developers build large-scale high-load back-ends, ensuring their scalability and smooth Java integration.
Java CMS Development

Java CMS Development

Java web development services; on-demand setup and customization of secure and stable Content Management Systems.
Java Web Development

Java Web Development

Java web application development; API development in Java applying the latest technologies.
Java for IoT

Java for IoT

Applying Java for hardware programming, IoT back-ends creation, device connectivity, and device management apps.
Cloud-Based Java Applications

Cloud-Based Java Applications

Creating cloud infrastructure, cloud platform setup and cloud integration to streamline your Java application and business.
Migration to Java

Migration to Java

Efficiently transferring any legacy applications to Java, without losing data or causing any interruptions to your development process.
Java Mobile Development

Java Mobile Development

Java mobile application development services: Android applications in Java; custom Java development services for any domain, device, and screen size.
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Our Java Technologies

Our engineers are proficient at a variety of Java technologies and provide the industry-recognized certificates to prove their mastery of the Java programming language.

Java Platforms / Languages

  • Java (8-16)
  • Java SE, EE, FX
  • Kotlin

Java Frameworks

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • iBATIS
  • SparkJava


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MongoDB

Web Services

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • Apache CXF

Java Cloud

  • Docker
  • AWS
  • GCP


  • Tomcat
  • Jetty

Message Brokers

  • Kafka
  • ActiveMQ
  • Ignite

IDEs and Tools

  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • Junit
  • Mockito
  • Jenkins
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA

Our Enterprise Java Development Services

Waverley provides Java application development services for enterprises of all sizes. In fact, enterprises make 40% of our customer base.

Enterprise Service Bus

Our expert Java programmers establish a connection between heterogeneous apps and other 3-rd party services to work as a whole full-fledged enterprise environment with seamless data exchange.

Enterprise Java Portals

Utilizing Java to build user-friendly access points enabling fast and convenient data aggregation, processing, and updating. Java app development, maintaining high-quality performance regardless of the load and the number of users.

Business Intelligence & Big Data

Mining and aggregating your business data to transform it into actionable business insights, reveal new business opportunities, identify weak points, and automate your decision-making.

AI & Machine Learning

We enrich the capabilities of our Java solutions using such tools as artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning, neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Success Stories: Java Application Development Services

A Java development company with decades of experience, we have a proven track record of renowned clients who outsource their application development using Java, entrusting us with tasks that are critical to their business.

Award-Winning Certified Java Engineers

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Why Hire Dedicated Java Developers at Waverley

Why Hire Dedicated Java Developers at Waverley

Focus On Security

Our experienced team of Java developers abide by world-class code security practices and OWASP recommendations. They are certified in secure coding practices and apply those to build secure Java applications.

Extensive Talent Pool

Our global reach gives us (and our clients) access to a vast pool of offshore Java web application developers. We take care of our engineers’ professional growth, offering training & mentorship.

Individual Approach

A software development company with decades of experience in Java development, we built our process at the intersection of best Agile practices and the flexibility to tailor the workflow to each customer’s needs.

Java Technology Excellence

An offshore Java application development company with decades of experience and multiple Java projects in portfolio, Waverley boasts extensive experience in Java technology and expertly helps companies get the most of our services in Java development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What applications can be developed with Java?

There are several applications that can be built with Java. Among the most widespread are:

  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Web-based applications
  • Gaming applications
  • Business and Enterprise applications
What are the main benefits of Java?

Java is cost-effective and simple to implement when developing applications. But, there are other Java benefits to add. In comparison to other languages, Java offers beneficial features that make it appropriate for most programming activities. This is a list of the most important benefits of Java.

  • Easy to learn
  • Object oriented
  • Platform-independent
Can I switch to you from another software development provider?

Of course, our engineers are proficient at handling legacy projects of any scale and complexity. We have a thorough knowledge transfer and onboarding process in place to help our customers minimize ramp-up when transitioning to Waverley from another vendor.

What are the benefits of outsourcing for Java Development services?

By outsourcing Java development services companies can close expertise gaps (since Senior Java developers might be hard to find in some markets), go to market faster (thanks to faster ramp-up, and scalability of outsourced teams), optimize their development costs (since hiring engineers offshore and nearshore costs lower than in-house), and get a surge of expertise (because developers in software engineering companies have a wider range of projects and domains they’ve worked with).

How much does Java software development cost?

Prices depend on what the location of your software engineering vendor, seniority of your team, your tech stack, the complexity of your requirement, feature set, and other factors. Contact us to receive a free estimate of your Java solution.

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