CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service

Transform your technology strategy with our CTO consulting services. Our experienced software architects help businesses build PoCs and MVPs, launch new products, upgrade existing technology, optimize development expenses and boost engineering efficiency.

CTO-as-a-Service Is Most Often Requested By

Tech Startups

Tech Startups

With a tech project in mind but no in-house CTO, and looking for a cost-efficient option.



Who reached their engineering capacity but still would like to launch new products.

Non-Tech Companies

Non-Tech Companies

Looking to explore and leverage modern tech, but not sure where to start.

Innovate At Scale with Our Customized CTO Services

IT Strategy Development

IT Strategy Development

Hiring Waverley Software for CTO consulting services will help you elevate strategic & resource planning, create a robust roadmap, identify opportunities, plan R&D, and cross-functional collaboration.
Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

Our CTO customer service engineerswill evaluate your current technology landscape, helpl align your technology with business goals, and do cost-benefit analysis, including ROI and infrastructure assessment.
Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Our experienced tech gurus will become an invaluable asset when it comes to vendor evaluation, contract negotiation, legal support, performance monitoring, risk management, and technology alignment.
Technical Project Management

Technical Project Management

Our CTO services include: creating project plans, building teams, estimating risks, scheduling and agile management, selecting tools and technologies, and client interaction in terms of technical project management.
Communication and Stakeholder Management

Communication and Stakeholder Management

As a part of our CTO consulting services, we will establish clear communication channels and will engage with key stakeholders, including executives, clients, and team members.
Virtual CTO Services

Virtual CTO Services

Our virtual CTO service allows you to hire a chief technology officer on an as-needed basis, regardless of location or time zone. Fast engagement, consistent availability and measurable results are key benefits of the virtual CTO.
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Enjoy Tangible Benefits of CTO as a Service

  • Strategic Guidance
    Access expert strategic technology guidance without the cost of a full-time CTO.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Reduce your expenses by opting for a fractional CTO, paying for services as needed.
  • Innovation
    Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology insights and innovation strategies.
  • Project Oversight
    Ensure successful project execution with experienced CTO oversight.
  • Scalability
    Adapt technology strategies to scale with business growth efficiently.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Identify and mitigate technology-related risks with our experts’ advice.
  • Innovation
    Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology insights and innovation strategies.

CTO Consulting: Where to Begin

We recommend engaging a CTO early in the project, whether it’s an in-house resource or if you decide to outsource a CTO role for your business.
Evaluating the Project

Evaluating the Project

At this stage, our experts will validate the technical viability of the product, providing a high-level technical solution to a problem. Our team can be responsible for assembling and managing the development team, building execution strategy, and providing quality control.
Choosing the Engagement Model

Choosing the Engagement Model

Our team will determine the model that fits you best. Our CTO services include different engagement models: full-time and part-time CTO services, fractional CTO services, even one-time consultations depending on your scope, desired budget and availability.
Establishing the Processes

Establishing the Processes

This step includes determining processes and areas of responsibility. Choosing the most suitable communication channels and regularity of meetings. Establishing a reporting system and its format.

How Does CTO-as-a-Service Work in Practice?

Our clients share that Waverley’s CTOs play a key role in shaping and executing technology strategies that contribute to business success.

CTO as a Service for Startups

  • Designing your product
  • Architecture consulting
  • QA consulting
  • Planning stage
  • Cloud/on-premise system deployment
  • Implementing agile technologies
  • Preventing system failures
  • Resource management
  • Technical viability
  • Effective management

CTO as a Service for Enterprises

  • Strategic guidance
  • Innovation leadership
  • Adaptation to industry trends
  • Risk management
  • Designing cloud architecture
  • Cloud migration and audit
  • Software performance analysis
  • Cost optimization consulting
  • Project management
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CTO Services: Select Your Engagement

Try our fractional CTO services, CTO customer service, or outsourced CTO services if you need a consistent tech strategy, but are not willing to commit to hiring a specialist full-time.

  • Full-Time chief technology officer will manage your development process, handle technical issues, create a roadmap, and plan the architecture. This is a perfect solution for ventures with well-defined tech projects.
  • Part-Time CTO is the solution if you need a technology officer for a defined number of hours. Our part-time CTO is a combination of the full-time CTO’s flexibility and fractional CTO’s affordability.
  • Fractional CTO as a service is perfect for startups. We offer high-level advisory services on an as-needed basis. We are navigating tech challenges, while you remain in operational control.
  • We perform an on-demand audit of your needs and resources to provide recommendations and define the best course of action. Single consultations are also available.
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Our CTO Consulting Process

Creating a roadmap and working on strategy is the key CTO service provided by Waverley Software. Here are the steps our chief technology officers usually take at the project initiation stage.
Our CTO Consulting Process

Define Business Goals

This step usually includes working closely with the executive leadership team, including CEOs, CFOs, and other key stakeholders, to understand the company's overall business goals and objectives.

Evaluate the Existing Technology Landscape

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current technology stack, and infrastructure in use. Also, evaluating the performance and security of existing technologies.

Detect Tech Opportunities and Challenges

Conducting different analyses to identify possible opportunities and challenges. Following industry trends and emerging technologies.

Strategic Alignment

Aligning technology initiatives with the company's goals and priorities.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is required to identify potential challenges and risks associated with technology initiatives.

Creating a Roadmap

Our CTO will develop a roadmap that includes both short-term and long-term goals. This step also includes designing a plan for the phased implementation of initiatives.

Resource and Budget Planning

Our team will work with the finance department to allocate budgets for technology initiatives.

Technology Stack and Architecture

It’s CTO’s primary task to select the appropriate technologies, frameworks, and tools for development.

Communication Plan

Develop a clear communication plan to keep stakeholders informed about the roadmap. This step ensures the success of the project.


CTO is in charge of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the roadmap.

Team Ramp-Up

Our CTO will interview and onboard engineers/vendors to assign the most suitable talent to your project.

Reporting to Stakeholders

The CTO will provide timely and comprehensive SMART progress reports during implementation.

Our CTOs Have Launched Products Across Multiple Industries

Waverley has a profound experience in advanced web platforms, mobile applications, and complex systems in line with the latest industry trends.


  • Patient portals
  • EHR, EMR systems
  • Internet of medical things
  • AI and data analytics
  • Wearables & monitoring
  • Fitness apps
  • Research management tools
  • Diagnostics & image processing


  • eBanking & eWallets
  • Financial applications development
  • BI & financial analytics
  • Expense management
  • Customer portals
  • Bank intranets


  • eCommerce platform development
  • PoS software development
  • Retail mobile app development
  • eCommerce blockchain
  • Chatbot development
  • IoT for retail


  • AI-powered telecom data analytics
  • Cloud infrastructure set op for telecom
  • Telecom application development and integration
  • IoT solutions for telecommunications


  • Robot software/cloud architecture design
  • ROS development
  • Integration with an IoT system
  • Advanced data collection & analytics
  • Testing & quality assurance


  • Educational portals
  • LMS development
  • Web and mobile e-Learning apps
  • e-Learning management software
  • Testware
  • Progress tracking and analytics

Smart Home

  • Software architecture
  • Embedded software
  • Legacy modernization
  • Hardware testing
  • Cloud infrastructure


  • Utility management software
  • Energy IoT devices
  • Advanced energy data analytics
  • Smart grid optimization
  • Customer-facing applications

Case Studies and Success Stories

Conversational AI Software Solution

Conversational AI Software Solution

Waverley Software provided CTO Consulting Services for a California-based language services company on a mission-critical tool called Lingosets. We were responsible for creating a conversational AI through advanced data collection, annotation, and validation. Our CTO services included overseeing the technological processes, building a cross-location team proficient with NodeJS/ReactJS and AWS services, plus business analytics services.

CTO as a Service for the Thermal Energy Management Company

CTO as a Service for the Thermal Energy Management Company

Waverley Software provided fractional CTO as a service for thermal energy management based in the USA. Our CTO advisory services were focused on helping the company fix an issue related to missing data on one of their clients. Waverley’s goal was to verify, track, and fix the process for recalculating sensitive data for one of their clients. Our chief technology officer successfully supervised the project and maintained effective communication between the company and the software development team.

Our Clients Say

Waverley Software was pretty much part of our team.

– David Fitzjarrell
SVP of Engineering, NTRINSEC Inc.

They’re really good at communicating and project management.

SaaS Company

They can find very skilled, dedicated developers who take pride in their work.

Machine Learning & AI Company

Certifications and Awards

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What is a Fractional CTO?

A Fractional CTO is a professional who provides part-time or temporary CTO consulting services, CTO customer service, or outsourced CTO services to businesses. Instead of hiring a full-time CTO, which can be resource-intensive, organizations may opt to bring in a Fractional CTO to fulfill specific technology leadership and strategic roles.

How can a CTO help my business grow?

Hiring a CTO can be useful both for startups and enterprises. An experienced CTO will develop a comprehensive technology roadmap aligned with the overall business goals. Fractional CTO will ensure that systems and platforms can handle increased workloads and user demands. The CTO will also lead the digital transformation initiatives to modernize business processes. The CTO will implement data analytics and business intelligence solutions or explore cost-effective solutions. You may hire a technology officer for the CTO advisory services specifically tailored to your business needs.

What kind of communication channels will be used with my CTO?

Waverley Software is known for its culture of clear communication, our specialists are experienced in finding solutions for any communication challenges. We will provide communication channels suitable for your business organization: regular meetings, emailing, instant messaging, project management tools, video conferencing, emergency escalation routes, feedback sessions, etc. We are convinced that effective communication between you and your CTO is crucial for the success of technology initiatives and overall business growth.

How is CTO as a service different from hiring a full-time CTO?

The biggest difference between hiring a CTO as a service and a full-time CTO lies in the engagement model. A full-time CTO will be working for your company regularly, often on a 40-hour-per-week basis. Meanwhile, CTO as a service involves a part-time or fractional arrangement. The CTO provides their expertise and services on a flexible schedule, dedicating a portion of their time to your business.

How do you choose the right CTO for my business?

Firstly, define your business needs and objectives. Consider whether your business needs a full-time CTO or a CTO as a service. Look for candidates with a strong technical background relevant to your industry and business needs. Check cases your potential candidate worked on before. Arrange a free consultation with Waverley Software to get detailed information.

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