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Waverley’s Scala development team helps deliver mission-critical enterprise-grade solutions for businesses globally. Leverage Scala’s speed, functionality, and concise elegance to upgrade your system with an experienced team of Scala experts by your side.
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Scala Development: Engagement Models

Scala Product Development

Scala Product Development

Leverage our full-scale Scala development services to create a software product from scratch.

Scala Consulting Services

Scala Consulting Services

Order a comprehensive assessment of your Scala system to discover areas for improvement.

Scala Team Extension

Scala Team Extension

Hire a team of dedicated Scala developers to complement your existing in-house team.

Our Scala Software Development Services

Waverley goes beyond just providing Scala mobile and web development services. We look at the big picture and create tools that help your company succeed.
Scala Back-End Development

Scala Back-End Development

We’ll design, architect and implement a Scala system of any complexity, fully complying with your requirements.
Re-engineering & Migration

Re-engineering & Migration

We’ll migrate an existing platform to Scala, upgrading it and adding new functionality in the process.
Scala SaaS Development

Scala SaaS Development

Create high-performance Scala-based SaaS systems: CRM, ERP, custom enterprise automation solutions and other tools.
PaaS Development

PaaS Development

Develop flexible, scalable, reliable and secure Scala solutions for your PaaS business. Whatever the scope, our team can handle it.
Front-End Development

Front-End Development

With the help of Scala.js, our team will easily turn your Scala code into comprehensive Javascript on the front-end.
Scala Web Development

Scala Web Development

Custom Scala web development services: scalable, cloud-based, fast and engaging online web portals for your business.
Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Port your Scala-based enterprise software into mobile lightning fast ; we take care of design, mobile development and testing.
Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

We’ll create highly customized and functional desktop applications for your business using Scala FX, Swing or other tools. We input and process data, run analytics and more on your desktop with Scala.
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Our Scala Technologies

Our Scala development team is proficient with a variety of tools and frameworks and can select the optimal tech stack to build your product based on the Scala programming language.


  • Play
  • Lift
  • Eclipse Vert.x


  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • DynamoDB
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • Apache Impala
  • Firebase


  • ScalaFX
  • Gitlab
  • Redmine

Other Tools

  • Scala.js
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Kafka
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Custom Scala Development Case Study: Enterprise Cloud Migration Tool

Our team of engineers worked on a large-scale cloud SaaS tool that helps enterprises migrate their data by analyzing dependencies and creating a dependency graph. Using Scala they created a scalable microservices architecture, allowing the platform to analyze large volumes of data in real time. The engineers also ensured ultimate data security and created a complex templating engine to enable creating services dynamically within the main product. The tool is now used by renowned brands and industry leaders, configured exclusively for each tenant based on their business needs.

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Embrace Innovations with Our Scala Experts

Getting ahead of the curve is simple with an experienced Scala outsourcing company by your side.

Scala for Big Data

Scala for Big Data

Paired with Spark or Hadoop, Scala is an excellent way to process vast data sets to enable in-depth analytics and discover business insights.

Scala for AI

Scala for AI

Create and train Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models and rely on Scala to work with the results.

Scala for IoT

Scala for IoT

A multi-faceted IoT engineering company, Waverley can improve performance of your hardware devices with Scala on the back-end.

A Certified Award-Winning Scala Development Company

scala development company
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Why Choose Waverley for Scala Development Services?

These are the main points mentioned by our customers who picked Waverley as their Scala outsourcing partner.
Why Choose Waverley for Scala Development Services?

Fast Ramp-Up & Scalability

Scala developers make up only up to 4% of the world’s engineering community. However, at Waverley you can quickly hire a few Scala outsourcing development experts to your team or as a separate engineering unit. You can also scale your team up or down as needed – our talent pool and recruiting process allow building Scala teams in a matter of days.

More than just coding

Waverley is committed to delivering value to our clients that goes beyond just developing a functional future-proof product. We gladly share our expertise as consultants, guiding you through the tricky paths of custom Scala solutions development to ensure the whole process is seamless, fast and cost-efficient.

Multi-Faceted Team

While specializing in software architecture and engineering, we can engage other specialists as needed to take care of all aspects of your product development. Our in-house Design Studio works hand-in-hand with business analysts, our DevOps & Cloud gurus can be involved full- or part-time, as can be QA engineers, Embedded developers and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Scala development cost?

Since Scala developers are more scarce than specialists in other programming languages, the hourly rates tend to be a bit higher, but they still depend on the Seniority of the engineer and the level of complexity of the Scala product you need to build. On average, that’s $150/h in the US, and about $60/h for a Senior Scala offshore engineer.

What is Scala good for?

Though 20% faster and less verbose than Java, Scala basically performs similar functions. It allows building online solutions such as web and mobile apps, desktop apps, analyzing large data volumes, enabling data-heavy animations and modeling, which makes it a good fit for enterprise-grade software.

What are the main benefits of Scala Development Services?

Due to the talent shortage on the market, if you outsource your Scala development needs to a services vendor , it will help you fill in expertise gaps faster and within a reasonable budget. You’ll also avoid the recruiting and onboarding costs, achieve higher team scalability and can leverage a more versatile Scala app development experience.

Can I switch to you from another Scala development provider?

Yes, that will not be a problem. Our dedicated Scala developers are well-versed in working with legacy code, helping with migration and modernization of legacy applications, while our experienced project managers will make your transition to our team smooth and painless.

Is Scala suitable for MVP development?

Yes, Scala is an excellent choice for your MVP development. Since it works well for the microservices architecture, it will be very easy to scale your app after your MVP has passed the market validation.