Smart Home Solutions Development

Smart Home Solutions Development

A full-cycle IoT software development company, Waverley has profound experience in home automation software development, helping Smart Home providers and electronics manufacturers design and build software components, drivers, embedded software and human-machine interfaces.

Smart Home Software Development Services: What We Do

Our team provides a full range of home automation app development services, from the software design & architecture, through the implementation, testing and maintenance.
Software Architecture

Software Architecture

Our smart home developers work with all 4 main software components involved in making the entire solution work: IoT device (sensor or actuator) software, Gateway software, user interface app, Cloud infrastructure.
Embedded Software

Embedded Software

A custom software engineering company, we work with IoT companies and electronics manufacturers providing full-cycle embedded software including product strategy, embedded software design, embedded systems development, integration, testing, middleware development, etc.


Today most home networks will use a mixture of Ethernet and Wi-Fi wireless networking technology and the TCP/IP networking protocol. We’ll help you connect your Smart Home devices either directly to the existing home network or else indirectly via a hub or gateway.


A comfortable interface can help to develop a user-centric smart home. It can be a mobile interface, a web app, or any other type of the management console. We have experience in delivering intuitive and engaging human-machine interfaces.
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Our top-notch developers provide full-cycle custom cloud solutions, including cloud infrastructure setup on AWS, Azure or GCP, as well as best DevOps practices: CI/CD, automated logging & monitoring, containerization, etc, to ensure the optimal server load & performance.
Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

We can also step in to work with existing software systems to modernize, update, and expand the feature set. We are often transforming Legacy Systems in order to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, increase data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms and improve process flexibility.
Back-End Development

Back-End Development

As a custom software engineering company, we develop high-performance, scalable backend for various IoT devices. Our goal is to create future-proof, maintainable software to leverage the strengths of the hardware components, and enable the needed integrations and ease of use for the end users.
Hardware Testing

Hardware Testing

Waverley’s quality assurance and software testing services help companies around the world build quality products. We conduct QA audits, provide standalone software QA, manual testing, and test automation services using agile testing methodology.

Smart Home Solutions: Case Studies

Smart Home Software Development Engagement Models

Smart Home Product Development

Smart Home Product Development

End-to-end development of software for smart home solutions: from prototyping through embedded software until release and support.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Building dedicated teams of top-notch home automation professionals focusing on the back-end, front-end, embedded, cloud & DevOps, mobile development, and design.

Smart Home Technology Stack

Our IoT & Smart Home team is proficient with the multiple layers of hardware, software and communication technologies that connect objects over the internet to monitor or control them.

Hardware Devices

  • Sensors
  • SBCs
  • Gateways
  • PLC interface modules

Programming Languages


  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • ZigBee
  • Thread
  • LTE/4G/5G
  • LoRaWAN

Cloud Platforms

Smart Home Automation Areas

Smart home automation connects all devices and coordinates all the technology to create intuitive, luxurious, comfortable and entertaining personal experiences for the end users.

Electricity Control

Smart home systems enable remote control over the whole lighting system. Lights can be switched on and off, placed on schedule, etc.

Smart Heating

Smart Home products now allow control over heating devices to set up comfortable indoor temperatures and save on energy consumption.

Security Solutions

Smart home systems increase the security capabilities. Motion tracking, video capturing, monitoring, face recognition and other techniques are now widely applied.

Voice Commands

At Waverley we create voice-enabled smart home assistants and even social robots for the home, as well as use voice commands to manage the features of the Smart Home.

Advanced Sensors

Our Smart Home Solutions include advanced sensor integrations, such as temperature, motion, water leak, smoke and CO sensors, etc. We also work on sensor data aggregation & processing, as well as visualization with BI tools.

Data Analytics

Our smart home technology team enables complex and even ML-driven analysis of the data collected from smart devices to detect patterns and maximize user convenience.


Our engineers often work on eco–friendly Smart home solutions to minimize energy consumption, food waste, CO2 emissions and environmental impact in general.


We’ll help you develop connected home entertainment systems, such as home cinemas, advanced stereo built-in stereo systems, AR & VR features, etc.


Modern Smart Home software should not only be convenient, but also highly accessible. Our team will work to determine and build accessibility features for your device.

What Our Smart Home & Robotics Clients Say

We usually assigned them tasks that maximized their expertise working with embedded Linux software development, real-time operating systems, and networking protocols. Waverley Software has an in-depth knowledge base around networking protocols.

– iControl Networks
Senior Engineer

Waverley Software led the architecture and design of the online cloud component for our Robot. They provided expertise on AWS and microservice architecture. Starting from some rough guidelines, they collaborated with our team to design an architecture that fit the project’s evolving needs.

– Robotics Company
Head of Cloud Services

Why Order Smart Home Development from Waverley

Why Order Smart Home Development from Waverley

R&D Lab

Our R&D department has all the necessary resources, and equipment for developing new and improved products and services to fit customers’ needs.


Our team has delivered multiple prominent projects. Waverley provides a wide range of solutions to interact seamlessly with devices in real-time from the IoT apps to touchscreen consoles.


We take security seriously at Waverley – we’re ISO 27001 certified, GDPR compliant, have experience developing HIPAA, SOC2 and FDA compliant products.

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Is smart home an application of IoT?

Yes, it is. In general, it has a large variety of applications for the consumers. Areas of home automation led IoT enabled connectivity: lighting control, safety and security, air quality, voice assistants, switches, locks or energy meters, etc.

What are smart home development services?

Smart home services are a new generation of consumer services. Supported by the IoT technology, they deliver security, comfort, entertainment, assisted living, and efficient management of the home to improve the quality of life of consumers.

How do you build a smart home automation app?

Creating the smart home application includes a number of steps and features.

  • Deciding on the features of the app
  • Choosing the connection method
  • Identifying the data storage system
  • Planning the UI design
  • Integrating a Security System
  • Planning the third-party integrations
Planning the third-party integrations What Affects Smart Home App Development Costs?
  • Number & complexity of features.
  • The device itself (hardware).
  • Chosen protocol and development technology.
  • Third-party integrations or services (if you think you’ll need some of them).
  • Development team composition & location

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