ChatGPT Integration Services

ChatGPT Integration Services

Waverley is a ChatGPT integration company helping businesses leverage ChatGPT and other NLP models to analyze data, elevate customer communications, extract business insights, automate content creation & SEO, and gain a new competitive edge.
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Guaranteed Benefits of ChatGPT Integration into Your Business

Here are some of the improvements our customers have reported after ChatGPT integration into their existing processes and operations:

  • Time and Cost Savings. The chatbot integration helps to navigate information with ease.
  • Decreased Manual Labor. After automating manual operations & calculations, your staff can focus on strategy & optimizations.
  • Next-Gen Customer Experience. Immediate response, request classification, sentiment analysis, human-like conversation, etc.
  • Data Processing Efficiency. Business insights extraction, data sorting, pattern detection and more.
  • Higher Accuracy. Avoid the human factor whatsoever to reach the utmost accuracy and precision.
  • Continuous Learning. The model is self-taught, the quality and accuracy improves exponentially with time.

Recognized AI Transformation Leaders

Our ChatGPT Integration Services

ChatGPT Consulting

ChatGPT Consulting

Our AI architects will conduct a Discovery session to determine the optimal areas for AI Automation, the potential tech stack and cost of the full solution, providing you with all the necessary assets to consider with your stakeholders.
ChatGPT API Integration Services

ChatGPT API Integration Services

We assist businesses with the integration of the ChatGPT model into their existing systems, such as messengers, CRM, ERP, etc. From the strategy through the actual implementation, training and support – we’ve got you covered.
OpenAI Development

OpenAI Development

Build your very own product on any of the OpenAI models, train it with your data, customize, and configure to fit your business needs seamlessly – with our AI development team by your side.
Generative AI From Scratch

Generative AI From Scratch

Our capable AI, ML, deep learning and business intelligence experts can easily create a brand new generative AI solution for your business, for text, images generation, conversation modeling, etc.
Virtual Assistant Development

Virtual Assistant Development

We have experience connecting AI bots to messengers or creating an AI bot application with voice and facial recognition. Using natural language processing we can build personalized virtual assistants completing a wide range of tasks.
NLP and LLMs Development

NLP and LLMs Development

With extensive experience in Natural Language Processing algorithms creation, Waverley can build an entirely new NLP solution for your business from the ground up: from model architecture, through training, integration and support.
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Looking For a ChatGPT Integration Partner?

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ChatGPT Integration Use Cases

Customer Support Automation

Processing and classification of customer queries, notifying and alerting human staff on critical issues, providing information about your business, etc.

Sentiment Analysis & EI

Processing texts to detect emotional bases for people’s comments in order to enhance security, analyze people’s reactions, etc.

Data Extraction & BI

The analysis of existing documents to detect patterns, analyze risks, create visualized reports and provide actionable business insights.

Ecommerce Recommendation Engines

Self-taught personalized shopping recommendations will increase your revenues and make your buyers fall in love.

Content Generation

Generate accurate, grammatically correct, SEO optimized and stylistically fine-tuned content of any needed format.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual operations with the help of intelligent chatbots, such as calculations, reporting, predictions & modeling, etc.

Interactive eLearning Coaches

Maximize learning outcomes with AI-driven eLearning assistants: interactive, fast, scalable, time- and cost-saving.

Recruitment & HR

Automate your job interviews, collect and aggregate candidate information and build intelligent fit-check-algorithms to make your hiring smarter.

What Makes Waverley a Perfect Fit


In AI development companies by Clutch


ISO 27001 Certified and focused on security


AI engineering teams, so no shortage of talent


For team launch and project kickstart

Streamlined ChatGPT Integration Process

Discovery & BA

Discovery & BA

We look into your business objectives, data volumes and sources, explore various ways to optimize existing processes with the help of GPT 4 integration or any other AI chatbot.
Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy includes the research into ChatGPT integration in various business areas, user journey, risk analysis, development roadmap and data protection tips.
Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

This is when we proceed to custom application development with ChatGPT: architecture, scalable back-end, engaging UX/UI and reliable front-end.
Implementation & Integration

Implementation & Integration

The actual coding begins, with our PMI-certified project managers making sure you’re happy with the timelines and quality of our engineering deliverables.
Testing & QA

Testing & QA

We usually cover our software products with ongoing unit-tests, however, in addition, our experienced QA teams perform manual or automation testing to prevent any flaws.
Maintenance & Enhancements

Maintenance & Enhancements

We’re happy to provide post-production support to our delivered products: with L2 and 3 support, bug fixing, product updating and maintenance.

Technology Stack for ChatGPT Integration

OpenAI Services:

  • GPT 3.5
  • GPT 4
  • DaVinci
  • ADA
  • Curie
  • Babbage
  • Whisper
  • Dall.E

Other APIs:

  • Gopher
  • PaLM
  • LaMDA
  • LLaMA & LLaMA 2
  • ClaudeAI
  • Falcon
  • BERT
  • MidJourney

NLP Tools:

  • Transformers
  • NLTK
  • spaCY
  • Gensim
  • Stanford NLP

Chatbot Tools:

  • Dialog Flow
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • IBM Watson Assistant

Our AI Case Studies

Why Choose Waverley For ChatGPT Integration Services?

Why Choose Waverley For ChatGPT Integration Services?

Hands-On ChatGPT Integration Experience

We have proven experience with ChatGPT API integration for businesses that resulted in tangible positive outcomes.

Proven Portfolio of AI & NLP Projects

We have worked with AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision on multiple projects, and we're happy to provide details and customer references.

Problem-Solving Mindset

When working on a solution, we have your business at the core, focusing on your key objectives, desired outcomes and process specifics.

Ultimate Security & IP Protection

We have security and safety as one of our highest priorities. We’re ISO 27001 certified, compliant with GDPR, SOC2, have experience solutions approved by FDA and HIPAA.

Multi-Faceted Team Composition

Waverley is your all-in-one integration services provider. In addition to AI architects, we have teams of data labeling specialists, QA engineers, designers, mobile devs, business analysts and other skills needed for success.

Engagement Models We Offer

ChatGPT Integration Consulting

ChatGPT Integration Consulting

We’ll guide you on the GPT applications in your business, explore risks, answer questions and come up with a road-map.

Full-Cycle API Integration

Full-Cycle API Integration

We’ll take care of the ChatGPT AI integration from the ground up: existing systems audit, solution design, API integration & testing.

AI ChatBot Creation From Scratch

AI ChatBot Creation From Scratch

We’ll create and train an NLP model / LLM from scratch: business logic, solution design, data mining & embedding, model training and integration.

Recent Client Reviews

They support the entire lifecycle and work seamlessly with our US teams on a daily basis. We have open, transparent daily conversations about how to solve complex problems and architectures.

Machine Learning & AI Company

They’ve had a huge impact on our business. Their work is part of the reason we secured investments. They’ve helped us meet our objectives for continuing growth of the company.

– VP Engineering
Finance Management Company

There’s a high bar to meet in terms of the final product’s quality. The quality of their work is their greatest asset. Their work has never been an issue.

– Tim Calaghan
Principal, Palo Colorado LLC

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What is ChatGPT integration?

ChatGPT integration is the process of embedding the ChatGPT API into an existing product or service in order to leverage the functionality of capabilities of this Generative AI tool but in combination with the client’s own data, documents, and process.

Does ChatGPT have an API?

Yes, ChatGPT has an API, which makes it easy for existing software to integrate with GPT 3 or 4. In addition, their new ChatGPT Enterprise package offers extended data protection & privacy configurations so that companies can get the most out of ChatGPT APIs without their data being used for training outside the organization.

How long does it take to integrate ChatGPT into my existing chatbot or application?

Depending on the complexity of your desired features, the scope of your existing application, the API integration itself is fairly easy and can take a couple of weeks. However, the training & optimization of the chatbot, based on your existing data depends on the size of the dataset and can take months. For more accurate timeframes and costs please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Is ChatGPT compliant and secure for user data?

Overall, ChatGPT does have some security concerns, such as being used for malware creation, potential user data leaks, phishing and social engineering risks. However, with a security-savvy team by your side, you can develop your own solution with limited access to your data and mitigate all the potential risks. Moreover, even in the out-of-the-box version of ChatGPT for businesses called ChatGPT Enterprise the data security is addressed.

Which businesses can benefit from ChatGPT integration?

Literally all the businesses that use data in their operations and have any needs in data aggregation, customer services optimizations, etc. There already are applications of ChatGPT in finance, entertainment, education and many other industries.

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