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An experienced C/C++ development company, Waverley builds complex yet elegant firmware and software bringing to life versatile devices and apps. If you’re looking for the best C++ developers out there to help you craft the next big thing – you’ve come to the right place.

Work with Recognized C and C++ Experts

Our C/C++ Development Services

We provide diverse C and C++ development services to make sure our clients get exactly what they need.
C/C++ Consulting Services

C/C++ Consulting Services

Get professional advice on developing your C and C++ solutions, including solution discovery, solution architecture and design, development and testing best practices, and more.
Custom C/C++ Software Development

Custom C/C++ Software Development

Create tailored solutions for your business or end-users that meet your functionality and performance requirements with the utmost precision.
C/C++ Enterprise App Development

C/C++ Enterprise App Development

Build powerful but fast and lightweight enterprise applications with striking performance, portability, and flexibility due to the compiled nature of C and C++.
C/C++ Application Modernization

C/C++ Application Modernization

Breathe new life into your legacy C and C++ software product adding new features and improving the performance, and keep staying ahead of your competitors.
C/C++ Code Optimization

C/C++ Code Optimization

Avoid your C or C++ application getting slow and bulky by making its code more lightweight and readable through rigorous code review and refactoring.
C/C++ Debugging and Maintenance

C/C++ Debugging and Maintenance

Make sure your C and C++ solution delivers top quality to its users by delivering timely bug fixes, security patches, system updates, and further application support.
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C and C++ Solutions Expertise

With C and C++ development services, you can create almost any type of software, including server-side, embedded, desktop, mobile, and embedded applications, as well as middleware and firmware apps.
C/C++ Embedded Software Development

C/C++ Embedded Software Development

Embedded software for IoT and real-time systems that connects sensors, devices, and cloud services; kernel-level programming and board support package development (BSP) to adapt your software to the embedded system’s hardware.
C/C++ Server-Side Development

C/C++ Server-Side Development

Back-end development for web apps, plug-ins, application-level drivers, and applications that run on Windows and Linux Server platforms handling requests, data transfer, communication protocols, networking, etc. among the system components and the client applications and devices.
System-Level Software Development

System-Level Software Development

Low-level programming expertise for the development of add-ons and system utilities, setting up additional system configurations and restrictions, firewalls and intrusion detection software, middleware, bootloaders customization and development, kernel development, and low-level networking.
Firmware Development

Firmware Development

Software for low-level system control for different operating systems, including both real-time OSs (FreeRTOS, QNX, VxWorks, ThreadX) and traditional Windows, Linux, and Mac OS; microcontroller programming for devices with limited hardware capacity and functionality.
Driver Development

Driver Development

Development and update of kernel- or application-level drivers that enable a specific system’s communication, including device initialization, data transfer, power management, and error handling, with hardware devices, such as printers, digital cameras, keyboards, computer storage devices, network cards, etc.
AI and ML Development

AI and ML Development

Implementation of performance-critical components for ML algorithms and in high-performance computing using parallel and distributed computing, as well as in resource-constrained environments for complex tasks, such as computer vision, sensor data analysis, and predictive algorithms.

C and C++ Development Company with Experience


decades in C/C++ development


of projects using C or C++


years average C/C++ project timeline


of C/C++ technology stack

Benefits of C and C++

Benefits of C and C++


C and C++ and development tools for these programming languages have been tried and tested by a broad community of software engineers for decades in multiple applications. Today, they have well-developed code quality standards that guarantee stability, endurance, and data security for products developed with C and C++.


C and C++ are compiled programming languages, meaning they don’t need an interpreter at runtime for their code to be compiled into machine code. Compared with other languages, this saves precious milliseconds for much faster performance in applications with critical real-time data processing.


Whatever digital device you have in front of you – it most likely has at least some part of it running on C or C++ as these languages are the go-to technologies for the development of firmware that makes all the microprocessors and microcontrollers function. Even in the remote control of your TV.


All major OS and CPU manufacturers, as well as hardware manufacturers, provide developer tools and resources that will support cross-platform C and C++ development. This means, your single C/C++ application will easily run on almost every platform without having to make any major changes.


C and C++ underpin many other modern programming languages and their libraries and will perform well on both small and large amounts of data. If you need extra performance for some of your application modules – develop it with C/C++. They are also applicable in resource-intensive systems and high-performance computing.

Our C/C++ Technology Stack

Partnering with Waverley, you’ll work with software engineers who have a deep understanding of C and C++ development technologies and tools.

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse CDT
  • Xcode
  • Code::Blocks
  • gcc
  • clang
  • GNU make
  • CMake

Libraries and Frameworks

  • Boost C++ Libraries
  • STL (Standard Template Library)
  • Qt
  • wxWidgets
  • Poco
  • raw
  • Berkeley sockets
  • libsystemd
  • C++ multithreading
  • Catch2 test framework


  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Dbus
  • CAN
  • CoAP
  • MQTT

Graphic Tools

  • OpenGL
  • DirectX
  • GDI
  • GTK+


  • Yocto/BuildRoot/OpenWRT
  • UBoot
  • Multithreading

Embedded OSs

  • Linux
  • FreeRTOS
  • QNX
  • VxWorks
  • ThreadX

C/C++ Development Services Across Industries

You can find C and C++ applications in almost any life and business domain.


Control and condition monitoring software for power plants and renewable energy farms, energy consumption management, real-time data processing for smart metering and PMUs, battery management, and grid cybersecurity solutions, fault detection and diagnostics algorithms.


High-performance and secure solutions for medical PACS, EHR, patient wearables and device integrations, real-time communication modules in telemedicine, big data analytics in bioinformatics and rule engines for decision support systems.


Embedded engine and brake control systems, in-vehicle infotainment, telematics, such as vehicle tracking or remote diagnostics, on-board diagnostics, ADAS software, airbag and other safety functions, autonomous driving systems, and more real-time performance features.


Firmware, microcontroller, and GPIO programming, IoT (MQTT, CoAP, HTTP), industrial IoT (Modbus, Profibus, OPC UA) communication protocol and wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi) protocol implementation, IoT gateway apps, edge device apps, firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates.


Software for Robot Operating Systems, motion control algorithms for robotic joints, sensor data processing, integration, and interpretation, object recognition, simulation and modeling software, low-level control firmware and middleware, inverse kinematics solutions for manipulator control.

Smart Home

Microcontroller programming, communication protocols (Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth) implementation, home automation hubs, smart lighting software, security and surveillance systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control, and voice assistant integration.


Base station and network infrastructure firmware, communication protocol implementation, including internet TCP/IP and mobile LTE and 5G stacks, media processing libraries, softphones and VoIP applications, virtual network functions development, radio access network control software.

Developer Tools

Compiler, builder, and IDE development, code editors, code formatting and documentation tools, debuggers, profiling tools, version control systems, package managers, memory debugging, continuous integration systems.

C/C++ Success Stories

Find out how we helped our clients empower their businesses with C and C++ software development services.

Why Choose Waverley as your C/C++ Development Partner?

As a C and C++ company, we make sure our software engineers are technology experts in their field, excellent problem-solvers, and responsive team players.
Why Choose Waverley as your C/C++ Development Partner?


C and C++ have been the core technologies in Waverley’s stack ever since the company start, so strong fundamentals, knowledge of advanced language features, best practices of software development and consistent coding, security awareness, and effective debugging make up the basic profiles of every one of our software developers.


We make sure our C and C++ engineers are qualified in must-have C/C++ programming skills, such as knowledge in memory management, pointers, and data structures, object-oriented programming, system-level and low-level programming, performance optimization techniques, and the ability to write platform-independent code.


Our clients appreciate the transparency and culture fit we provide when working with our teams. This includes the ease of communication that our account and project managers can achieve through regular and timely meeting scheduling, appropriate communication channel organization, and data-driven, solution-oriented approach to project management.


Trustful relationship with clients is our key value. Before project start, a team of pre-sales, business analysis, and technology specialists provides our future clients with a detailed and realistic estimate of the scope of work to be done. During the project implementation, the project PM makes sure nothing gets behind the schedule and over the agreed budget.


We know that a successful software product is a high-quality product. To achieve this, we assemble development teams that, in addition to their tech stack, will deeply understand the client’s business domain. We also take a proactive approach to project implementation, making the most of our engineers’ prior development experience to the project’s advantage.

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How experienced are your C/C++ developers?

We are a C and C++ (C plus plus) development company with over three decades of experience. While most of our software engineers are senior-level programmers, we also contribute to nurturing young and progressive specialists under our training and mentorship programs. This way, we make sure our expertise grows internally, with both junior and senior-level developers having plenty of experience to satisfy any client requirements.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for C/C++ projects?

You can hire C/C++ Developers at Waverley following different collaboration models. Following the outstaffing model, our C/C++ engineers can work as a part of our in-house team, closing the specific expertise gap you need. In the outsourcing model, we can assemble an end-to-end development team for your project, including C/C++ developers, to create a product from scratch. We also provide standalone development services, such as project support and maintenance, to help our clients at a specific stage of their software development process.

How do I get started with my C/C++ project with your company?

Starting software projects, we take an individual approach to each of our clients depending on their business needs. There are several ways you can let us know what you need:

  • Fill in the short contact form above the FAQ block and we’ll get back to you.
  • Go to our contact page and tell us more about your business case.
What is C/C++ programming used for?

C and C++ are some of the oldest h programming languages and can be used practically in any software development domain. However, with the development of high-level programming languages, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and many others, which are easier to learn and faster to write code with, C and C++ have become less popular for web and mobile development. On the other hand, they are still indispensable in low-level programming, much needed in such trending domains as IoT, robotics, smart home, AI, and other applications where real-time data processing and control accuracy play the mission-critical role.

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