IoT Development Services

IoT Development Services

Waverley Software is a full-cycle IoT solution provider with over 30 years of experience delivering award-winning custom IoT development services for both renowned tech giants and innovative startups globally.
Shadow Robot builds next-generation robot hands and systems with advanced dexterity. Jibo is a Robotics startup from Boston famous for creating the first social robot for the home.GridPoint is an established innovator in energy management solutions based in Washington DC.Seagate is a global leader in data storage, a California-based hardware manufacturer.Motiv is a personal technology brand focused on making devices that fit seamlessly into people's lives.Toyota is a Japanese automotive company that manufactures and markets vehicles to over 170 countries and regions.ShotSpotter is the leader in gunshot detection solutions from the Bay Area.

What We Do: Our IoT Development Services

We provide all necessary assistance to help you fulfill your technology needs, building scalable, extensible architecture complemented by elegant and carefully thought-out interfaces.
IoT Device Architecture

IoT Device Architecture

Our Internet of things services include the implementation of IoT device architecture – the structure enabling internet-connected devices to communicate with other devices.
IoT Applications Development

IoT Applications Development

A wide range of solutions to interact with devices in real time from the IoT mobile apps to touchscreen consoles.
Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Embedded software includes bootloaders, hardware abstraction layers (peripheral libraries), and business logic apps.
Smart Connectivity

Smart Connectivity

Waverley Software, as an Internet of Things solution company, works with a variety of networking protocols from WiFi and 4G to BLE, MQTT, and Ethernet.
Human-Machine Interfaces

Human-Machine Interfaces

An HMI can range from a physical control panel with buttons and indicator lights to an industrial PC with a color graphics display running dedicated HMI software.
Cloud Infrastructure for IoT

Cloud Infrastructure for IoT

As a part of IoT software development services we have expertise in building cloud-based IoT development services and maintaining cloud infrastructures.


Your One Stop-Shop for IoT App Development Services

We provide all necessary assistance to help you fulfill your technology needs, building scalable, extensible architecture complemented by elegant and carefully thought-out interfaces.



Application-ready systems-on-chip and single-board computers as a quick and accessible technology solution for enhanced system usability and connectivity.



Mobile apps for Apple and Android smartwatches, VR headsets, and other wearable devices.

Signal / Image / Sound Recognition

Signal / Image / Sound Recognition

Audio and image signal processing in Internet of Things systems play an important role and Waverley can help you set it up correctly.



Leveraging beacons for location-based software and applications applied in manufacturing, avionics, or navigation.



IoT sensors are a vital part of IoT software development. They help to detect changes in the environment and collect data.

Middleware Development

Middleware Development

We deliver Device-to-Device, Device-to-Server (Cloud) communication and data management solutions.

How Our IoT Development Services Can Help

Having extensive experience with Internet of Things product design and development, Waverley Software empowers clients with the ability to quickly bring products to market that seamlessly integrate devices, mobile applications, and cloud systems.

Mobile App Development for IoT

With the help of the most innovative mobile development frameworks, our team delivers high-functioning and adaptive mobile applications.

IoT & Machine Learning

Machine learning can help demystify the hidden patterns in IoT data by analyzing massive volumes using data analytics algorithms. We create machine learning apps to help you work with your data in the most efficient way.

Data Management & Analytics

One part of the IoT software development services is data analytics. We help with IoT data accumulation, storage, as well as the updating of data and information retrieval.

Cloud Solutions

As part of our custom IoT development services we build and maintain cloud infrastructures, implement CI/CD, containerization, automated logging and monitoring.

Testing, Support and Maintenance

We provide a complete range of testing, support, and maintenance services throughout the whole IoT hardware and software development processes.

System Integration

As a part of system integration services, we offer architecture and field implementation of sensors, IoT devices, and integration with the software clients use.
Internet Of Things Development mobile image
Internet Of Things Development image

Extensive Experience Building IoT Product Ecosystems

We provide custom IoT development services and have worked with multiple IoT devices and custom hardware, including but not limited to:

  • smart panels (e.g. smart home security panels)
  • boards, sensors (e.g. gunshot detection device)
  • robots (e.g. robotic hands, social robots, etc.)
  • wearables (e.g. a ring-shaped fitness tracker)
  • smart sporting equipment (e.g. smart skiing goggles)
  • household & industrial tools (e.g. a wood-cutting device)
  • custom multimedia devices (e.g. a music player)
  • smart utilities (e.g. energy management solutions)
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weeks on average to start a project team


years in software product development


of team members have PhD degrees


senior-level software engineering staff


long-lasting client partnerships


of probability that we’ve worked with your tech stack

Internet of Things Technologies and Tools We Work With

We have a skilled team of embedded software engineers with decades of experience providing IoT development services and a strong foothold in C, C++, Multithreading, and TCP/IP. We have extensive knowledge of proven architectures and network protocols.


  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • .NET
  • Assembler
  • Node.JS
  • Swift
  • Go
  • Objective-C
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • PHP

Firmware & IoT

  • C/C++, Python, ANSI C
  • Realtime & Multithreading
  • FreeRTOS
  • QNX, VxWorks
  • ThreadX
  • Linux
  • Z-Wave
  • WiFi
  • 4G
  • TCP/IP

Cloud & DevOps

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • The ELK stack
  • Jenkins
  • Chef
  • Maven
  • Docker


  • Scalable
  • Extensible
  • Maintainable
  • Testable
  • Loosely-coupled
  • Data-oriented
  • Microservices/SOA
  • Load balancing
  • IaaS/PaaS/SaaS


  • Scala
  • R
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Mahout
  • Caffe
  • Theano
  • PyTorch

Our IoT Development Expertise Across Industries

As an experienced Internet of Things development company, we provide a full range of IoT application development services across various industries:


Complex energy management and analytics systems for smarter monitoring and optimized energy use in real time.


Improved mapping and location solutions for drones and UAVs, intuitive human interfaces, sensor data analytics, and transfer, or data storage.

Smart Home

Connected smart consoles and touchscreen boards or mobile apps for smart management of heating, lights, and home security solutions.


IoT development for inventory management, logistics, conveyor production, enhancing existing equipment, etc.


Medical equipment and wearables for smart patient monitoring and diagnostics, treatment plans, and data analytics.


As an IoT product development company, we have a proven track record with robotic devices. Helped develop the first social robot for the home.

IoT Case Studies

As an Internet of Things solution company, Waverley Software has successfully delivered multiple projects such as server-side & mobile development for robotics, embedded development for smart homes, AI-powered virtual assistants, face recognition software, hardware testing projects, and more.

Application for a Smart Aroma Diffuser Device

Application for a Smart Aroma Diffuser Device

The Client is working on a number of Smart Home devices aimed at improving the quality of life. They reached us when they needed Internet of Things development services to help with their Smart Aroma Diffuser Device, which diffuses essential oils from the glass bottle directly into the room, without adding any water. Our engineering team worked on the application for iOS and Android that allows controlling the device: from the back-end development all the way to testing and maintenance.

IoT Software for Kitchen Appliances

IoT Software for Kitchen Appliances

The Client is a company designing and building commercial cooking electronics. They were looking for an IoT product development company to get help with a whole range of products: a Bluetooth-controlled cooking stove, smart refrigerator with remote control, an ice maker application. Waverley provided embedded software and mobile engineers to assist with the development of server-side and user interfaces, developed from the client’s wireframes.

Ring-Shaped Fitness Device Software

Ring-Shaped Fitness Device Software

Waverley was hired by a startup developing a ring-shaped fitness tracker as their flagship product. Our embedded engineers assisted the client’s hardware team to develop the necessary drivers for the microchips. Our back-end team helped rewrite the back-end and transition from Python to Java to increase device capabilities. Our mobile team created cloud-based iOS and Android mobile apps to help users control the device and user data analytics for onboarding.

Client Reviews

There are never delays, and we receive quick answers to our questions.

– Seagate
Team Leader, QA

Their beliefs are consistent with what are considered best practices today.

– Robotics Startup
Head of Security & Privacy

Thanks to their excellent technical proficiency, Waverley Software produced high-quality deliverables for our company.

– Alarm Company
Sr. Engineer

Reasons for Choosing Waverley for IoT Development

Reasons for Choosing Waverley for IoT Development

Customized Service

We will guide you through the whole process of IoT application development services from scratch. We will carefully analyze your business objectives and needs and create a future-proof, well thought-out solution that will make a big positive difference in your business.

Proven Solutions

We successfully delivered many projects such as server-side & mobile app development for robotics, embedded development for smart homes, AI-powered virtual assistants. Our IoT solutions have received positive reviews of end users and even industry awards.

Experienced Team

As an IoT product development company with 30 years of experience we will provide all necessary assistance. Our team consists of experienced engineers who delivered multiple IoT projects, we also have a team of business analysts, designers, mobile developers, DevOps & Cloud Experts, BI analysts and other specialists you can engage with your project as needed.

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What is your typical process for IoT Application Development?

When it comes to IoT software development, we can distinguish the following steps:

  1. Define the requirements for the application
  2. Choose the right hardware
  3. Find the right connectivity protocols
  4. Ensure the firmware is well equipped
  5. Pick the right cloud platform to host the solution
  6. Design the solution and all its components
  7. Test it on an ongoing basis
How much does IoT development cost?

The cost of Internet of Things development services varies greatly depending on multiple factors:

  • App complexity (i.e. number of features)
  • Application security level
  • Number of API integrations
  • Operating system
  • Type of the interface application (mobile or web)
  • UI/UX design complexity (i.e. how many screens need to be coded)
  • The number of future users
  • Additional capabilities (ML, Blockchain, etc)
What are the types of IoT software you can develop?

Our IT specialists work with both the Enterprise or Industrial IoT and Consumer IoT. The distinction between Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT is mainly in the applications, devices, sensor data, and technologies used to achieve a purpose. Our industrial IoT devices include beacons, RFID Tags, sensors, etc, while working for consumer IoT companies we create software for wearables, healthcare devices, connected cars, and smart homes.

What are the 4 types of IoT?

The 4 Types of IoT Platforms:

  1. IoT Connectivity Platforms. An IoT Connectivity Platform manages and monitors the communication protocols that connect devices across WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile internet.
  2. IoT Device Management Platforms. An IoT device management platform is a software solution that unifies and simplifies the management of IoT devices and software. It is synonymous with a connected devices platform.
  3. IoT Application Enablement Platforms. An application enablement platform is an enterprise IoT platform that enables the creation of IoT applications and allows organizations to scale to millions of devices with very little code.
  4. IoT Analytics Platforms. Smart devices—from factory machinery to office appliances—can assist with task automation and reveal insights about a company, building, employees, and customers. Connected assets help track details related to output, performance, and engagement with software platforms, employees, customers, and other applications connected to a network. IoT analytics solutions empower business users to sort and make sense of these findings.

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