Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program for Retail

For our Retail clients, Waverley Blockchain engineers developed a transparent, secure loyalty rewards system, where customers’ loyalty points are tokenized and stored in their mobile wallet.

Our Client

A multi-brand retail company turned to us when they wanted to transform their loyalty program. Their attempts to establish, maintain and secure their loyalty programs had been ineffective. They were frustrated by the low usage rate. Their customers found their loyalty programs confusing and overly complicated, which was reflected in low engagement rates and the resulting lack of loyalty.


Project Analysis

The Client needed to build a high-performance loyalty system that was reliable and in compliance with our clients requirements:

  • Transparency for both the issuing company and their customers
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Ability to sustain large amounts of customer data
  • High level of security, protection against forgery
  • Fast implementation process

Waverley Solution

In order to shorten the implementation time, we decided to use the TokenD platform. In a few months, the team of Blockchain professionals:

  • created a loyalty program infrastructure, where loyalty rewards are tokenized and stored in the mobile wallet
  • enabled user management, payment gateways, and internal exchange
  • developed a secure user management system
  • ensured full control over the loyalty points creation, trading and redeeming
  • applied Blockchain ledgers to ensure data auditability and traceability

The TokenD Platform

TokenD is a white-label Blockchain platform that consists of production-ready functionality such as mobile wallets, admin panel and integrations with external systems. The platform helps companies avoid the expenses associated with hiring an in-house Blockchain development team and building a solution from scratch. It offers the necessary SDK documentation and intuitive REST API to minimize customization time and efforts.


The Client received a transparent and reliable Blockchain-based loyalty system with improved security and easier user management, while also providing a faster and more tailored user experience for their customers.

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