Gridpoint: iOS & Android Apps for Energy Analytics

Designed and built native iPhone, iPad and Android applications to integrate with the client’s cloud-based energy analytics platform, enabling smart energy management for users on a device-by-device basis in real time. Created a unique design language that the client adopted for their desktop product.


was founded in 2003 and is based in Arlington, Virginia. The company is a leader in comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions (EMS) leveraging the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics and cloud computing to maximize energy savings. GridPoint solutions are deployed at more than 11,000 sites with billions of customer data points collected. Customers include six of the top 10 US retailers by total sales, four of the top 10 US casual dining restaurants, seven of the top 20 US quick-serve restaurants, leading commercial and industrial enterprises and major governmental and educational institutions.

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GridPoint asked Waverley to help them bring their cloud-based energy analytics platform onto mobile devices, thereby enabling facility managers, energy managers and other users to access their granular data from anywhere in real time. We worked with GridPoint to design and develop native iPhone, iPad, Android client apps integrated with a cloud-based system, allowing mobile customers to view energy usage on a device-by-device basis across multiple sites. By March 2014 iOS app had been available on App Store. The Android version came out in October 2014.


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Working with Grid Point’s product management and internal engineering staff we gained a thorough understanding of their cloud-based energy analytics platform and then designed and engineered highly-customized apps for iPhone and iPad. At the same time, we built Grid Point a scalable and easy-to-use Android app, fully identical in its functionality.


Waverley quickly prioritized the feature set for mobile apps according to the anticipated user base.


We designed a fresh iOS 7-compliant UI for the iOS-app and a bright user-friendly interface for Android.


We developed the client apps from scratch, utilizing Grid Point API and in coordination with Grid Point’s internal engineers for the server side. At the same time, Waverley created an identical app for Android phones and tablets.


Waverley integrated QA throughout the Agile design and development process. Based on a variety of test documents (test plan, test and use cases, test coverage, test reports) the QA team worked closely with designers and developers to deliver beautiful and easy-to-use iOS and Android apps.


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Duration years
TEAM specialists

We measure the success of projects based on whether they are on time, on budget and match scope. Waverley’s team has repeatedly exceeded my expectations in all three dimensions.”

Mark Danzenbaker SVP Sales Marketing and Product Management GridPoint


After detailed client interviews and discovery sessions, our designers built an attractive mobile UI that enables users to navigate through a rich set of tables, graphs and list-based information on a four-inch screen. We made the app more friendly by adding a “Choose Column” function that enables users to customize the display so that the most important data are immediately visible with minimal scrolling. The UI also makes use of overlays and transparency to direct the user and speed navigation. The “design language” Waverley create proved so popular at GridPoint they extended it to the company’s Web product version.

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All project work was done using Agile methodology with transparent progress tracking. The team interacted directly with product owners during daily stand-ups. Daily status reports were delivered according to the agreed-upon schedule. GridPoint actively participated in the design, testing, and development of their mobile applications.

Waverley design, QA, and development team continued to work closely with GridPoint to map and extend the existing feature set to a much bigger iPad screen, allowing more data to be displayed simultaneously.

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Our QA engineer ensured that all bugs are reported in a bug tracking system (Jira, Pivotal, Redmine, etc.) and immediately assigned to a developer to be resolved. The QA Lead reviewed each bug and monitored the bug life cycle.


Waverley continues to cooperate closely with the server-side developers at Gridpoint, assisting them in creation of the new API.

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GridPoint customers now have a means to access critical data on their mobile devices, extending the reach, convenience, and efficacy of GridPoint’s cloud-based energy analytics platform.

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