Nespresso: iOS Application for Coffee Retail

For our client, Nestle Nespresso, Waverley created a native CMS-based iPad application with enhanced performance, full customization and support for different regions. One of the client’s requirements was that the app could be used in various luxury brand boutiques all over the world.


Nespresso is an exclusive luxury brand with over 300 boutiques in almost 60 countries. In 2012, Nestle Nespresso, in collaboration with Swiss digital marketing agency Creatives SA, developed a consumer-facing native iPad Retail App for the Nespresso boutique in San Francisco, California. After the total success of the app, Nespresso decided to enhance the app’s performance and roll it out worldwide.


Nespresso reached out to Waverley, requesting to build a new version of their iPad app with an extended interface that could be used across the globe.



The app needed to be customized for different markets so Waverley decided to build a CMS and rebuild the original legacy code, transforming hardwired images, product descriptions and other types of content into CMS calls.

Throughout the rebuilding and refinement of the Nespresso retail app, from 2012 through 2014, Waverley put quality first while maintaining flexibility, which was exactly what this client needed."

– Philip Baertschi
Managing Partner, Creatives


Waverley built a Django-based CMS that supports REST API, building inheritance into the language packages of the CMS to handle various regions with intelligence and efficiency.

Challenge: in order to avoid overloading the server with copies of media files, the engineering team suggested to save only the difference between packages through inheritance. The server could then calculate this difference to deliver the final package. Redis was used for caching purposes to improve speed.



Besides super admins who could create packages for end markets, the Local Admin UI was added to enable boutique staff to further customize the content of Retail App screens according to the particular product mix and inventory carried in their boutique.


  • Incorporated many more SKUs tied to the new VertuoLine.
  • Provided the ability to display only the Original Line for certain markets.
  • Enabled portrait-orientation for all screens and devices.
  • Added support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.


Support and Maintenance

After the new iPad models were released, there was a need to expand the list of supported devices. Waverley provided the ongoing stabilization and performance tuning of the Retail App.


Now Nespresso has a state-of-the-art tool that noticeably enhances customer experience in Nespresso boutiques around the world. Despite the fact that the team was distributed across multiple time zones, Waverley and Creatives SA joined forces to successfully produce world-class mobile software for a global brand.

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