Native Mobile Social Platforms for Disaster Preparations

Created iOS and Android versions of one of the first social networks for disaster prepper. Built all functionality from scratch, including a reliable and secure CMS, offline mapping, social and shopping features.

was founded in 2012, based in Santa Clara, California. Privately-held, Ready.FM is the brainchild of Brian Venneman, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur. Individuals actively preparing for possible disruptions in political or social order (aka “preppers”) have, with the advent of the Web and social media, formed communities to share opinions, advice and best practices. And while there are dozens of apps, from smartphone-based wilderness manuals to “smart SOS” generators to meet some of this community’s needs, as of 2012 there weren’t any apps where preppers could socialize and shop. That is why Ready.Fm appeared.



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In mid-2013 the founder reached out to COG1 for UX and visual designs for Ready’s website and mobile app. COG1 then reached out to Waverley to build the first Ready.FM mobile app as a native iOS app. The task was to:

  • create native Android and iOS applications
  • build a reliable and secure CMS
  • implement offline mapping
  • add new functionalit
  • ongoing QA, bug tracking and fixing
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Over the ensuing months, Waverley became the development arm of Ready, with COG1 continuing to provide UX and visual design services. The previously chosen fixed bid model proved inefficient, that is why both parties agreed to switch to the dedicated team engagement model. Waverley Kharkiv office in Ukraine became home to a dedicated team of developers building and maintaining Ready’s apps for both iOS and Android and working full-time.











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iOS/Android Applications

Most of the work was focused on 3 areas: iOS, Android, and Server Side. The app was developed and released in summer 2014. The functionality includes:

  • putting together emergency kits
  • creating maps with important routes
  • subscription to content feeds for survival-related materials, such as security, shelter, and hydration
  • following other users to see what they’ve been posting about prepping,
  • leaving comments
  • sending private messages with priority ratings and location
  • in-app purchases
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In summer 2014 Ready introduced the very first version of its iPhone app to the Apple App Store, which provided the necessary functionality. The initial user feedback provided the impetus for a redesign of certain key features and the overall user experience was enhanced in both apps to fully adjust it to the users’ needs. Ready.FM became one of the first social networks for preppers, featured in numerous reviews and media sources.

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