Product Development for Robotic Process Automation

Waverley engineers helped the leader in robotic process automation to fully move a .NET-based product into Java while expanding functionality.

The Client

The Client is a US-based software company focused on robotic process automation for enterprises. Operating in more than 90 countries, the software company develops RPA products for the leading companies in Finance, BPO, Healthcare, Technology, and Insurance. The company’s product helps enterprises deploy a digital workforce to streamline business processes with the help of software bots, traditional RPA and cognitive elements such as natural language processing and reading unstructured data.

Project Analysis

The client already had an existing product, a .NET-based application that simplified and streamlined the business process by performing a number of tasks, such as structuring business data, keeping track of actions, automatically assigning tasks, managing vacancies, categorizing, etc.

The product was already in use, but because it had been created with .NET, all the libraries, environments, and services it used consumed a vast amount of the company’s budget. To optimize cost and performance, the decision was made to convert the product to Java. Because the client didn’t possess the necessary Java expertise in-house, they reached out to Waverley with a request to rewrite the existing application in Java, preserve all the existing features, and add new functionality.

Our Solution

Waverley quickly provided two teams of engineers who conducted a thorough investigation of the existing product and suggested an architecture solution to handle the project’s core tasks. Waverley engineers developed and launched from scratch a general reliability version of the product, which supported both Windows and the web clients.

Per the client’s request, the team also expanded the list of features to include new capabilities. Waverley was in charge of the server-side, allowing for access management, enabling the process of working with users and licenses, and allowing for the processing of PDF and Excel files. The engineers migrated the whole database written in .NET into Java and developed:

  • an encryption module to ensure the data were stored securely
  • a module which planned the tasks for bots and provided data visualization
  • a user management and authorization module, credentials load
  • an additional framework, a bot capable of gathering advanced analytics and business intelligence, later integrated into the main product
  • a marketplace helping to deploy and set up various business automation tools


The dedicated team of Waverley engineers, supervised by an experienced project manager, was located in Ukraine but nevertheless maintained constant communication with the client’s team in the US and India. The Waverley team consulted on the technology side and created the basis for the product architecture. Because the client had established a core technology team in the US, the engineers provided regular reports. All issues were discussed during daily meetings with the client. One of the challenges involved ensuring the communication remained efficient despite the dispersed locations of the client’s team (the US and India). However, the challenge was easily overcome by means of excellent planning and the right tools. The documentation was kept in JIRA and partly in Confluence.


The product has been on the market for 1.5 years and has already proven to be a successful solution for businesses. The product offers an individual approach for every client and is easy to use, resulting in the automation of business tasks and improved efficiency for companies across various industries.

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