Sococo: iOS Application for the Virtual Office System

Waverley engineers developed an iOS version of the popular communication tool for distributed teams.  Assisted in creating two separate fully-customized UI designs for iPhone and iPad, re-interpreting the existing desktop experience for mobile users.


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Sococo (Social Communications Company), was formed to change the way people interact via online networks. Sococo’s flagship product, Team Space, offers a bird’s-eye view of a virtual office floor where you can see who’s around and what’s going on, regardless of everyone’s actual physical location. Sococo contacted Waverley in the late 2011 to re-write Team Space for Apple iPad. As this first project was almost finished, the client also asked Waverley to develop an iPhone version of the product, which was launched in mid-2014.

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A revolutionary application by Sococo, which enables Agile distributed teams to communicate and share information was available for Mac and Windows and had a growing subscriber base. Working closely with Sococo’s in-house development team, we:

  • took on the entire development of the iOS mobile versions of Team Space, re-interpreted and re-created the desktop experience of Team Space for iPad and iPhone, which required two different designs.
  • worked with Sococo’s UI designers to craft, implement and test the mobile version of Team Space, following strict design criteria, implementing changing requirements and frequent updates to the desktop and mobile APIs.
  • Integrated the output of Waverley Bulgaria-based team with the work of a stateside developer responsible for the “shared screen” function.


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Waverley engineers worked with an undocumented API and built the mobile client-side without having access to the desktop client code. The Waverley team, which started as two engineers charged with a fairly straightforward “integration” soon expanded to four developers as the complexity of the tasks became clear. Waverley also built many UI elements from scratch to accommodate the highly customized look of Team Space. For iPad these included a left-sided split-view controller, a custom navigation bar and controller, a custom tableview and custom handling of touch events. For the iPhone these consisted of custom tableviews, avatar animations, and popovers.







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Duration years
TEAM specialists

iOS/iPAD Applications

As computing was becoming mobile and tablet sales were growing, more and more users (including Waverley management team) have turned to Team Space on iOS, enabling convenient teleconferences while on the move. Sococo’s early investment in mobile versions of its flagship product proved prescient. The product’s carefully crafted UI, consistent look and feel across devices and platforms and advanced noise cancellation technology have made Team Space one of the leaders on the market.

Quality Assurance

All tests were run on the actual mobile devices since Sococo’s libraries would not compile on simulators.

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Waverley continued to refine and update iOS versions of Team Space for iPad and iPhone for over two years in both Bulgaria and Ukraine as Apple’s devices and iOS itself were evolving.

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