YouSendIt: Web And Mobile Applications for File Sharing

In partnership with the global digital content sharing service ported their Windows product for distributed team collaboration into Mac platform, delivered an application for iPhone and multiple plugins, thus significantly expanding the client’s user base.


(since 2013 – Hightail) was launched in 2004 and quickly became the trusted leader in digital content delivery. Within a few years, over eight million people were trusting YouSendIt to instantly and securely send, receive and track large and important digital content. Offering convenient sending solutions including plug-ins for applications like MS Outlook and Adobe Photoshop, YouSendIt allows users to use its service without leaving their work environment. Waverley, with extensive experience in Mac application development, was a natural partner.


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YouSendIt (currently Hightail) had built and marketed a highly successful and popular file delivery application running on Windows. In the same period, Apple’s desktop and laptop computers were gaining significant market share, and YouSendIt needed a partner to port YouSendIt’s digital content delivery application to the Mac platform. They chose Waverley Software. The task was to provide Mac OS X expertise to bring YouSendIt’s Windows application and plugins to a wider audience. This mandate was eventually expanded: a single development partner that could handle YouSendIt’s Windows and Mac products and future product roadmap.


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Yours is the finest offshore development team I have had the pleasure of working with…

Tim Leiter Desktop Engineering YouSendIt


Waverley delivered a native Mac solution that maximized common code across both platforms. Waverley’s further expertise with specific Mac applications allowed  to deliver critical plugin support for popular Mac applications. Based on the excellent relationship which developed, YouSendIt expanded Waverley’s mandate to include the entire YouSendIt desktop software lineup for both Mac and Windows platforms. Waverley ended up delivering YouSendIt’s Mac Express application, Windows Express application, iPhone Express application, and plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, Apple Aperture, Apple Final Cut Pro and Microsoft Outlook.

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The application is all about creative collaboration. It allows users to collect feedback on visual files, add comments to images, videos, PDFs, presentations and more. It provides a task management feature, possibility to get approvals, work with business plans. It allows creative teams to work from anywhere with web, desktop and mobile devices.

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