Waverley News Digest #32 (Dec’20)

This is a periodical journal of the company’s most recent news and events. What’s new at Waverley?

Newcomers, welcome aboard!

Vitaliy Orehov –   JavaScript Engineer, Reprise (Kharkiv)

I’m a friendly, cheerful, and trustworthy person. If I had no need to earn money, I think I would travel, do sports, play computer games, and read books. For me, the best place in the whole world is where my family is. I don’t have any plans for this year yet, but I’m open to suggestions 😉

Mykhailo Bryndzak – JavaScript Engineer,  MUSE (Lviv)

I can describe myself as an open and communicative personality. If I didn’t have to earn a living, I’d be busy developing something new and creating patents. My favorite place on earth is with my friends. This year, I have a plan to take up yachting courses.

Serhii Kalyuzhniy  -.Net Engineer, Spirax Sarco (Kharkiv)

To be honest, I don’t know which three words I could use to characterize myself best. But if I didn’t have to earn money, I would travel around the world. My favorite place on the planet is Dubai. As for plans for this year, I haven’t decided yet.

Marharyta Burmenko – Recruiting Assistant, Kharkiv

I can describe myself as a determined, reliable, and sociable person. If I didn’t have to work to earn money, I would travel and buy myself a horse stable. The best place on earth for me is Punta Cana,  the Dominican Republic. This year, buying a horse

Maria Iatsun – Recruiting Assistant, Kharkiv

I find myself cheerful, truthful, and diligent. If i didn’t need to earn money and work, I would travel in the sea and in the mountains. As for my favorite spot in the world, it’s the countries of the New World. This year, I have crocheting a carpet in my plans!

Rich Sadowski – CTO, USA (Part-Time)

Some of you guys already know me, as I’ve been Waverley’s client for 7 years working with Jibo and Plannuh.
I can describe my occupation as a tech startups adviser having exceptional team building skills. I also work as a business technical executive fostering win/win partnerships. I’ve been named to Computerworld Premier 100 top IT professionals along with Jolt Cola Awards, Editor’s Choice and many US and foreign Patents. As a personality, I’m passionate about dogs, guitars, technology, and life in general.

Techtalks: Waverley speakers rock!

Alexandr Subota conducted a workshop “Ready, Steady, Flutter!”

This was an event for those who had heard about Flutter and had always wanted to try cross-platform development but didn’t dare to start. In the workshop, the participants could practice in writing their own application with Flutter, learn how to create UI, simply manage the state of their app, and find out in what way development with Flutter is different from development in other languages and technologies. The target audience of the event are front-end, Android, and iOS developers, especially those who hadn’t worked with Flutter. Anyone with level higher than Strong Junior could easily participate. Now, you can find the event recording here

“Architecture High Availability and Reliability” by Olena Sharovar and Bohdan Kozlow

Olena and Bohdan made a presentation based on project Headnote: “Architecture High Availability and Reliability” summing up the year of  what they had to do and re-do to increase availability/reliability. If you missed this event, you can watch the  recording here.

Non-tech Talks

Emotional and Physical Well-Being

Last month, Iryna Timonovskaya and Viktoria Pidkovka held a series of non-tech presentations on keeping your emotional and physical well-being during the “covid-affected” period. Our HR specialist Ira taught us about the methods of recharging and the sources of gaining life energy, and Vika provided some tips on how to focus on useful and purposeful activities, stay right-minded, and have a balanced life. You still have the chance to catch up using this link.

New Exciting Projects


LIQUIDsports is a fantasy sports-wagering platform. This means that they will be providing a similar to betting experience, however, winning will primarily be determined by skill, not luck. This is not gambling, but rather a kind of daily fantasy sports, similar to DraftKings or FanDuel. So far, we are working on the Discovery phase with Alla Nabatova.


SensorMedia gives wireless and electronic retailers the power to control any screen in store. This highly scalable enterprise SaaS solution is used in more than 15 countries across thousands of devices. The Waverley team started the collaboration with the Discovery Phase and Design with Michael Maistrov.

Waverley Blog

Waverley Pulse Report 2020: How We Made It

Review how the year 2020 passed at Waverley Software, how we changed, what happened in the company, and what we achieved.

Announcements: Pay Attention!

Mike Laptyev will be providing personal consultations for team members

Mike Laptyev will continue sharing his QA and testing experience and expertise. But. we offer you an unusual event format this time. To make sure the knowledge sharing process is efficient and each participant has the opportunity to hear answers to all of their questions, Mike will be holding tech sessions in 1:1 format with every QA engineer at Waverley willing to take part.

If you want to organize this “personal” tech talk with Mike, send him a private message in Google Chat, specifying the topic of your interest, and set the meeting time.

Happened In December

Congratulations on a newborn baby!

Anastasia Poltavskaya and Oleksandr Rastvorov have become the parents of a baby-girl. Congratulations to your family on the newborn and we wish you amazing days together ahead.

Earn Value Points for a recommendation of your friend!

Besides a huge Thank You for your help with closing one of the Waverley open positions, we initiate value points for a recommendation! Everyone who recommends a candidate to any of our open positions, will have a chance to earn up to 4 extra value points! These points will count separately (after successfully passing each stage): 1 point after the tech interview, 1 – after the client interview, 1 – when the candidate joins Waverley, and the last one – after the adaptation period. 
This year, we have a plan to prepare a Catalogue, where every owner of value points can “buy” something useful and interesting for them. 
If you are not familiar with the CTO value points system, please, check this presentation.

New channels by interests in Google Chat! Join now!

A new special room for pet owners was created on Google Chat. If you have a funny dog/cat/parrot or anyone else – post their photos or videos and get everyone in a great mood on the Pets channel.

Do you adore cinematography or feel strong in serials and can discuss this topic all night long? You will really like our new channel – Films discussions.

And one more new channel for game-lovers. There is a special room Games channel where looking for partners to play a game with becomes easy.  

Do you like running or jogging? You probably should join the Running channel.

To join one or all of these rooms, go to Google Chat > Search filed> Browse all rooms and chats, then pick and join the ones you like. 

Smell the aroma of a printed magazine! The first issue of Waverlize was printed. 

Hurray! Waverley Santa delivered everyone a Christmas Season package.  In addition to great gifts, there you could find the Waverlize magazine. This is the first printed magazine of Waverley which includes exciting interviews with our co-workers and other interesting stories. We would like to thank every person, who shared their story and became a part of the first edition of our magazine: Eugene Bogatyiov, Mike Laptev, Pavlo Dobronos, Orest Tsitsila, Andrew Osetrov, Matt Brown, Galina Lomeyko and Oleksandr Kryvuts, Eugene Svichkar, Orysia Feduniak, Sergiy Korol, Viktoriya Pidkovka, Anton Shygimaga, Olga Kashuba, Alina Derenska, Alice Medovska, Eugene Derevyanko.
For journal preparation, many thanks to Olga Kashuba, Viktoriya Pidkovka, Orysia Feduniak, Iryna Hladun, Mike Maistrov, Liubov Chorna!
We are waiting for your ideas and suggestions to start working on the second edition! Share your opinion here.

Final All Hands Meeting of 2020

On December 24, we held an All Hands Meeting to sum up the year 2020. Along with reviewing the results and achievements, we received holiday greetings from our global team from the USA, Vietnam and Canada (see the videos).
In case you missed it, here are the meeting recording and the presentation.
And here are some highlights of how we lived through 2020.