Waverley News Digest #34 (Feb’21)

This is a periodical journal of the company’s most recent news and events. What’s new at Waverley?

Newcomers, welcome aboard!

Olha Yakovenko – Recruiting Assistant (Kharkiv)

I’m a responsible, caring, and cheerful person. If I didn’t have to earn money, I would be a volunteer helping the elderly and taking care of animals, and would also work in the garden. The best place in the whole world for me is my summer house. This year, I’m planning to plant my garden and organize the lawn.

Ivan Yeremenko – JavaScript Engineer, Reprise (Remote/Odesa)

Technology, sleeping, and surfing are the three things that best describe me. If there was no need for me to work and earn money, I would travel around the world in search of ideal tides and conquer them on my surfboard. My favorite place in the world is Sri Lanka. This year, I’m going to snowboard in the Alps.

Alexander Priadko – JavaScript Engineer, Reprise (Kharkiv)

Carefulness, sympathy, and sensitivity are my main characteristics. If I didn’t have to make a living, I think I would do the same thing, but on a bigger scale – develop my own startup. The best place on earth for me is the city of Porto, Portugal. This year, it would be great to spend several weeks in the Carribeans. 

Olexandr Chehotskiy – .Net Engineer, Spirax Sarco (Lviv)

As for my personality, I think other people can describe it better than myself =) If I were able to not work, I would still do programming. The best place in the world for me is my home. My top plan for this year is getting the COVID-19 vaccination. 

Andrii Orel – .Net Engineer, Muse (Kharkiv)

I’m a responsible, hard-working, and outgoing person. If I didn’t need to work, I would travel a lot. My favorite place on earth is my home. This year, I’d like to try to work remotely from another country.

Rostislav Krasnikov – Outbound Marketing Specialist (Kharkiv)

I’m opportunistic, cautious, and cheerful. If I didn’t have to make a living, I would do something crazy: buy an island, organize a settlement of dwarfs, then another one, then make them quarrel, and turn all this into a TV show! The best place in the world for me is my home with the woman I love and my dog.  This year, I have a plan to create a SaaS  solution for automation of some marketing operations.

Dmytro Biruk –  QA Engineer, (Lviv)

I can describe myself as a serious, thoughtful, and bold person =) If I didn’t need to work, I would play games and shoot videos for YouTube. My favorite place in the world is my grandma’s house. This year, I want to travel abroad, no matter the country.

Evgeniy Pliska – QA Engineer, Spirax Sarco (Kyiv)

“Always keep your word” is the phrase that best describes my personality. If I didn’t need to work, I would be into music. The best place for me is my home. I would like to go diving this year.

Techtalks: Waverley speakers rock!

IoT TechWave with Serhii Korol

On March 2, Serhii Korol conducted the second Waverley’s TechWave event. The YouTube stream gathered more than 30 attendees interested to learn how to build an offline voice assistant. A big thanks to Serhii Korol for sharing his useful experience with the audience. You can watch the recording here.

Do you want to give a speech on something interesting?
To do this, register in the 2021 Tech-talks plan and Non-tech talks plan

Take a look at our Policies

Internal Freelance now described in the Policy

Internal Freelance is a special opportunity for all billable Team Members at Waverley. This means that engineers have the chance to work on additional projects beside their main project and, of course, earn more for doing so… Taking part in the Internal Freelance program can help team members develop their skills that they don’t normally get to use on projects, pick up entirely new skills and also get the chance to collaborate with other Waverley team members they don’t interact with as often.,
You can learn more about this process in our Internal Freelance Policy.

Client`s News

Command Panel by Alarm.com got 1,000,000 clients

The product of our client, Alarm.com, has recently got its millionth client. The ADT Command Panel allows the securing of smart homes (lights, locks, thermostats, and more) from one easy-to-use interface. We share our congratulations to the Alarm.com team and the Waverley Embedded Team of Vitaliy Labyk, Serhii Novyk and Maksym Herasymenko for creating a product trusted by millions.

New Exciting Projects

Spirax Gestra

Gestra is a subsidiary of Spirax Sarco company, our UK-based client. Gestra is based in Germany and is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heating and processing fluid control. The Waverley team is working on the migration of a steam separator module. The project is being built from scratch. We are now working on the discovery phase with Anton Shygimaga. The further steps include design and development using .NET, Angular and MATLAB technologies.

Waverley Blog

QUIZ: How Good is Your Software Testing Process?

Software testing is invaluable in providing your end-users with a fully functional, scalable, and accessible product and a seamless, bug-free user experience. But only when it’s done right. Waverley QA Team with Mike Laptiev and Olexiy Onyshchenko prepared a quiz to help companies check if their software quality assurance process is up to global standards and is sufficient to fully cover all aspects of their product development.

How Can AI Applications Help FinTech Companies

The future of FinTech? How does it look like? Our guess is, automated and data-driven. We prepared a detailed overview of all the ways Finance & Banking companies can benefit from AI & ML technologies.

Announcements: Pay Attention!

Meet the Managing Director of Waverley Bolivia

We are happy to welcome Andrea Gandarillas, Managing Director of Waverley Bolivia. Andrea’s role is to grow the Waverley Bolivia office. Andrea’s background includes Project and QA management with focus on quality, testing strategy, and delivering high-quality results. Looking forward to working with Andrea!

Rich Sadowskiy is going to join English Speaking Club

We fully support the Waverley team in their willingness to learn and improve their English skills. It’s been almost a year since we launched English speaking club at Waverley. The clubs are run by Matt Brown, Waverley’s Founder & CEO, Patti Gosselin, Waverley’s COO and the teacher and native speaker Samuel Mandic. This month, we announce the start of the speaking club with Rich Sadowsky, Waverley’s CTO. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the details soon.

Waverley Satisfaction Survey: your input is extremely important!

Dear All, it’s March already, which means that traditionally we’ll conduct our annual Waverley Satisfaction Survey. We remind you that it’s a chance for every team member to express their opinion about the quality of working conditions, the atmosphere, the general environment, and make suggestions or even say ‘Thank You’.
Announcement will be posted soon and it goes together with the report of work done for the last year!

Webinar “Software Outsourcing For Startups”

On March 10th, Waverley invites startup founders and investors to our Webinar: “Software Outsourcing For Startups”. Matt Brown, Mark Andrews and Rich Sadowskiy will share their experiences on how to streamline the development, solve the hiring dilemma and optimize engineering costs to ensure the highest ROI on investments.
The event is aimed to get new contacts and possibly new clients. If you are interested to join to learn about Matt’s, Mark’s and Rich’s experience, get your free ticket here.

8th of March – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Waverley expresses its respect and admiration to all our female team members. It’s another good time to say “Thank You” to your colleagues, which will be rewarded with a sweet gift from Waverley. Fill out the form here.
And don’t forget that on Monday, March 8th we have the day off!

Traditional KAYAK TRIP – Are you READY?

The Kayak Trip has been a summer-starting tradition at Waverley for years now. Last year, we had a record number of persons who dared to join – 49 Waverley team members and their beloved ones. It was a fun and unforgettable experience. Judging by your feedback, those who had done it for the first time – didn’t regret it. This is a great chance to spend the weekend actively, get inspired by nature and get to know your colleagues better.

That’s what “One Waverley – One Team” stands for!

Before we start organizing everything, as usual, we need to gather at least 40 people. So, we are waiting for the eager ones 🙂

Also, we remind everyone (and inform the newcomers) that we always run our kayak trip with super organizers who take care of literally everything: they carry our bags, set up the tents for us, cook, provide the  dishes, and can even bring beer from Okhtyrka.
By popular demand, this year we are organizing two trips, so that nobody has to miss the event because of overlapping vacation 😉

Here are the dates: 

  • The first one: June 5 – 6 traditionally the opening of the season.
  • The second one: July 31 – August 1 enjoying the warm weather.

Roadmap: on the river Vorskla, we will most probably start in Klimentovo-Pyliovka (we are still working on details).

You can take your loved ones, kids, and dogs with you 🙂

The price of the trip will be announced as soon as we know the exact days of the trip.
The trip price includes:

  • Kayak and paddle rental; Tent, sleeping bag, and mat rental; Campfire and bivouac equipment rental; Plastic furniture and shed rental.
  • First aid kit and repair kit.
  • Instructor support.
  • Meals.
  • Kayak and common stuff delivery to the river and back; group and personal baggage delivery to the campsite.

Additional expenses will include transfer, kebab, and drinks.

Everybody willing to participate is welcome to join the dedicated room on Chat #Kayaking.

Registration is here. There you will also find other trip details and the registration board.