Blockchain Frameworks Integration

Blockchain Frameworks

We help businesses integrate the world’s best Blockchain platforms and solutions into their existing products.

Partner With Leading Blockchain Developers

We partner with companies whose expertise in Blockchain and crypto science is proven and unparalleled. One of these companies is Bitfury – a renowned innovator and leader in the world’s Blockchain community.


The Rust language, used for these frameworks, is the most secure programming language to date; high speed and thread safety are guaranteed.


Our frameworks can be adjusted to any project, and integrated with any system and technology. The environment naturally scales to production.


The ready-made frameworks help avoid the need to develop everything from scratch; this minimizes development time and reduces expenses.


Our user-friendly light client communicates with your backend code and delivers results, working with any device: PS, smartphone, USB token.
Partner With Leading Blockchain Developers

The Integration Process: Step by Step

Many businesses have already integrated our suggested frameworks, proving that our easy and refined process provides maximum ROI while optimizing product development time and cost.
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Why Order Blockchain Platform Integration at Waverley:

A trusted software engineering partner for businesses globally, with a proven track record of projects across industries.


Senior software engineering staff


Long-term client partnerships


team members have Ph.D. degrees


Enterprise-level clients vs. startups

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