How to Hire Experienced Flutter Developers

How to Hire Experienced Flutter Developers
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Need expert Flutter developers for your project?

Flutter is a mobile app development platform that enables the creation of cross-platform web, desktop and mobile applications. Flutter is still a fairly new addition to the tech world, yet it has become an essential tool for creating modern interactive mobility solutions. It is so popular thanks to the simplicity of its use, its cost-efficiency in comparison with native applications development, its safety, speed and other benefits.

More and more companies are looking to build Flutter apps, so we decided to share some tips on how to hire experienced Flutter developers. Additionally, we’ll share some information you might find useful if you’re looking to strengthen your team with Flutter experts, such as: why choose Flutter engineers, what their responsibilities are, what skills you should be looking for and what are the costs you’re looking at here.

Who is a Flutter Developer?

A Flutter developer is an engineer whose area of expertise is based on the use of the Flutter framework when developing cross-platform applications. Their roles and responsibilities can vary but are mostly based on the following:

App coding

Developers focus on coding through the use of the Flutter SDK to develop creative applications.

App testing

The testing process is essential as developers have to make sure that the app does not crash, integrates well with other components and provides a seamless user experience. Testing will also make sure that the delivered application fully complies with the specifications and requirements.

App delivery

Flutter’s platform-specific code generation allows developers to quickly deploy their apps to multiple platforms without the need to write separate code for each one.

As mentioned before, Flutter works as a cross-platform app development kit that will allow developers to create applications faster. So basically, hiring a Flutter dev and writing your app in Flutter is often an easier and more universal solution than hiring separate native app developers and delivering only native apps.

Why Hire Flutter App Developers?

Flutter is beneficial for both developers and businesses. Up next we will share a list of reasons why companies should hire Flutter app developers.

Why Hire Flutter App Developers
  • Faster Development
    Many companies are looking to hire Flutter developers because Flutter is one of the fastest tools for MVP creation. Thanks to a system of widgets, you’re basically building an app from the ready components and your app is compliant with 6 platforms simultaneously, requiring less time for platform-specific adjustments.
  • Cost Savings
    Unlike the development of native Android and iOS apps, Flutter app developers create an app for all the platforms at once, allowing you to cut your development costs significantly. This is possible because Flutter uses a single code base to build applications which results in lower development expenses.
  • Support of Website Development
    Flutter websites are easy to build and maintain, which makes this tool a great find for the engineers who are only starting their journey into software engineering.
  • Supported by Google
    Flutter as well as the Dart programming language it is based on have been created by Google, which means it is well perceived by all the Google systems and the search engine. Flutter-based apps can be easily integrated with Google’s services and APIs.
  • MVP Development
    The Flutter team has recently rolled out a tool for rapid MVP development called Flutterflow, which helps startups to significantly cut their MVP dev costs while delivering a modern prototype within hours, which can later be used to receive funding or verify user experience hypotheses.
  • Hot Reload
    Flutter is famous for its hot reload feature, used to preserve the output state even when runtime code changes are made. This means that no significant state is lost if the code is modified while the app is still running. In the past, we shared some tips on how to write clean code to minimize disruptions and technical debt.

Flutter Developers: Responsibilities

If you would like to hire an app developer for your startup, this section will explain in depth the responsibilities Flutter app developers have.

1. Cross-platform Flutter development

Flutter developers are responsible for the development of applications for different devices such as:

  • Flutter for Mobile
    Flutter mobile app developers are in charge of building tailored experiences for both iOS and Android users. Flutter is an excellent choice when it comes to cross-platform mobile apps. Fun fact: the newer version of Flutter even supports developing software for foldable devices.
  • Flutter for the Web
    Flutter allows building fast, modern, and highly interactive web applications and websites, with top-notch security, performance and scalability, whatever is the complexity of the functionality you need.
  • Flutter for Desktop
    Developers not only work on mobile apps but also on the creation of desktop applications. Using a single codebase, they target platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux without having to rewrite the code to work on each OS..
  • Flutter for Embedded systems
    Flutter can be used to create web and mobile interfaces for hardware devices. It integrates well with components written in other languages, provides a clean interface and portable code. Here you can find out more about Waverley’s embedded software development services.

2. Following the latest development trends and approaches

Despite being very new to the tech scene, Flutter already conquered the hearts of developers all over the globe. Many companies provide standalone Flutter development services to those businesses who do not wish to recruit and onboard Flutter engineers in-house. Waverley has been working with Flutter for a couple years now and we have engineers who are so in love with it, they are advocating this tool for developing many projects and eagerly following the development of Flutter and its numerous applications and trends.

3. Implementing strong security measures

Flutter developers are in charge of implementing the security system of their apps, minimizing dependencies, ensuring proper data encryption techniques, enabling a role-based access system. Here at Waverley we’ve developed applications that are not only secure, but also HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA compliant and FDA-approved.

4. Ensuring excellent code quality and performance

Flutter developers are responsible for the quality and performance of their applications. At Waverley we follow a strict quality management process across all of our development hubs, it includes peer code reviews, thorough unit testing and test automation, regular training & project health checks, minimizations of technical debt, etc. For Flutter, there are a couple tips that can help you create clear maintainable product code:

  • Refactor the code into widgets
  • Make build functions pure
  • Use state management
  • Follow a well-defined Architecture
  • Follow the effective Dart Style guide
  • Adopt Low-Code/No-Code practices if needed to streamline app development

5. Tech support throughout the whole product development life cycle

Flutter developers collaborate with other professionals such as project managers, designers and QA engineers. Our Flutter engineers do not just implement the product according to specifications, they are also business-savvy and help come up with the architecture, formulate the product requirements according to the clients’ business needs. Together with a Business Analyst, they can assist with the Discovery phase if needed. Basically, they take active part in all the stages of product development:

  • Planning: Development roadmap creation, selection of the optimal tools, architecture creation, developing product specifications, etc.
  • Design: Coming up with the detailed structure of all the product components, use cases and features, identifying potential risks and bottlenecks so they can be eliminated in the development process.
  • Development: The most active part of the product creation process, implementing the product according to the set requirements, making sure it complies with the needed regulations and satisfies the customer expectations.
  • Test: This is where QA engineers come into play. Our Flutter apps are being tested throughout the whole process: smoke testing, regression, usability, integration and other kinds of testing are performed to make sure the product is functional and provides excellent user experience.
  • Deployment: After following all of the steps above, the team can make the product available for customers to buy and use.
  • Maintenance: Yet, the process doesn’t end with deployment. Developers have to constantly focus on the product’s maintenance, rolling out updates. We normally provide level 2 and 3 tech support services, as well as product re-engineering, refactoring, modernization services for your existing legacy applications.

Flutter Developer Skills

As in almost any field, paying close attention to the skills a person presents is essential. In software development, hard and soft skills are important as they determine how the developers will work, collaborate and solve issues. Let’s talk a bit about the skills Flutter developers should possess in order to be successful in what they do.

Hard skills

flutter developer hard skills

The tech skills necessary for Flutter developers focus mostly on the basic knowledge of Computer Science, principles of programming, the mastery of various tools for cross-platform app development, etc.

  • Git
    Developers should be able to manage this free and open-source version control system which can effectively manage different size projects.
  • Computer Science
    As those who use any other type of framework and programming languages, understanding computer science as it may be complex.
  • Knowledge of SQL
    SQL is considered as the language of databases and it allows retrieval of specific information from databases for further analysis. To arrange data kept in a relational database, Flutter developers must master the SQL language.
  • Dart
    The Flutter framework requires developers to use the Dart language. Almost anything can be written with Dart’s libraries and tools, from scripts to feature-rich applications, with the same code working across all platforms.
  • Kotlin or Swift
    Besides managing Flutter’s Dart language, knowledge of Kotlin and Swift programming languages will be a huge plus. They are both high in performance and a great support for OS-specific features. Therefore, developers should be able to handle them.
  • Android and iOS
    Flutter enables the creation of cross platform apps that mimic native apps for iOS and Android without having to write the code separately. For this reason, developers should have knowledge of both platforms, their peculiarities, challenges, nuances, to manage the development process effectively.

Soft Skills

Flutter developer soft skills

Soft skills are important for the Flutter developers to be able to communicate well with clients and integrate with their team members. If you are outsourcing your Flutter development to a nearshore or offshore software engineering company make sure their English language skills are sufficient for them to understand you (the client) and your in-house team (if you have it). At Waverley, we work with engineers globally (LatAm, Europe, Asia), but the minimal level of English is B2 (Upper-Intermediate), which we verify during the recruiting process and then maintain with languages courses, speaking clubs and other educational activities.

  • Communication skills
    Developers have to possess excellent communication skills, to be able to efficiently present their solutions, point of view, etc.. They will most likely need to brainstorm and look for solutions together, so being empathetic, and emotionally intelligent is a must.
  • Team Work
    When working on development projects, engineers don’t work alone. They have to collaborate with other specialists like designers, Q/A engineers, project managers, etc, be able to distribute work efficiently, not be afraid to ask questions and ask for help, accept and respect other points of view, etc.
  • Problem solving
    Engineers can face issues and bottlenecks in any process. For this reason, it is vital that Flutter developers must be able to look for proper solutions to problems, know how to apply design thinking, think out of the box, know where to find resources and means to solve various technical dilemmas, have good imagination and modeling skills, etc.
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Hiring Flutter Developers: Outsourcing vs In-house

There are major differences between outsourcing and inhouse hiring. Of course, hiring engineers in-house is the first choice of many companies. However, given the shortage of engineering talents on the market, long recruiting and onboarding process, the need to manage, supply and support engineers to ensure retention, businesses often resort to outsourcing their development to nearshore or offshore engineering vendors. It is definitely your #1 choice if you:

  • Face a shortage of engineers with the right tech stack and seniority level
  • Have a short-term project, cannot provide full-time workload permanently
  • Are looking to optimize your development costs and increase ROI

If You Decide to Outsource Flutter Development

Let’s talk about the benefits of hiring app developers from an outsourcing company . When a company decides to hire dedicated Flutter developers, they have to take into account certain aspects of the process, which are very different from hiring engineers in-house.

  • Integration. If you already have an existing product development team and just need to outsource Flutter development, think carefully about the role of that outsourced resource and how they are going to work with your team.
  • Communication. When looking for a vendor, opt for transparency and integrity, it is much more valuable in the long run, and can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Waverley has experience re-engineering projects after the clients worked with vendors who didn’t fulfill their expectations and were not up-front about it until it was too late.
  • Security. The process of protecting your IP and code is different when you’re outsourcing to a vendor, but it is still pretty manageable. Make sure to sign an NDA, discuss the terms beforehand, opt for vendors that are ISO27001 and SOC2 certified and are following the OWASP security recommendations. Our engineering team even provides security audits and penetration testing as a standalone service, to make sure your product is secure.
  • Expertise. What is great about working with an outsourcing vendor is that they often have an extensive portfolio of projects in your vertical and understand your businesses perfectly without the need for being trained. A good partner is always proactive, and strives to add value to your project in order to build a long-term partnership, so they’ll be your guide and will consult you on the best practices and optimal toolset.
  • Turnkey Solution. You do not have to worry about anything other than your product development strategy and roadmap. The vendor will take care of the equipment, office space, training & education, provide legal and HR support, etc. It is all included in the rate of the outsourced developer you’re working with.

Hiring Flutter Engineers In-House

If you’re not into outsourcing, hiring a Flutter developer on staff is always an option. However, the inhouse engagement model can be a little tricky since it may be difficult to find and hire the right developer locally. In addition, development rates in the US, Canada or Western Europe can be two or three times higher than in Eastern Europe, LatAm or Asia. Add taxes to that as well.. It can also be expensive and time consuming to onboard and train the resource, supply them with the needed equipment and operational support. If you do decide to overcome these challenges, you’ll enjoy:

  • Dedication. Your in-house team is working exclusively on your project and evolves with it.
  • Easier Knowledge Transfer. Especially if you have an office, there’s no need to travel far to see your team, no language barrier, no timezone difference, it makes many aspects a lot easier. But costs appropriately.
  • Full Control. Over your team’s productivity, process, career development, team bonding, HR management, etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Flutter Developer?

As in almost anything, the cost to hire Flutter app developers can vary depending on many factors such as geography, level of expertise, experience, the complexity of your project, etc.

Hourly rates

Flutter developers salary per state
  • North America
    Flutter developers typically cost between $100 and $250 per hour within the US and Canada. Flutter developers’ rate may differ depending on many factors, like experience, location, etc.
  • South America
    Outsourcing your Flutter development in South America is a more cost-efficient option, since it’s quite easy to find Senior Mobile engineers with the knowledge of Flutter in Mexico or Bolivia for ±$60/h, the rates for more junior engineers will start at $40/h.
  • Europe
    If you’re looking to find Flutter developers for hire in Europe, be ready to pay between $50 and $150 per hour. European engineers in general charge a bit more than those in LatAm. However, if working with an EU member is not critical for you, you can look at Eastern European countries. For example, the same level of experience and seniority can cost $70-90 per hour in Western Europe, but from $45 to $65 per hour if you consider Eastern Europe.

Monthly Salary

According to Talent, Flutter developers earn around $11,000 to $14,000 monthly. The difference in earnings may depend on the region and the field of expertise.

The average salary for Flutter developers may vary depending on the country where they reside, the engagement models and even the complexity of the project.

How to Hire the Best Flutter Developers?

Businesses can collaborate with outsourcing companies, hire in-house developers or freelancers. Either of these are capable of offering excellent Flutter app development services. A Flutter app development company like Waverley will usually be able to schedule interviews immediately based on your job descriptions for the team you’re looking for. Whatever scenario you choose – be sure to check the portfolio, ask for customer testimonials, even provide a test task if you can.

Steps to hire the best flutter developers
  1. Figure out your goals and requirements: Before searching for Flutter developers you should have the requirements at the ready, as detailed as it is possible on stage you’re at. If you need help with specifications – describe your vision and set expectations straight.
  2. Set a deadline and budget for your project: Think of your budget, how much you are willing to spend and have an estimated due date. Be mindful of the potential risks and bottlenecks. If you’re not sure about the timelines for the project, ask a professional to estimate it from the technical perspective. Waverley is happy to do it for you if you contact us using the form below.
  3. Make a set of criteria for your Flutter development team: what’s the exact tech stack they need? How Senior should they be? Experience in your industry? Is the timezone critical? Do you have any budget constraints? Will they need to speak additional languages in addition to English? Try to keep your list realistic and your mind open to new opportunities and new knowledge.
  4. Choose a reliable Flutter development partner: Ask for portfolios, customer references, check client review sites like Clutch or Goodfirms, ask lots of questions about their process, experience, communication preferences, security and quality guarantees, employee vetting practices, anything that is related to your needs and what will help you verify that you’ve chosen the best possible ratio of price vs quality.
  5. Sign a contract and an NDA: Regardless of the engagement model, when looking for a Flutter developer, both parties should sign an NDA agreement. This is to keep sensitive information protected and your IT secure. If you can engage a lawyer to oversee the document signing with an outsourcing company – perfect. Make sure your needs, requirements and priorities have been taken into account and paid proper attention and care.
  6. Decide on a project management strategy: Who will manage your project? Do you have an in-house Scrum master or Agile PM who can oversee it or will you need help from your vendor? Work with the PM to decide on the optimal methodology and set of practices. Establish the regularity and methods for reporting, project health checks, know the possible escalation routes if something goes wrong.

Flutter Development Workflow at Waverley

Waverley has experience in developing Flutter applications of various complexity. We have a team of dedicated developers that have developed Flutter-based apps for Healthcare, Energy Management, Enterprise Automation and other verticals. Normally, our Flutter development workflow looks the following way:

  1. Discovery Phase. We work together with the client to create and describe business objectives, product specifications, and a rough architecture. Our Business Analysts can do market research, user interviews and use other methods to help define user stories, shape the optimal user journey, help the client decide on the functionality, etc.
  2. Architecture & Development Roadmap. Our software architects come up with the right product architecture and suggest the optimal tech stack. We assemble the development team for the task, onboard them and based on the resources available come up with the roadmap and a set of clearly defined milestones.
  3. Prototyping & Wireframing. Our very own Design studio produces an interactive prototype of the product, a design system, UX flow, and once everything’s been approved with the client – moves on to developing the full-scale UI. If needed – we can also assist the client in logo creation, landing page design, creating marketing collateral and other materials.
  4. Implementation. We create the actual code, following all the security and code quality standards, making sure to produce functional increments at the end of each sprint. We keep in regular contact with the client, the frequency is up to the client. We make changes to the roadmap if needed and we inform the client about potential risks and additional expenses should the change of scope occur. We’re guiding our clients so they can make the best technical decisions given the nature of their product, their time and budget limitations, etc.
  5. Testing. Normally we test the products on an ongoing basis, our products are covered by unit tests and our QA engineers support the whole product development lifecycle. Our QA process is well-regulated, we describe all test cases and test scenarios, keep the project documentation up-to-date and can automate product testing if needed.
  6. Release & Post-production support. We orchestrate the release, help our clients comply with App Store and Play Market regulations. After the app has been released into the world, we can step in to make updates, changes, support the client with bug fixing, etc. 80% of our clients come back to us with additional projects they need built or referring us to their friends and colleagues.

The process at Waverley is highly flexible and agreed upon beforehand. If the client has an in-house team, our engineers easily become an extension of that team, follow the processes and adopt the toolset of your existing team.

Hiring Flutter developers: Summary

Flutter is a framework that aids in the development of cross-platform applications. It enables firms to reduce development costs and save a lot of time, which is why competent Flutter engineers are in such high demand nowadays. However, when looking for developers experienced in Flutter, it is important to be very careful in the selection process. In this article we shared some tips on how to hire Flutter app developers. We gave an overview of their responsibilities, required skills and even their salaries. We hope this will help your organization speed up the process and hire the Flutter team perfectly suitable for the task at hand.

However, if you’re still not sure how to proceed and need assistance, Waverley can provide a free consultation on the various types of engagement models, market trends, and outsourcing destinations. We can also do a free estimate of your Flutter project so that you can see the timelines, potential costs and the required team to build a Flutter product your business needs. Whatever it is we can help you with – please use the form below to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Where do I hire dedicated Flutter app developers?

If you’re looking to hire developers in-house, check out job platforms, such as GlassDoor, Indeed. If you would like a turnkey solution from an outsourcing vendor, check out your options at Clutch, TechReviewer, GoodFirms. If you’re ok working with a freelancer, use platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr.

How much does IT cost to hire a Flutter app developer?

The cost to hire a Flutter app developer may vary depending on different factors. The prices will change if you decide to hire inhouse, outsource or work with freelancers. Flutter developer hourly rates also depend on the level of seniority and experience, their location and the complexity of your projects. Normally, they are between $100-250/h in North America, $60-70 for LatAm, $70-90 for Europe and $30-50 in Asia.

Are Flutter developers in demand?

Yes, Flutter has been growing in popularity at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, when companies decide to hire a Flutter developer and face a shortage of resources locally, they should know that there are dedicated Fluter teams ready to help you at companies such as Waverley.

Why do companies hire Flutter developers?

Companies hire Flutter developers to create cross-platform apps faster and at lower cost than native ones. Single code base, the widget system, security, hot reload feature – the creators of Flutter made it an excellent new tool for rapid prototyping and full-scale app creation.