December 3, 2018

Waverley UX/UI Digest #2

Prepared by Kate Pasichnyuk, Lead UX/UI Designer at Waverley We are back with our second selection of the hottest design news, trends and fresh ideas. Are you ready? Best Articles Design is About Getting Through the Finish Line In our opinion, this is the best article on how “To be a good designer”. “I’m not…

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December 1, 2018

Waverley TechBreakfast #3: UX/UI Setup in Real Life

During our previous TechBreakfasts, we discussed project management peculiarities of the IoT products from Silicon Valley and the pros and cons of GraphQL. Our third event was dedicated to UI/UX design. We invited Kate Pasichnyuk, Lead UI/UX Designer at Waverley, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, to speak about setting up the UI/UX design expertise in the…

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November 5, 2018

Waverley @ KharkivJS 2018: Going Big with MobX

Redux became the de facto standard as a data management technology for ReactJS applications. However, our Lead JavaScript Developer, Sergii Kostyrko, is now working on a project, where MobX was chosen instead of Redux. A team of 6 developers has been creating a complex application for financial analytics (<20k LOC) for more than a year….

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November 1, 2018

Waverley UX/UI Digest #1

Prepared by Kate Pasichnyuk, Lead UX/UI Designer at Waverley Software We are happy to present our first Waverley UX/UI Digest – a monthly selection of top design news, trends, inspiring ideas, useful insights and in-depth researches on the hottest industry topics. Start your month right! Best Articles Quantitative UX Research in Practice Across 429 UX…

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October 29, 2018

Waverley TechBreakfast#2: To Use or Not To Use GraphQL

Since GraphQL was introduced by Facebook in 2015, it has been sparking controversies, dividing software developers into supporters of GraphQL and those who prefer REST API. At one of our projects, in the intersection of eLearning and Emotional Intelligence, we faced this dilemma and decided to give GraphQL a try. To tell about our experience…

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September 12, 2018

Bitfury and Waverley Software Announce Partnership

Bitfury partners with Waverley Software to jointly deliver Blockchain solutions to clients worldwide We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between The Bitfury Group, one of the largest Blockchain solutions providers, and Waverley Software, a renowned full-cycle Silicon Valley-based custom software development firm. The two leading Blockchain developers will collaborate to jointly deliver unique…

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